Dean Cain’s Uncontrollable Weight Gain Was Due To Health Issues!


Dean Cain had uncontrollable weight gain and reached up to 235 pounds due to health issues. – Dean Cain underwent a massive weight gain and reached up to 235 pounds because he was pre-diabetic and had psoriatic arthritis. The actor tried very hard to remain fit but he ultimately lost the battle to arthritis and ended up piling all that weight. In 2020, Dean Cain went to Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center after which he successfully shed that pre-diabetic weight gain.

Dean Cain is always going to be a part of the pop culture lexicon in Hollywood as the actor who played the role of Clark Kent/ Superman in the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. He’s Superman. He’s never going to be forgotten even though, aside from playing that role, he hasn’t been particularly remarkable. He kind of peaked at that. He is mostly known for playing Superman but he is also recognized as the host of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and for his appearance in the sports drama series Hit the Floor.

Dean Cain has done some other notable stuff like the film God’s Not Dead. He played the guest role of Graham, the ex-fiance of Maria Bamford, on the Netflix original series Lady Dynamite. He also portrayed Jeremiah Danvers in Supergirl from 2015 to 2017. He also did a few reality television including an NBC series Stars Earn Stripes and Fox’s dating game show The Choice. He notably hosted 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty but Superman was his peak and he is most known for that. However, over the years, people stopped even recognizing him as Superman because of his weight gain. Let’s talk about that!

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Dean Cain’s Weight Gain: He Ballooned Up to 235 Pounds!

Dean Cain‘s (@deuces1966) massive weight gain resulted in sort of a disconnect between him and his image of Superman because nobody could recognize him after he piled on and ballooned up to 235 pounds.

Dean Cain underwent weight gain because of psoriatic arthritis. houseandwhips.comDean Cain underwent weight gain because of psoriatic arthritis.
Image Source: Fox News

The last decade and a half has been hard for Cain because of his health issues. His health and his weight were spiraling out of control and before he could do anything about it, he gained and gained and then, reached a staggering 235 pounds at his peak. He became completely unrecognizable. Nobody could place him as Superman and as if that wasn’t hurtful enough, he was in constant pain. He was deeply troubled by his uncontrolled weight gain and health problems.

Turns out that Dean Cain had been suffering from psoriatic arthritis and was pre-diabetic which caused him to put on weight that quickly. He tried very hard to stay fit but it was impossible to defeat arthritis and he had to watch helplessly as his body succumbed to the massive weight gain he had that rendered him obese and unrecognizable.

The last 10-15 years has been extremely difficult to remain fit. Of course, age plays a factor, but I have had psoriasis for almost 30 years, and about 10 years ago it evolved into psoriatic arthritis. As an ex-athlete, I tried to tough it out for years, but definitely started losing that battle.

It was a very painful experience for Dean Cain because even though he tried to train and be physically active, his body would not support him. He became hopeless for some time when he realized that he could not do much besides walk. He failed to keep up with his teenage son Christian who was getting into sports such as MMA and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and as a former NFL player, weight gain kind of hit his ego.

I came with him to train, but was so injury-riddled and full of arthritis, all I could really do was walk on the treadmill, and stretch. It sucked. I was the heaviest I’d ever been, 235 lbs, pre-diabetic and just getting worse. I was thinking, ‘Damn, this is where everything just goes down hill.’ 

What Did Dean Cain Do About His Weight Gain and Health Issues?

Dean Cain lost 35 pounds after he did hormone replacement therapy.
houseandwhips.comDean Cain lost 35 pounds after he did hormone replacement therapy.
Image Source: Complex

The actor kind of lost hope when he lost his physical flexibility and doctors were unable to do anything about it. However, in search of a solution, he discovered Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center and it changed the course of his life because not long after he did the hormone replacement therapy at the center, he was able to do more than just walk and as a result, he was able to undo the uncontrollable weight gain that had troubled him so. Dean Cain slowly started to revert to his old and healthy self.

My aches and pains began to subside to a more ‘normal’ level… I could bend my knees, my ankles stopped hurting, my feet stopped hurting, my lower back stopped aching, and my range of movement increased dramatically.

Before he turned 50, he became completely healthy. After losing 35 pounds, there was a little trace that he had massive weight gain that completely rendered him obese and unrecognizable. Dean Cain gained his mobility back and he felt like he was back in the game because he could easily keep up with his son in physical activities.

I’m just a shade over 200 lbs., playing basketball with my son, running, hiking, swimming, and feeling way better than I did at 40. 50 doesn’t feel so bad!