Did Cristiano Ronaldo Get Plastic Surgery? Why Does His Face Look Different? Did He Get Teeth Surgery? What Did He Do to His Skin?


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Did Ronaldo Get Plastic Surgery? Why Does His Face Look Different? Did He Get Teeth Surgery? What Did He Do to His Skin?

Did Cristiano Ronaldo get plastic surgery? Well, he hasn’t really confirmed or denied it but most people believe he has gotten cosmetic surgery. The soccer player has a completely different face from when he started out in 2003. Ronaldo most likely has had Botox and fillers, he also definitely has had a nose job, and he also got his teeth fixed. He is said to be vain so, plastic surgery does not seem uncharacteristic for him.

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest soccer players who has reached legendary status with his unparalleled skills on the ground. Of course, when in life, you are a legend, you are also extremely vain because one can only be too virtuous. And we just know just he leans into it when people appreciate and laud him for his good looks. Good looks which he bought with plastic surgery because he did not look the same as he did back when he was just starting out.

Throughout the years, fans have questioned several times things like, ‘has Ronaldo had plastic surgery?’, ‘did he get cosmetic surgery?’, ‘did he get his teeth fixed?’, ‘why does his nose look so different?’, and ‘what did he do to his skin?’ Well, he has never entertained such queries from the fans but that never deterred them from discussing it and the publications from seeking the opinions of experts.

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Did Cristiano Ronaldo Get Plastic Surgery? He Has Had Teeth and Skin  Surgery; He Also Got Botox and Fillers to Make His Skin Look Better!

Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) is not just one of the most famous and skilled soccer players but he is also one of the best-looking athletes. But his looks, it’s sus mostly, and thus, there are a lot of discussions about his plastic surgery. He is believed to have had Botox, fillers, a nose job, and teeth surgery. He also reportedly got Botox injected into his genitalia.

Ronaldo takes great pride in his looks, not the naturalness of it. He looks immaculate every time he is out in the public. The stories about him often indulging in self-admiration by looking at himself in the mirror cannot be surprising. It also can’t be surprising that he didn’t always like the way he looked because it’s very obvious when you compare his photos from the past and the recent ones (they are really before and after photos) that he had plastic surgery.

Let’s take a look at the most visible and therefore, obvious change Ronaldo has had. He definitely had teeth surgery because we know that the million-dollar smile he flashes now is an acquired one as when he was just starting out, his teeth were all crooked. Back in 2003, his teeth were broken and his smile didn’t captivate anyone unlike now when he has had his teeth fixed and not just with braces, but also with veneers and crowns.

Dr. Rhona Eskander, an expert dentist, explained that Ronaldo had a missing lateral incisor in his earlier days and said that Ronaldo has to undertake numerous steps to get a perfect set of teeth, such as getting braces, tooth implants, and so on. I think you could say he had teeth surgery among other plastic surgery.

Now, another most obvious change he has had. His nose. He used to have a very wide nose before and a very bulbous tip. The perfectionist Ronaldo must not have liked that and went the route of plastic surgery to alter his not-so-nice-looking nose. He definitely got his nose bridge narrowed down and he changed the tip as well and refined it. He most likely has had a tweaking to the tip of his nose although it isn’t drastic and his nose looks smaller than it was ten years ago but that could be just his face evolving, plastic surgery experts say.

Ronaldo also had a hair transplant done. Because nothing can explain how he clearly was spotted with a receding hairline in 2013 at the Monaco gala which disappeared in his following public appearance. He has never been seen with a receding hairline since then. What other than plastic surgery to explain all this?

The footballer is also very precise about his eyebrows which we can tell are very groomed. It is another clear indicator of how much importance he places on his looks, even on the minutest details. Some also believe Ronaldo has had an eyelift but his eyes haven’t changed much and they never looked a certain way that he might have felt the need to get plastic surgery to deal with that one.

Finally, we come to the most subtle changes (or none) to his face since the time he started out. People all over the world have noticed how Ronaldo has very minimal wrinkles on his face, very few lines to be seen at all on his forehead, and on his face, around his nose or eyes. Sure, he is very athletic, and maintaining his body and skin is kind of a requirement for his job but that smooth? He had to have taken the aid of plastic surgery to smooth out the few lines and wrinkles he must have had.

According to plastic surgery expert Alex Karidis who looked at Ronaldo’s transformation since arriving at Old Trafford as an 18-year-old in 2003, the sportsman has had Botox around the eyes and forehead which has made his skin look immaculate. He also may have had fillers at some point to make his skin look better. Karidis said that fillers plump up an area where time has deepened the lines, such as smile lines around the mouth and Ronaldo’s face is smooth there now which could be because of fillers that are injected in fluid form into the skin.

The Portuguese star was recently reported to have had Botox injected into his genitalia. Specialist Dr. Esteban Sarmentero explained that Ronaldo might have had scrotox to smooth out and prevent the scrotum from contracting so that the testicles appear to have more volume. He also said that it was an aesthetic touch-up, not an operation.

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