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Dana White’s Weight Loss Program: How Much Does the 53-Year-Old UFC President Weigh Now? 10X Health Systems, Diet & Podcast Update!

Oct 19, 2022 @ 14:03 GMT+0000
Dana White’s Weight Loss Program: How Much Does the 53-Year-Old UFC President Weigh Now? 10X Health Systems, Diet & Podcast Update!

Dana White, the president of the UFC, recently underwent a physical makeover and showed off his toned abs after losing 30 pounds at the age of 53 and his weight loss transformation has been a hot topic on the internet. He currently weighs around 196 pounds. He achieved this after changing his lifestyle and adopting the ketogenic diet that Gary Brecka, the director of human biology at 10X Health System, suggested doing. Not only that, he combined a keto diet with a personalized workout program to obtain such results. Similarly, Dana White also revealed the reason behind his transformation on the podcast. Follow to know about it in detail.

American businessman Dana Frederick White Jr., who was born on July 28, 1969, is the head of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), an international mixed martial arts organization. In August 2019, it was projected that White's net worth was $500 million.

June and Dana White Sr. gave birth to White on July 28, 1969, in Manchester, Connecticut. He is an American of Irish descent. White spent a large portion of his early years in Ware, Massachusetts. For the duration of their early years, White and his sister Kelly were reared by their mother and her family.

Despite relocating to Nevada, the White family still spent the summers on the East Coast visiting White's grandparents in Levant, Maine, a tiny hamlet close to Bangor. White went to Maine for his senior year of high school. White began college twice after graduating from Hermon High School in 1987—once at Quincy College and once at UMass Boston—but left each time during the first semester. He worked a variety of jobs during this time, including laying asphalt, being a bouncer at an Irish pub, and being a bellhop at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

At the age of 17, White began boxing and grew close to Golden Gloves champion Peter Welch. And as of late, he has gained a lot of notoriety in the UFC because he is the organization's president. Similarly, fans remark that he appears to have lost weight based on his recent appearances. To learn more about Dana White's weight loss journey, read this article.

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Dana White’s Weight Loss Program: The 53-Year-Old UFC President Lost Over 30 Pounds and Currently Weighs Around 196 Pounds; 10X Health Systems, Diet & Podcast Update!

The UFC's president, Dana White (@danawhite), recently had a physical makeover, revealing his ripped abs after losing 30 pounds. He achieved this after changing his lifestyle and adopting the ketogenic diet that Gary Brecka, the director of human biology at 10X Health System, suggested doing. He now weighs around 196 pounds after the transformation.

By boosting human performance, 10X Health System, an alternative healthcare provider, seeks to improve people's health. The company operates on the ideas of cellular healing, restoration, and regeneration. The company dissociates itself from any intrusive procedure and instead supports enhancing performance by supplying the body with the necessary nutrients and other biological elements that it lacks.

White learned from a DNA expert that he only has 10.4 years to live. Although the veracity of this information is obviously unknown, it led to White's transformation. White, who is 53 years old, appears to be in excellent shape and has customized his workouts in various ways.

Dana White initially disclosed that the medical professionals he was seeing couldn't assist him in developing a better physique. Following a DNA expert's prediction that he had just about 10 years left on earth, he eventually shed 30 pounds and reported positive outcomes.

Dana White acknowledged that many people had questions regarding the claim that he had 10.4 years to live. He then explained the procedure as a result. In a podcast, he stated:

This guy can take your blood and your DNA, and tell you when you are going to die, and he’s right within a month. How crazy is that? I connect with this guy. They come in and do my blood work, they scrape the insides of your cheeks to do your DNA. He ends up coming out, sits down for three and a half hours and goes through my blood work. I’m all f**ked up, everything else that could possibly be bad is bad. He gave me 10.4 years to live.

One of the primary modifications the human biologist advised, according to Dana White, was adopting a Keto diet. It's interesting to note that White shed 30 pounds and improved his health by using Brecka's techniques in just 10 weeks. He further added.

I did everything he said to the letter, I lost 30 pounds, My legs were so f****d up thirteen weeks ago I couldn't tie my shoes... No more sleep apnea, I don't snore, every thing is gone in ten f*****g weeks... I'm on keto, I'm on the keto diet... This is what Gary Brecka told me... there are essential fats..., there are essential amino acids... there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate... I've never felt better... I feel like I'm 35 years old again [since starting Brecka's diet].

The accuracy of DNA tests like the one Dana White did have been questioned by several scientists. According to Dr. Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at NYU Langone Health, giving a time frame of 10.4 years is reckless because no one can predict the future with such accuracy.

These kinds of findings may satisfy some people's morbid curiosity, but they are unreliable for those who are not elderly or afflicted with serious chronic conditions. These tests are very definitely wrong, according to Dr. Hank Greely, a genetics and neuroethics expert at Stanford University who compared them to palm reading.

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