Cynthia Loyst’s Weight Loss: Has The Talk Show Host Lost Weight?

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Cynthia Loyst's Weight Loss: Has The Talk Show Host Lost Weight?

Cynthia Loyst’s weight loss discussions start every time her name comes up. The Social host does look incredibly slimmer than she did before. However, Cynthia Loyst has not yet talked much about her weight loss and how she did it, what diets, and what workouts she followed.

Cynthia Loyst, as she describes herself, is a pleasure-pusher. It has got to be a pleasure knowing her because all she talks about is just that. When she is co-hosting CTV’s The Social along with three other women, and when she is not, she is always pushing for pleasure. To discuss that, she even created a site called Find Your Pleasure, which is an online hub to help readers find satisfaction in their sex lives.

On the site, she chronicles pleasure as it relates to parenting, sex, and style, and is pervasive in life and very important as well. She now has a book as well on the same subject. While she studied at York’s Women/Gender Studies Department, she wrote a sex column for the independent magazine Rosco titled Pandora’s Box.

Cynthia Loyst also talked about various subjects revolving around relationships such as ‘dating, mating, and relating’, and gave guest lectures on sexuality at many schools in the Greater Toronto Area, such as the University of Toronto, Sheridan College, Ryerson University, and Centennial College.

She has extensively talked about being fulfilled in life. What she has not talked about and what her fans want her to talk about is her weight loss. She seems significantly slimmer than she did before and her fans are curious as to how she did that. Did she follow some diet plan? Did she have a rigid workout schedule? Just how did she lose weight? Let’s find out more about Cynthia Loyst’s weight loss!

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Cynthia Loyst’s Weight Loss: The Television Personality Looks Much Slimmer Than Before!

Cynthia Loyst (@cynthialoyst) appears to have undergone weight loss when you compare some of her old pictures to her recent ones. So, how did she lose weight? What changes did she make to her diet? What workouts did she do to get trimmer? Let’s find out.

Cynthia Loyst never looked overweight. So, the important question about her weight loss is, when did she gain weight to lose it in the first place? Well, the answer to that is, she gained a little after she had her baby. It’s true that she had always been normal in terms of her size. She would never be considered to be fat and obese and neither would she be regarded as someone who is extremely skinny.

Cynthia Loyst appears to have undergone weight loss since she had her baby.
Cynthia Loyst appears to have undergone weight loss since she had her baby.
Image Source: This Mom Loves

But after she have birth to her baby, Cynthia Loyst inevitably put on a few pounds. Though it was not much, she did not feel good about it. She was not adjusting well and was stressing herself out with the thought of weight loss in her mind. On paper, she said that she was happy but she was quietly suffering and it was not postpartum depression. She was just uncomfortable with her new body and society’s expectations of her to get back in shape.

However, Cynthia Loyst was just not feeling it. Inward, she was being weighed down by how society would react to her weight gain but she knew deep down that she did not want to have weight loss if not for herself. She said and I quote,

Weight loss culture is insidious. Women are not supposed to take up space. We’re supposed to sublimate our desires. We are supposed to bury and pathologize them.

While The Social host did agree that there was a tendency to eat too much, she still believed that people needed to experience delicious things every day. It seemed like she would not be cutting off and dieting to have weight loss. In fact, she seemed very against it.

I fluffed out, gained some weight. It’s impossible to be perfect—keto this, carb that. I thought I’d call out that shit.

Cynthia Loyst has not yet acknowledged her weight loss and opened up about how she did it.
Cynthia Loyst has not yet acknowledged her weight loss and opened up about how she did it.
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Cynthia Loyst may not have done dieting for weight loss. But she has gotten slimmer now than before. We don’t know what she did but it must have been a healthy choice. She must have followed some workout schedules strictly and engaged in physical activities to lose weight as desired.

But obviously, that’s all speculation on our part because the Canadian media personality has never acknowledged that she has lost weight. Though fans always discuss her new body and her physicality every time she comes up, she has never talked about her weight loss.