Claudia Fogarty’s Weight Loss: How Did The Love Island UK Star Lose 3 Stones?


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Claudia Fogarty's Weight Loss: How Did The Love Island UK Star Lose 3 Stones?

Claudia Fogarty underwent a weight loss transformation of 3 stones. The Love Island UK star let herself go after a relationship and she didn’t feel good about herself. She hid her body from everyone and only when she ended up in tears in a weigh-in session, she decided to embark on a weight loss journey. Even now, Claudia Fogarty does not feel very confident and finds it hard to look at herself in the mirror. It’s also hard for her to maintain her weight.

If anyone says they did not fall in love with Claudia Fogarty the moment she walked into the villa as she danced in an eye-catching red lace bodysuit and wings, they are lying because it’s just not possible. She looked so amazing it was bewitching when she entered the villa. She had the most memorable entrance in Love Island UK. She left very little to the imagination in that sheer lace bodysuit and people had everything they wanted to know about her.

Claudia Fogarty, as it turned out, is the daughter of Carl Fogarty, a former motorcycle racer and one of the most successful ones. However, she is not cars and racing like her father. She is into fashion and she has opened up a fashion boutique and runs the brand called Sister Stories with her elder sister Danielle Fogarty. The 28-year-old decided to participate in Love Island because she has not found the right person yet.

The Blackburn native has been in three long-term relationships and by her own admission, she has always been the one to end them because she usually gets a three-year itch. But, now, Claudia Fogarty wants someone who’s going to adore her and she’s going to be their everything. And she hoped to find someone in Love Island. She didn’t get what she wanted but she has not lost hope.

She recently seemed even more confident when she made an appearance for her costar’s podcast. She talked about her body image, insecurities, and weight loss in detail. Only then people realized that there was once a time when she used to consider herself ‘fat.’  She used to hide herself from everybody in pictures because she didn’t feel beautiful enough to appear as she was. When she lost weight, she slowly gained confidence but not enough. Claudia Fogarty’s weight loss did wonders for her confidence and the way she carried herself but she still struggles with insecurities.

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Claudia Fogarty’s Weight Loss: The Reality Star Lost Weight Because She Felt Very Insecure about Her Body When She Was Fat!

Claudia Fogarty (@claudiafogarty) recently opened up about the weight loss she underwent in detail and explained how she is yet to gain confidence even now that she’s lost weight. She had the most amazing transformation and an incredible glow-up when she shed 20 kgs. That’s 3 stones, she said. She saw the world differently after she got slimmer because she had transformed not just physically but internally as well.

Claudia Fogarty looks incredibly slim and fit after her weight loss.

Claudia Fogarty looks incredibly slim and fit after her weight loss.
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Claudia Fogarty appeared in her Love Island UK’s costar Scott Thomas‘ podcast Learning As I Go and spoke very candidly about her battle with insecurities and her weight loss. You could never tell that she felt that way when looking at her because she looks very amazing and she walks into any room like she owns it. It was only when she confessed that she never felt that she had ever been a confident person that we saw her be vulnerable for the first time.

The Love Island star said that she never let people in on how she felt because she felt insecure most of the time. She thinks that everyone sees her as this funny, happy, bubbly ball of energy but that’s not all she was. Inside, she was a mess and a ball of insecurities all the time. It might have been because she considered herself ‘fat’ and she didn’t feel beautiful. Even weight loss doesn’t seem to have done much in that regard.

Even after she’s lost three stones, Claudia Fogarty has not been doing well and finds it hard to look at herself in the mirror. Talking about her weight loss, she admitted that she decided that she had to do something about her weight after a relationship in which she hadn’t looked after herself ended. She probably thought it was her size and the way she looked that the relationship ended.

Claudia Fogarty said that she had become a lot heavier and didn’t feel good about herself because she had let herself go during the relationship. Her body image took a serious hit and she avoided being seen. She tried to hide herself from appearing as she was. Whenever her pictures were being taken, she devised tactics to not be front and center of the image. She would always stand in the middle and sometimes, she would even edit them. She couldn’t do that forever. She had to embark on a weight loss journey sometime.

Until she did, nobody realized that she was fat. Claudia Fogarty had become so good at hiding her body that her size came as a surprise to them. People were always like, ‘I never knew you were bigger.’ Well, so didn’t she. When she hid her body from people because she didn’t want them to see how big she was, she also hid from herself. Only when she took a picture of herself with no clothes on and saw that raw picture, she realized that she was big. That was what prompted her to have weight loss.

Claudia Fogarty ended up in tears after a weigh-in session with her PT and that was when she decided that something needed to change and that something was her weight. She started her wellness and weight loss journey after that. She began to walk more, work out at the gym, and cut down on alcohol. And not after very long, she began to see results.

That’s great to hear that her weight loss journey was a success but Claudia Fogarty said that she still struggles with her weight because she finds it hard to maintain and be consistent with her lifestyle change for that.

It’s hard for me just to be one weight. It’s a hard thing and don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with it. It’s a battle.