Did Danielle Harold Have Weight Loss Due to an Eating Disorder?


Danielle Harold's fans think her weight loss is due to some eating disorder. houseandwhips.com

Danielle Harold appears to have undergone a dramatic weight loss even though she was always slender. It really didn’t seem possible that the Lola actress from EastEnders could get thinner than she already was but it looks like she did and now, people wonder if she is struggling with an eating disorder in private. Danielle Harold has not made any comments on speculations about her weight loss. 

Danielle Harold is one of the brightest acting talents of Britain and if you have watched the BBC soap opera EastEnders, you know it. She was simply brilliant and a perfection in the role of Lola Pearce in the show. She has won numerous awards for her performance in the series and she really deserved it all. People were really moved by how she did in the brain tumor storyline and they were heartbroken to see Lola die.

For her performance, Danielle Harold was honored with the National Television Award for Serial Drama Performance, a TRIC award for Soap Actor, and the Inside Soap Award for Best Actress. She also earned three nominations at the British Soap Awards, out of which she won the one for Best Leading Performer. She got lots of accolades before she left the show. Now, she’s a contestant on the twenty-third series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and lots of people on social media are talking about her weight loss and making speculations that she has an eating disorder. Shall we also discuss it then?

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Danielle Harold’s Weight Loss: Fans Are Shocked To See How Extremely Skinny She Has Become!

Danielle Harold‘s (@danielle_harold) weight loss has been one of the most discussed topics among her fans since the past year or so. Several people think they are ill and are concerned that she has an eating disorder.

Danielle Harold has obviously had a drastic weight loss. houseandwhips.comDanielle Harold has obviously had a drastic weight loss.
Image Source: HELLO! Magazine

Ever since the Lola actress from EastEnders quit the show following the death of her character’s death, she has, you know, been experimenting with her looks, makeup, and style. It’s like she has been touched by the glam element of showbiz as she’s gotten all glamorous and sexy. Had it just been the more dramatic makeup and sexier outfit, fans would have been fine with her transformation but because her transformation also includes a dramatic weight loss, fans are concerned that she has an eating disorder.

That’s right. Danielle Harold has lost weight. It’s more pronounced now that everyone watches her in I’m a Celebrity..Get Me Out of Here! and it has caused quite a lot of online chatter because the EastEnders viewers are simply not being able to get over how drastically she has changed in terms of her weight. They have always known her to be a slender woman and didn’t really see her getting thinner than that. But now that she has gotten skinnier, they are shocked to see that she, out of all people, has undergone a weight loss.

I mean, even by today’s standards, Danielle Harold looked skinny, and looking at how she looked when she joined EastEnders, you would never think that she needs to get fitter or toned. She definitely didn’t look like she had much weight to lose but she’s managed to lose some. I can see why her fans would be concerned. The kind of skinny she has gotten, doesn’t look healthy and fit. In fact, if anything she seems ill after the weight loss. The sick look has led her people to suspect that she is struggling with an eating disorder in private.

Could an Eating Disorder Have Something to Do With Danielle Harold Having Weight Loss?

Danielle Harold's fans think she has an eating disorder. houseandwhips.comDanielle Harold’s fans think she has an eating disorder.
Image Source: Digital Spy

I mean, just get her older pictures from when she had just joined EastEnders and a more recent one, and compare the before and after pictures side-by-side and tell me if you don’t think the same. I think it’s all in the face. She had a very slim face back then but now, she looks gaunt and a bit shrunken compared to before. Her face does not look more defined as a result of that weight loss. Like I said, she looks sick. Does her transformation really have something to do with some eating disorder?

Some fans think Danielle Harold might have lost weight to play the part of brain cancer-stricken Lola Pearce and make it look more believable but if you really think about it, had she deliberately shed weight to get skinnier than before to play a cancer patient, wouldn’t she have come forward to talk about her weight loss and why she had it, in response to all the speculations about her weight?

She has to be aware of all the speculations about her having an eating disorder. If she had really undergone the physical transformation for her role, wouldn’t she have liked to shut down the speculations and tell the public that she chose to get skinnier for her role and that it’s nothing to be concerned about? Maybe she isn’t that bothered at all with the speculations. Anyway, whatever the reason, eating disorder or not, Danielle Harold has had weight loss.