Christine McGuinness’ Plastic Surgery: Did the RHOC Star Have a Boob Job and a Butt Lift to Enhance Her Figure?


Christine McGuinness' Plastic Surgery: Did the RHOC Star Have a Boob Job and a Butt Lift to Enhance Her Figure?

Christine McGuinness transformed from a slender woman to a very buxom one with the help of plastic surgery, a boob job to be specific. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star is also suspected of having a butt lift but she has made it clear that she had no work done on her butt. She is also believed to have had Botox and lip filler. But Christine McGuinness has not admitted to having any plastic surgery procedures besides a boob job.

Christine McGuinness is an English model, television personality, and former beauty queen who is most recognized for appearing on the ITVBe reality series The Real Housewives of Cheshire. She starred in the show from 2018 to 2020, only for two years, but her popularity grew exponentially during that time. She has also done other television series such as The Real Full Monty and The Games. In 2021, she participated in a BBC documentary alongside her husband Paddy to raise awareness about autism.

The model started her career in the glamor industry as a beauty queen. She entered various pageants and in 2007, she was crowned Miss Liverpool. Five years later, she made her way to reality shows when she took part in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire alongside her husband. In the same year, in 2012, she also did All Star Mr & Mrs with her husband.

She has made appearances on several television shows such as Loose Women, Steph’s Packed Lunch, Hey Tracey!, This Morning, and Good Morning Britain. In November 2021, she published her autobiography A Beautiful Nightmare: My Story. In 2022, she started a podcast called Table Talk with Paddy and Christine McGuinness with her husband.

She has come so far from being a beauty queen. She is no longer the same person now. Physically, as well, she has massively transformed. And not because she aged. She has had plastic surgery enhancements on her body and is a completely different and unnatural figure now. She also appears to have had some anti-aging procedures done because of how smooth she looks. Let’s find out more about Christine McGuinness’s plastic surgery!

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Christine McGuinness’ Plastic Surgery: The Reality Star Has Admitted to Having a Boob Job; Fans Also Suspect She Has Had a Butt Lift, Botox, and Fillers!

Christine McGuinness (@mrscmcguinness) has massively transformed since her pageant days with the help of plastic surgery enhancements, mainly breast implants. She’s suspected of having a butt lift as well. She also appears to have had Botox and lip fillers.

Christine McGuinness now is one of the most glamorous reality stars but she was not as polished as she is now back then. Like she does not look the same, she has changed immensely and not because she grew old and aged naturally. By change, I meant enhancements and more so, on her body. Just compare her photos from her Miss Liverpool days with her recent photos, and you will see what I meant when you realize that what she has been flaunting regularly on Instagram is her plastic surgery-enhanced body.

Christine McGuinness used to be very slender back when she was younger but now, she has a very curvy and too-feminine figure. It’s not possible to fill in those areas naturally as you age. It had to be plastic surgery, so fans are convinced that she had had one or more. Well, she has admitted to having one. She has admitted to getting a boob job. So, remember that her ample chest is not weight gain but her breast implants.

18 months after she had her twins, in 2013, the reality star decided to get a boob job and increase her bust size from a 32D to a 32E. That is why Christine McGuinness has a buxom shape today when she used to be slender when she was young. Explaining why she had plastic surgery on her breasts, in a 2015 interview, she said,

They went huge while I was pregnant. I loved them, I loved having big boobs. But then I had the twins and every day my boobs were just disappearing. I couldn’t wait to get them back so I had surgery. I wanted them to look big but not too fake and I think I got what I wanted. I went bigger than I was before, but I’m happy with them and my husband’s happy with them, so that’s what’s important.

Christine McGuinness didn’t feel sexy, didn’t feel like herself when her boobs started disappearing. So, she got a boob job for herself. Many people also suspect that she has had a butt lift as well because she has a curvy bottom as well but she has never admitted to it and has often made it clear that she had not had plastic surgery on her butt, just worked on it by exercising.

Once when she posted a picture of herself flaunting her figure, she captioned the snap, “Fall in love with the process and the results will come 😜🍑,” and added, “#BuildYourOwnAss #DontFlyToTurkeyFFS #JustSquat.” Don’t fly to Turkey, she wrote, probably because lots of people had died there when they went to get plastic surgery, BBLs in particular.

Christine McGuinness’ process (not plastic surgery) to tone up and gain in all the right places was her workout regime and the balanced eating plan she started after getting herself a qualified personal trainer. That’s the secret of her curvy figure. She said that she feels fantastic and feminine and more in proportion to her height now that she’s got more of a bum and a nice set of strong, firm thighs.

Besides the plastic surgery enhancements on her body, Christine McGuinness also had cosmetic procedures done on her face. Because her face looks too smooth and air-brushed, fans suspect she has had Botox, and her overly plump lips suggest that she has had fillers injected into her lips. However, she has not admitted to having done any work on her face.

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