Clair Norris’ Weight Loss: Gastric Band Isn’t Right For Her Body!


Clair Norris' Weight Loss: Gastric Band Isn't Right For Her Body!

Clair Norris has not had a weight loss recently but not for the lack of trying. As the EastEnders actress said, losing weight is not that simple because people’s bodies work in different ways. So, Clair Norris is only going to embark on a weight loss journey when she feels like it and in the meantime, she wants people to be more understanding and sensitive of people who are obese because they might be struggling to lose weight.

Ever since Clair Norris shot to fame in 2017 after she was cast as Bernadette Taylor on EastEnders, she has been the target of vicious trolls who mock her for being overweight. Not a day has gone by when she has had a break from those faceless people trying to bring her down just for not looking slim. She must have thought a million times about embarking on a weight loss journey. But so far, she hasn’t. You want to know why? Because it’s not that simple, she said. Let’s find out more about what Clair Norris has to say about weight loss!

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Clair Norris’ Weight Loss Documentary: The EastEnders Actress Says It’s Not Easy To Lose Weight For Everyone!

Clair Norris (@clair_norris) has not had weight loss recently but not for the lack of trying.

Clair Norris has not embarked on a weight loss journey as of 2023.
houseandwhips.comClair Norris has not embarked on a weight loss journey as of 2023.
Image Source: The Mirror

Ever since Clair Norris rose to prominence, the constant stream of body-shaming comments coming her way has never stopped. Yeah, she’s a big girl and everyone can see that. But it’s as if she didn’t know that she is overweight because everyone took it upon themselves to remind her of her size and weight constantly and very cruelly by mocking and trolling her. She might have felt that there was no solution to her problem except for weight loss.

But only if it was that easy. Clair Norris realized that the hard way because, self-aware that she was obese, she would often try to lose weight but she would never find success in that. Why? She revealed in the BBC documentary about obesity. For the documentary, the actress met teenagers on a weight management scheme in Sheffield and a young woman who has had a gastric sleeve operation, who struggle with managing their weight, which makes her realize that weight loss is not that simple.

Wanting to get to the bottom of that, Clair Norris questions some experts about weight loss and the reason why some people struggle it with so much. She also wanted to know if you can be overweight and healthy at the same time. Was she done making efforts to lose weight and just wanted to stay healthy? There’s a chance that she got tired of trying to control her weight. I mean, it seemed that she had used every resource at her disposal but none of that amounted to anything.

Clair Norris says that weight loss is not that simple and is not always an option.
Clair Norris says that weight loss is not that simple and is not always an option.
Image Source: The Sun

Clair Norris was not just acting it out as Bernie (the character she plays on EastEnders) when Bernie was fixated on losing weight. The only difference was that Clair didn’t want to be fat and Bernie wanted to have higher chances of getting pregnant. The storyline of Bernie trying on diet pills for weight loss to be addicted to them and her having body confidence issues was incorporated with her idea. It was because of this storyline that she got approached to take part in the documentary.

The documentary, Clair Norris said, was originally about looking at the help to manage weight with different routes such as diet or weight loss surgery but upon realizing that losing weight was not as simple as dieting and exercising, it went a bit differently. Now, anyone who watches the documentary will understand that and the fact that not everybody that is overweight just shoves food in their mouth or is lazy. The main takeaway is that people should be considerate of each other’s weight because it’s not easy to lose weight which can be mentally taxing. As Norris said,

There are so many different avenues as to why people are overweight and if we can just accept that and understand that then I think everybody would be a lot nicer. The main thing I’ve learned is there is not a lot of mental health support to do specifically with weight so that needs to be considered.

Clair Norris also realized that the gastric band wouldn’t work for her body so, she would never consider that. But if some people went down that route, she would understand that they did so because they felt that was their only option. But whatever route people went on, it was personal and not one-size-fits-all. As for her, she said that she had learned to accept herself the way she was after years of trying to fight her body by trying to have weight loss.

Clair Norris said that a gastric band wouldn't work for her body.
houseandwhips.comClair Norris said that a gastric band wouldn’t work for her body.
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This whole project, Clair Norris said, gave her a bit more confidence about her body because it wasn’t about weight loss. It was not about giving ideas and ways to lose weight. Instead, it was relatively a fresh approach to getting to the root of the problem of being overweight and not just saying, ‘Let’s say stop eating and more.’ It also preached for people to be understanding and to be kinder about somebody’s weight. Norris wanted the stigma and stereotypes associated with being overweight to change.

Because Clair Norris recalled her childhood and how she was bullied so much for being fat, she wanted people, in general, to be more open-minded about obesity because weight loss might not always be an easy option. She used to be name-called and trolled so much when she was young that she thought it was normal for her ‘friends’ to be calling her that. Bullying was so normalized that she didn’t think much of it.

So, it really took her making the documentary to understand that she was being bullied. She said,

My weight has always fluctuated. I’ve lost weight I’ve gained weight. Me and my mum, we talk about it. I’ve done slimming classes but people work differently and my story isn’t for everybody. What I’ve discovered is that mental health does play a big part and I don’t think I even realised, it wasn’t me just going home eating food, that wasn’t me just eating it was me getting out my stress and my anger. ‘Eat my feelings, eat my feelings, they’ll go away.’