Cillian Murphy’s Plastic Surgery: Check Out The Peaky Blinders Star’s Before and After Pictures!


Cillian Murphy's Plastic Surgery: Check Out The Peaky Blinders Star's Before and After Pictures!

Cillian Murphy, mostly known as Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders is suspected of having undergone several plastic surgery procedures like Botox, fillers, and eyelift to combat aging. People started speculating after they noticed that the Peaky Blinder cast didn’t look the same in his recent pictures as he did in old photos taken before 2018. Cillian Murphy has neither confirmed nor denied these plastic surgery speculations. 

Cillian Murphy is an Irish actor who is mostly recognized for his portrayal of a gang leader Tommy Shelby in the BBC crime drama series Peaky Blinders. He won the Irish Film and Television Award for Best Actor in 2017 and 2018 for his performance in the show. Though he got mainstream fame after Peaky Blinders, he had been doing quite well before that as well.

The actor began his career acting on stage and in short and independent films in the late 1990s before transitioning to the big screen. He broke onto the big screen by doing notable movies in all genres such as the zombie horror 28 Days Later, the dark comedy Intermission, the action thriller Red Eye, and the comedy-drama Breakfast on Pluto. The latter earned him a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy.

Cillian Murphy has been a part of several Christopher Nolan movies including the superhero movies The Dark Knight Trilogy, sci-fi action thriller Inception, and war drama Dunkirk. He is also set to play the titular physicist in Nolan’s upcoming biopic movie Oppenheimer. Some of his other film credits include war drama The Wind That Shakes the Barley, sci-fi thriller Sunshine, sci-fi action thriller In Time, another war drama Anthropoid, and horror A Quiet Place Part II.

He was honored with the Irish Times Theatre Award for Best Actor and Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Solo Performance for the one-man play Misterman in 2011. The Irish Times named him one of the greatest Irish film actors. He was also musically inclined and was the lead singer, guitarist, and lyricist of the rock band The Sons of Mr. Green Genes.

Cillian Murphy, despite having such a long career and a wide body of work, has managed to be super private and low-key. He only makes public appearances to promote his works. Recently, he did press for the final season of Peaky Blinders, after which speculations about him having plastic surgery started.

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Cillian Murphy’s Plastic Surgery: The Peaky Blinders Cast Looks Different From Old Photos In Recent Pictures!

Cillian Murphy is suspected by some of his fans of having dabbled in plastic surgery to counteract the signs of aging. He is believed to have had Botox, fillers, and an eyelift.

Cillian Murphy is one of those people who you either find super attractive or extremely unattractive, nothing in between. He has that rare duality. The point is, you either like him or you don’t but you can’t just ignore him. Because it is impossible not to notice him because of his striking look. He has a very distinct look to him with his sharp cheekbones and prominent square jawline and angular face. With that unique bone structure and the light eyes with dark hair, you couldn’t take your eyes off him, but you couldn’t continue looking at him because it would be too intense.

Because of his unique appearance, people notice even the smallest change in his appearance. And for the last few years, they have been observing a lot of minor changes in the way he looks. With the press he did recently for promoting the final season of Peaky Blinders, he was more closely and intensely scrutinized. His fans were determined to go to the depths of why the actor, who is currently 46 years old, doesn’t look the same as he did a few years ago. It could be aging but some of them already chalked it up to plastic surgery.

Fans put Peaky Blinders cast’s old photos and the more recent pictures side-by-side for comparison and examined those intensely. They came to the conclusion that they were before and after pictures and he definitely has had plastic surgery. They believe that he had Botox injections to smooth out his face. In the pictures of 2018, he definitely had a lot of facial lines, which are nowhere to be seen in the current photos. The lines and wrinkles on his face and crow’s feet around his eyes are smoothed out by Botox is what fans believe.

Cillian Murphy is also speculated to have had a facelift because he looks younger in his recent photos than in his old photos. But this is debated even among the fans who believe he has had plastic surgery. While some think he has got a facelift done, others think that it was just an eyelift surgery because he had never needed a full facelift since his face had never started to sag, which is when people usually opt to go for it.

Though the Breakfast on Pluto actor doesn’t have sagging cheeks, those sharp cheekbones seem to have slightly faded. His facial features have definitely softened a bit, which is assumed to be due to the use of injectable fillers. He does have a slight puffiness to his cheeks in his recent pictures. However, his features might have softened because of the weight gain that comes with age and not because of plastic surgery. But that possibility is ignored often and fans are more inclined to believe that when he got fillers, he traded his sharp features for a softer one.

However, another faction of his fans counters those fillers’ speculations by saying that his facial structures softened a bit when he ditched 15 years of vegetarianism to bulk up for his role in Peaky Blinders so that he didn’t look like a skinny Irish fella. The change in his diet which now consisted of meat is the supposed reason why his face is a bit fuller and doesn’t look skinny as before.

People who have concluded that Cillian Murphy has had plastic surgery argued that Peaky Blinders started in 2013 and the change in his face is more recent, like from 2018.

The arguments and discussion of Cillian Murphy’s plastic surgery seem like it will go on but unless the Irish actor himself comes out and either confirms the rumors or denies them, we won’t know for sure if he has had cosmetic surgery.

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