Colton Haynes’ Weight Gain: The Complete Transformation Explained!


Colton Haynes' Weight Gain: The Complete Transformation Explained!

Known as the face of Teen Wolf, Colton Haynes’s weight gain transformation has shocked the world. While the internet is taking turns in commenting on what the actor did, is it weight gain or plastic surgery, Colton Haynes prepared proper answers to throw at the world.

Starring in Teen Wolf as Jackson Whittemore and in the television series Arrow as Roy Harper / Arsenal, Colton Haynes is known for his charming on-screen presence and spectacular performance. Stepping into the limelight as a model at the age of fifteen, Haynes modeled for Kira Plastinina, J. C. Penney, and Ralph Lauren in his early days and also was the face of  Teen Vogue and Arena. Since his appearance in the popular teen supernatural series, Colton has lived in the eyes of the audience.

With time Colton Haynes changed quite a lot and it has not been digestible to the fans. Used to seeing the star in his voluptuous physique, the audience isn’t quite approving of the star’s recent appearance. What exactly happened to Colton Haynes and how did he gain weight? Here’s a deeper dive into Colton Haynes’s weight gain story.

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Colton Haynes’ Weight Gain: The Star Is Clapping Back at the Haters!

After gaining quite an amount of weight, Colton Haynes‘ transformation shocked many. Gaining around 30 lbs of weight, the actor was on his weight gain saga back in 2018. While many speculated that Colton got plastic surgery or fillers, in reality, he was just gaining weight uncontrollably.

As to what led the actor to gain weight, Entertainment Inquirer notes that it was due to stress eating. Struggling with anxiety all his life, Colton’s deteriorating mental health which used food as an escape caused him to gain weight. Haynes’ mother, Dana, died as a result of cirrhosis in March 2018 which cause the actor to spiral into grief and get into the habit of binge eating.

Haynes opened up about his struggle with alcohol and drug addiction in March 2019, saying, “There were maybe 25 days in ten years when I didn’t drink. It was a couple of glasses of wine when I first started, and it quickly devolved into pretty horrible moments.” He talked about going through a four-month treatment program to address his substance abuse. While facing all these dark moments, Colton Haynes’ negligence towards his health showed through his increasing obesity and fans were quick to make remarks about it.

Some speculated that the stress stemming from his breakup with florist Jeff Leatham, whom he married in 2017, could be the reason Colton sunk deep into his stress. Also facing the audience’s criticism time and again for openly being gay, it’s obvious for the actor to struggle with mental well-being.

While dealing with troubles of his own, the audience made the matter worse by bashing Colton for his weight gain. Remarks passed on his pictures time and again on how he was getting fat and looking heinous. In addition, the speculation of Haynes having fillers flew around to justify the star’s changed looks. Shutting all the haters and trolls, Colton Haynes responded “I gained 30 pounds from stress eating.” Unfazed he added, “I’ve got a lot of make-up on right now. My age is catching up with me. Do you have any more?”

The actor is now in a good shape compared to a while back. His mental health is seemingly getting better and he also focuses on keeping his lifestyle healthier.

Colton Haynes Reveals That It Wasn’t Easy for Him to Survive in the Industry Because of Being Openly Gay!

Revealing the struggles of being gay along with all the ups and downs he has gone through in his life, Colton Haynes‘s memoir Miss Memory Lane speaks things about the actor which couldn’t even be imagined.

Openly gay in his personal life, Colton revealed that when he first started attempting to make it in Hollywood, he wasn’t quite as open. In fact, the Arrow actor claims that others in the industry advised him to keep his sexual orientation hidden if he wanted to get work.

The actor voiced that his sexuality was a source of concern because the roles he was deemed suitable for were in media aimed at young adults. Colton dictates, “I understood because it was explained to me repeatedly—by managers, agents, publicists, executives, producers—that the only thing standing between me and the career I wanted was that I was gay.” As surprising as it sounds, Colton’s sexuality almost caused him to lose his role in Teen Wolf.

The pressure of having to hide his sexuality and be someone he wasn’t, affected Colton’s mental health for the worse. He shares that having to ‘movement for the actor’ classes to fix his mannerisms, having to put Post-It Notes and things under his tongue to fix his lisp, and having to talk an octave lower were damaging to his confidence and put a scar on his identity.

Colton Haynes penned that his confinement from his real identity led to mental health concerns, as well as alcohol and drug misuse. These eventually promoted him to come out properly and begin a new life with his real identity.

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