Clea Shearer’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does Her Face Look Different?


Clea Shearer's Plastic Surgery: Why Does Her Face Look Different?

Clea Shearer has been suspected of having undergone plastic surgery recently by her fans after the release of Get Organized With The Home Edit Season 2 on Netflix. Because there is no conclusive evidence to support these cosmetic surgery speculations, we are inclined to believe that the differences in Clea Shearer’s face from the earlier season are due to the application of extensive makeup and running through different looks.

For people with clutters unchecked and messes unmanageable with normal human skills, which is to mean most of us, save for a very few people, it was a blessing when Netflix came up with a reality series Get Organized with The Home Edit in 2020.

This reality series was one of a kind which was unique and original as it didn’t entice the viewers by serving as the vessel for drama but unlike that kind of show, was dedicated to the skills of organization and decoration of the interiors of the home. The art of home-making was generously touted in the show.

For the fans of the show, there must have been a rush of dopamine release to see that the show has returned to the streaming platform for a second season. Netflix recently dropped the second installment of the lifestyle-based reality show Get Organized With The Home Edit after about one and a half years of the release of the first season, on April 1, 2022.

With the release of the second season of this reality series, which has seen appearances as guests from Drew Barrymore, Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger, Kevin Hart, Kelsea Ballerini, Winnie Harlow, Danielle Brooks, Tyler Hubbard, and Topper Guild, people have once again been surely watching this show with a great deal of gratification and consuming the different way they decorate the homes and declutter the spaces and manage the messes in a vicarious manner but also keeping an inquisitive eye on the appearance of the professional organization experts Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin.

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The Home Edit: Has Clea Shearer Got Plastic Surgery Done on Her Face?

And the viewers of the show believe that they have found something to point out as they suspect Clea Shearer (@cleashearer) of having undergone plastic surgery since the first show aired more than a year ago.

But has she really? Well, it can be argued that Clea Shearer is into dramatic makeovers and larger organizational initiatives in an attempt to get the perfect aesthetic, so she might have gotten plastic surgery for herself to get a more refined look as dictated by the trendy facial aesthetic, which is large eyes, narrow nose, full lips, high cheekbones, and shapely jaws.

For the record, we don’t think that Clea Shearer is not beautiful or is someone who requires plastic surgery to look attractive.

But the tendency of getting plastic surgery in recent times has become so unbelievably common that we wouldn’t put it past anyone. As for Clea Shearer, she has always been about her organizing business in public and on social media.

The co-founder of The Home Edit has never been vocal about her outlook when it comes to beauty standards or current trends in facial aesthetics. She has never once mentioned if she had any insecurity arising due to the strict standards of attractiveness held in place by society.

All these things don’t really point Clea Shearer in the direction of the possibility that she might get plastic surgery. However, nothing’s conclusive so there’s still a chance that Clea might have chosen to go under the knife.

Though the audiences of the show believe strongly that she has had cosmetic alterations done to her face, it seems hard to figure out how they might have come to such a conclusion because when we take a look at her, no significant changes stand out from her past self. She does not look different when her recent pictures are compared with old photos.

What her fans have noticed might be how her beauty has been enhanced with the use of makeup. Clea Shearer has not ever shared if she has been a victim of low self-esteem due to beauty standards she could not meet or talked about getting or having gotten plastic surgery, but what she has talked about when it comes to the way she looks is makeup.

When Clea Shearer was asked in an interview if she found it weird to see herself on camera, she confessed that she finds the way she looks on camera very upsetting. Revealing that she had gone through a lot of different hair and makeup transitions, she said that she looked completely different every time she saw herself on her show because she had kept on trying different looks.

Clea Shearer admitted that she doesn’t often have a full face of makeup on so it was tough to look at herself like that. The way she looks onscreen feels so not her for her.

This could mean that the differences the viewers saw in her face and pinpointed them to being the results brought forth by plastic surgery, it was just the magic of makeup all along. No plastic surgery was done on her face.

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