Did John Travolta Have Plastic Surgery? Reddit Contrasts John Travolta’s Face Then and Now!


Did John Travolta Have Plastic Surgery? Reddit Contrasts John Travolta’s Face Then and Now!

From movies to gifs, John Travolta’s alleged plastic surgery is making rounds all over the internet owing to his looks, especially on Reddit, where questions like ‘Did John Travolta Have Plastic Surgery?’ have become regular. Comparing the star then and now pictures, the speculations can’t be helped. Also rumored to have lost weight after his wife’s death, John Travolta’s young stance is making fans curious to know more about his appearance with before and after plastic surgery comparisons.

Hollywood’s handsome hunk who is still one of the famous faces through his gifs, John Travolta is a note-worthy actor. Also, as a singer, Travolta’s charm has stunned the audience ever since his entrance on the golden screens. Endearing and appealing while he was young, the way John Travolta looks now rose many speculations about his plastic surgery.

Gaining notoriety in the 1970s for his roles in the box office hits Carrie, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, and Urban Cowboy and multiple other movies, as well as his appearances on the television series Welcome Back, and Kotter, John Travolta’s career was quick to reach the peak though he had his fair share of downfalls.

Also a nominee for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his roles in Pulp Fiction and Saturday Night Fever, John has been nominated for six Golden Globes in total and was named Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy for his work in the movie Get Shorty. 

Incredibly talented with looks that can pierce through any heart, how John Travolta looks now has made many ask the same question, Did John Travolta have plastic surgery? Here are all the answers to your questions about John Travolta’s plastic surgery endeavors.

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Did John Travolta Have Plastic Surgery? How Did He Look Before? Reddit Contrasts John Travolta’s Then and Now Pictures!

When fans noticed John Travolta‘s unconventional facial features on the show American Crime Story in 2016, a dramatization of the People v. O.J. Simpson documentary, they raised questions about his appearance among the other male actors who were reportedly told they appeared to have undergone plastic surgery. The internet, especially Reddit is very much interested in getting the answers to ‘Did John Travolta really have plastic surgery?’

Looking at John Travolta’s pictures now and then, he surely looks very different from his young days. Travolta appears as if he has had multiple procedures done to maintain his youthful beauty and radiance. As the motivation behind his plastic surgery was revealed to be youth preservation, the actor received criticism during the Oscar ceremony held in 2014 due to his plastic surgery-like appearance.

Everyone attributed John Travolta’s dummy-like look to plastic surgery, notably facelifts. The majority of the tweets that were sent in response to his unusual new appearance by fans were negative. He no longer had the boyish charm that made him famous in the 1970s thus the fans couldn’t really digest Travolta’s cosmetic alterations.

Despite all the denial, it’s pretty sure that John Travolta received quite a number of plastic surgeries and they changed the star’s face to quite some extent.

Getting back to what procedures Travolta retorted to, it’s speculated that he underwent multiple surgical procedures. Foremost, Botox looks quite evident on the star’s face indicating he might have had more than necessary. There are little to no wrinkles on his face with a very artificial shine to it indicating the use of botox.

John Travolta might have gotten a facelift as well to maintain the stretchy-ness of his face and a youthful appearance. Changed to a bigger extent, Travolta’s plastic surgery procedure may also have involved the use of fillers. The fillers could have been around his chin, forehead, and cheeks. Pulpy and abnormal from his original features, John’s use of fillers changed the original shape of his face.

Next on the list, the assumptions about John Travolta’s hair transplant surgery are quite prominent. Balding at an early age, the actor lost his confidence. Thus, retorting to a hair transplant, Travolta restored his balding head for some time. However, since Travolta is completely bald now many believe that it wasn’t actually a hair transplant but just a wig.

Thus, the question ‘Did John Travolta have plastic surgery?’ is pretty much answered with all the evidence of the star’s fillers, botox, and transplants.

John Travolta’s Story of the Grease: Where Is He Now?

When the popular Broadway show Grease was ready to tour in 1972, a new cast had to be assembled. An 18-year-old actor in Los Angeles who was just starting out in the industry attended an audition for the role of Danny Zucko while wearing a black motorcycle jacket and a white T-shirt. He sang I Feel the Earth Move by Carole King while pulling back his hair. He was nonother than John Travolta.

For two years, Travolta traveled with the production. He reflects in GREASE: Tell Me More, Tell Me More: Stories from the Broadway Phenomenon That Started It All, a new oral history of the show, “I got to see three to five Zuckos and got to see exactly what worked and what didn’t,” Travolta says in an interview with The NewYork Post. His performance in the film, which has made a total of $400 million, was what made it successful.

Travolta went on to star in successful movies like Urban Cowboy, Look Who’s Talking, Pulp Fiction, Get Shorty, Face/Off, Hairspray, and more after singing and dancing his way through Grease. He and Newton-John collaborated on the 2012 holiday album This Christmas.

The star consequently received a ton of praise from critics for his 2016 performance as Robert Shapiro in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, which led to a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie.

In 1991, Travolta wed the actress Kelly Preston. Together, they had three kids: Benjamin, Ella, and Jett. Jett passed away in January 2009 at the age of 16 from a seizure he had while on a trip with his family to the Bahamas. Preston passed away in July 2020 at the age of 57 following a two-year struggle with breast cancer. After the death of his wife, John seems to have lost weight and fans are curious to know if the star is doing well or not.

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