Did Ice Spice Get a BBL?


Did Ice Spice Get a BBL? houseandwhips.com

Many people suspect that Ice Spice has received a BBL because of her perfect buttock shape. However, she has denied going under the knife and claimed to be natural.

Isis Naija Gaston, also known as Ice Spice, is an American rapper. She started her rapping career in 2021 after meeting with a record producer, RiotUSA, while she was attending the State University of New York at Purchase. She gained fame in late 2022 with her song Munch (Feelin’ U), which achieved viral popularity on TikTok.

Ice Spice started her career late, but she has already collected a huge number of fans through her talent. Recently, she has been in the news after her interview, where she said she cried after meeting Nicky Minaj. It looks like the rapper is the biggest fan of Nicky and loves to listen to her every piece. She revealed being nervous, and the experience was a real tear-jerker for her.

On the other hand, some wonder if she has made some changes to look good as Nicky or not. In this article, we will be talking about the plastic surgery she has had, especially a BBL, and her thoughts on cosmetic procedures. Well, let’s get started.

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Ice Spice Previously Denied Receiving a BBL & Other Plastic Surgery Procedures!

Ice Spice (@icespice) denied all the rumors of having any procedure, including a BBL. Previously, she revealed being very strict with workouts and exercise. After listening to her reply, many people seemed curious about the rapper’s workout routine.

BBL has been one of the most common surgeries that the American rapper has been performing. If we compare her before and after looks, a lot of things have changed, from her hairstyle to her glow. Many people suspect that Ice Spice has gone under the knife numerous times, including BBL.

Ice Spice denies receiving a BBL & other plastic surgery procedures. houseandwhips.comIce Spice denies receiving a BBL & other plastic surgery procedures. 
Image Source: Instagram

Many people admire the look of Ice Spice. She has a fit body with perfect boobs and butts, which led people to suspect that she has done BBL. We don’t have her before pictures, but we do think that some of her body features seem artificial. However, it won’t be any surprise to her fans if she admits to doing one, but what we think of right now is that her fit body can be called as many people dream.

What Is the Reason Behind Ice Spice’s Fit Body?

Well, we can’t directly say if Ice Spice has done a BBL or not, but we can tell you about her workout routine. When it comes to a workout or diet, Ice Spiece has a strict rule she follows every day. If you follow her on Instagram, then you might have noticed how often she loves going to the gym. She always keeps her fans updated about her workout routine and often posts videos of herself doing workouts.

Ice Spice follows a strict workout routine. houseandwhips.comIce Spice follows a strict workout routine. 
Image Source: Instagram

Ice Spice is seen doing mostly cardiovascular exercises, such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, and dancing, which help to improve endurance, burn calories, and maintain a healthy weight. Her strength training is believed to include exercises such as weightlifting and bodyweight exercises, to help her build lean muscle mass and sculpt her body.

Ice Spice also often posts videos of herself getting involved in exercises like squats, lunges, deadlifts, and various upper body exercises. She might have engaged in targeted exercises to focus on specific areas of her body. This includes activities to enhance curves, such as hip thrusts or glute bridges. The reason she has perfect Buttocks, but I suspect other people have a BBL, might be because of core exercises.

More About Ice Spice’s Possible Plastic Surgery!

Ignoring the negative comments is the best way to deal with haters. Well, sometimes people keep themselves away from the paparazzi, but sometimes it’s better to speak the truth. Ice Spice, who has been quiet for a long time, finally spoke about the plastic surgery rumors. What did she say?

During the interview with Interview Magazine, Ice Spice denied the rumors of going under the knife. She expressed herself as feeling bad because of people’s accusations, but she also said that her body is natural and she works very hard to have one. She also stated;

You’re 100 percent right. There’s definitely a starter pack and I see a lot of girls doing it. I feel like it doesn’t apply to me all the way. My hair is short as fuck, it’s not swinging down my back. My whole body’s natural, even though some people try to accuse me of surgery. Only thing fake is my teeth, which I got to get redone. And my nails. I be having some fake-ass nails.