Dani Austin’s Plastic Surgery: Did The Influencer Have a Nose Job?


Dani Austin's Plastic Surgery: Did The Influencer Have a Nose Job?

Dani Austin Ramirez definitely had plastic surgery on her chin and jaws and certainly had a nose job. Fans could easily tell but she tried to hide it, unsuccessfully obviously. So, she kind of doubled down on it and cited privacy and not wanting to influence other people as a reason but her followers didn’t buy it. Dani Austin could not manage people to ’empathize’ with her plastic surgery and that nose job.

Times have turned unexpectedly and in a great way for Dani Austin Ramirez when she first started out on Youtube in 2012. She is now a fashion and lifestyle influencer who shares fashion advice and wedding plans, and experiments with wigs. She shares about her family life and she talks about Christianity. She posts the latest Nordstrom sales and Amazon fashion finds. By doing this, she has cultivated a massive fan following with her brand of relatability and authenticity.

But that brand is sort of at a risk now because well, she had plastic surgery which does not make her very relatable and she kind of wasn’t honest about it which doesn’t make her too authentic either. She certainly had a nose job and some work done on her chin and jaw. But she tried to hide all the bruising and scars she got because of the nose job. Let’s learn more about Dani Austin Ramirez’s plastic surgery!

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Dani Austin’s Plastic Surgery: The Social Media Influencer Definitely Had Nose Job!

Dani Austin Ramirez (@daniaustin) definitely has had plastic surgery no matter what she says. Not that she has said anything different. Her nose and her chin have so visibly changed. That could not have happened without a nose job and chin/ jaw implants.

Dani Austin recently did an interview with Forbes interview and well, that was not good for her self-esteem. Because she really showed her vulnerability there. Well, it was not really vulnerability as we have come to understand and she did not really show it. It was just the angle she was shot from. The internet personality did look wildly different than the way she usually looks in her Instagram profile. She didn’t like it so, she got plastic surgery.

She must have realized that the camera angle did her no favors because she did not look very good in that profile. Dani Austin made some major decisions supposedly because of that incident. She decided that because she didn’t look good, she was going to change that. So, she got plastic surgery.

Dani Austin was not very upfront about getting plastic surgery which really pissed some of her fans off. She did admit to it, kind of, but only after it made headlines and generated a great discourse about her. Many thought it was done to placate her followers only. Many thought that getting cosmetic treatments were the worst decision on her part.

They did not appreciate Dani Austin getting plastic surgery at all. They didn’t like that she felt insecure about it. Because, according to them, she didn’t even have a crooked nose or a bad hook nose. But still, she went ahead to get a nose job because it didn’t look good in a side profile. And now her nose is not unique and it looks like everyone who gets a nose job. It didn’t look at all impressive to them.

However, many followers saw that plastic surgery on her nose was coming because they could see how she never liked her nose because of that hump she had. They were observing when her reaction to finding out that she had a deviated septum was that of a happy one. She visibly and practically lit up when she discovered that she had a deviated septum. She always had the intention of using that as a reason to get a nose job and now she’s done it and she needs to ‘process that.’

Fans did like the work she got done on her jaw and chin. She most likely had implants that have changed the shape of her face.

However, Dani Austin’s followers were not fans of how she broke the news that she had plastic surgery. At first, she attempted to hide it as much as possible. She might have come out and revealed that she got work done eventually but it was very clear how she was intent on hiding it before. She covered all the bruises with makeup and tried to masquerade her recovery days as the days she spent with her kids (grossly).

And when her fans could tell she did indeed have plastic surgery and she could no longer hide it with makeup, she finally did the reveal and it was a bit pretentious. Many fans called it ‘hosting a pity party.’ They could not find it in themself to feel sorry for her when she used words like she requires ‘grace’ and ‘doesn’t know how she feels yet.’

It was elective plastic surgery and the way she went on about it, people felt she was talking about some serious disease or something. They didn’t like how she made it out to be something that she would be suffering from. They didn’t appreciate how she wanted privacy for this one thing when she lives her entire life publicly (Sounds a bit entitled but people think that wanting privacy for this one is just too convenient for her). They didn’t love how she tried to make it seem like she didn’t say it because she didn’t want to influence her as if she had no intention of hiding her plastic surgery and pretending she was natural.

Lots of fans seemed to think she was being a bit shady about this whole thing. But she never could avoid the fact that she had plastic surgery.

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