Cris Cyborg’s Plastic Surgery: What is the Reason Behind Her Significant Face and Body Transformation? Check Out Her Before and After Picture!


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Cris Cyborg's Plastic Surgery: What is the Reason Behind Her Significant Face and Body Transformation? Check Out Her Before and After Picture!

Cris Cyborg most likely has had plastic surgery which is why she had such a significant face transformation is what many fans believe. Some other people think that she has had HGH or steroids because her body has changed as well. Cris Cyborg has not ever confirmed that she has had steroids or HGH but she once denied getting plastic surgery on her lips and butt (lip implants and butt lift).

Cris Cyborg is a Brazilian–American mixed martial artist who is widely considered to be one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. She currently holds the title of Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion, a title she has held since January 2020. She is also a former UFC, Strikeforce, and Invicta FC World Featherweight Champion. She is the only MMA fighter (male or female) in history to become a Grand Slam Champion, having held world championships across four major mixed martial arts promotions.

Having started her career in 2009, people have watched her as the professional fighter‘s career grew and they have noticed how she has changed, her face and her body as well. Many seem to think plastic surgery is the reason behind her significant face transformation. There are others who chalk it up to HGH and steroids. Here are all the details about Cris Cyborg’s plastic surgery, steroids, and HGH!

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Cris Cyborg’s Plastic Surgery: What Did The MMA Fighter Look Like Before Surgery? Details About Her Face Transformation!

Cris Cyborg (@criscyborg) has had an extreme transformation after she began her career, not just her body but her face. Especially her face. Many fans could not help but wonder if it is the result of plastic surgery. They think that she has had something done to her lips and butt, probably lip implants and a butt lift.

Cris Cyborg is huge in the MMA world and is widely regarded as one of the greatest female mixed martial artists of all time. She is also currently Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion, a title she has been holding since January 2020. She is undoubtedly very much appreciated for all of this but her clout goes beyond the octagon as well and she often attracts attention for other things such as plastic surgery.

Her fighting form has often sparked discussions among people on whether or not it is natural. Most people lean towards not natural. They all can see how massively she’s transformed since she started out so, they speculate that she has had plastic surgery. She is often asked questions about her body and her face. Fans especially are very curious to find out if she has ever received surgery on her lips and on her butt.

And they got the answer to their question when Cris Cyborg herself addressed those questions from fans in a conversation with MMA Prime and said that she had not had any plastic surgery on her lips and butt but they are very much real. She firmly stated,

Lips are real, my lips and my butt. People keep asking me, ‘your body, you’re putting in injections?’ No, it’s Brazilian butt.

Though the fans got their answer from Cris Cyborg, the subject of plastic surgery discussions herself, they were very dissatisfied?? with what she said because that was not the answer they had expected as she certainly had surgery. I mean, they had watched her for a long time and they had watched as her looks evolved and her face and body transformed.

The discussion about Cris Cyborg’s face never died down not even after her answers. However, the conversation shifted from plastic surgery to steroids. It’s not very uncommon that people in her field use steroids to build muscles. Several forums have had people weighing in on this.

Most people believe that her face and body transformation is the result of steroids though some of them think she had plastic surgery and are still like, “What happened to her mouth? That can’t just be steroids.” They surmise that Cris Cyborg has had collagen injections which make her face look very frozen and numb whenever she talks.

Others, seeing how significantly her face has changed and how she has such a hard look now, think that she has definitely had some chemical enhancements. Nobody’s face is going to elongate and thicken as they are in their twenties without HGH and/or plastic surgery. They have noted how she had been popped twice for use of banned substances so she’s not above it all. Plus, the before and after pictures are crazy and ridiculously obvious.

Cris Cyborg’s face distortion, as they see it, is most likely from the use of HGH (human growth hormone) than steroids that affect negatively internally more often, and plastic surgery as most fans seem to believe because if it’s the face that changes in appearance, it’s probably HGH and not steroids as HGH is the one that usually shows in the face and hands.

Others argue that while Cris Cyborg has had a massive face transformation, her body has also significantly changed so, it couldn’t just be HGH. She has become more masculine in appearance which is probably due to the use of steroids.

When women take steroids, they start at a baseline of very low testosterone which is 1/10th of a man, so they have extreme hormonal changes and which is why they gain masculine features they typically wouldn’t have otherwise such as a manly jaw, deeper voice, and big upper body muscles.

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