Is It True That Dolly Parton Got Breast Surgery?


Is It True That Dolly Parton Got Breast Surgery?

Yes, Dolly Parton had breast surgery in the early 1980s and has always been happy with her decision. She has spoken openly about it in interviews over the years and claims to have spent $1 million while getting a boob job.

Dolly Parton is an American legendary singer-songwriter and actress who has received both positive and negative attention as a result of her plastic and breast enhancement surgeries. In the past, she was chastised for her curvy figure and petite figure.

Likely, the Jolene star had also been called trashy for her appearance. This hasn’t bothered the 77-year-old songstress, whose confidence in her appearance has only grown with age. Well, here is everything you need to know about her breast surgery.

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Dolly Parton Claims That She Previously Spent $1 Million on Breast Surgery!

If you are unaware, Dolly Parton (@dollyparton) has had her fair share of cosmetic enhancements over the years and currently her breast seems smaller than before. But to let you know, she had breast surgery (breast augmentation) before becoming famous. She had them enhanced again in her thirties. Since then, she has maintained a close relationship with her surgeon.

Dolly Parton's appearance after breast surgery. houseandwhips.comDolly Parton’s appearance after breast surgery. 
Image Source: House & Whips

The long-running rumour was finally debunked in an interview in early 2022. Her breasts are an asset, but she started her own rumour when she joked about them being covered years ago. She has a great sense of humour, even when she is making fun of herself. Later, she revealed that she spent $1 million on breast augmentation. This is in addition to her previous cosmetic surgeries throughout her career.

Nothing on the planet could make a woman happier than to have her beauty appreciated. Dolly Parton was also inspired by this idea to strive for a more beautiful appearance than her inherent beauty. In a 2018 interview with The Star, the singer stated,

I always wanted to be pretty, and I always wanted to be a star, whatever that meant. I wanted to shine; so I created my own look to build my confidence because very few people are born beautiful, with natural beauty, and I certainly am not one.

She then went on to explain how she used artificial means to conceal her physical flaws. The singer stated,

I am too short, I never had great hair. I used to bleach my hair so much, it would tear to pieces, so I thought, well I will just start wearing wigs. And I thought, if I am too short, I will wear high heels and if my hands are too small, I’ll wear long nails. I try to make positives out of negatives.

She continued,

I did whatever I needed to build my confidence, and when people don’t believe I had plastic surgery, I say “Yeah, I don’t look old but I have aged my plastic surgeons. But I do it because it makes me feel better about myself. I always say I am a workhorse that looks like a show horse. So yeah, I work every day to build my confidence.”

Furthermore, Dolly Parton claimed that she loved her enlarged breasts after getting pumped up. She then carefully mentioned the work she had done on her breasts over the years and went on to say,

I always say I don’t know if I’m supporting them or they’re supporting me. I just embrace it; it’s part of who I am, and it’s part of my persona, and it’s part of the Dolly look. How I feel inside is more important. It costs a lot of money to look this cheap! If I see something saggin’, baggin’, or draggin’, I’m gonna have it nipped, tucked, or sucked!

More About Dolly Parton’s Decision to Undergo Breast Surgery!

There are numerous reasons why women choose to have breast augmentation surgery. Some people use it to regain confidence after going through pregnancy and breastfeeding-related changes to their bodies. Others may believe that their breasts are out of proportion to the rest of their body and wish to achieve a more balanced appearance. They simply want to improve their physical appearance.

Dolly Parton has always been open about her breast surgery. houseandwhips.comDolly Parton has always been open about her breast surgery. 
Image Source: USA Today

In Dolly Parton‘s case, she most likely chose breast augmentation because she has been known for her flamboyant personality and outrageous fashion sense throughout her career. It’s possible she felt her breasts were too small to match her larger-than-life persona and decided to have them augmented to feel more confident on stage.

Furthermore, as she grew older, it is likely that she noticed changes in her body as a result of ageing and childbearing that she wished to correct with surgery. Whatever her reasons, there is no denying that her breast augmentation was a success. Her surgically enhanced breasts have become part of her signature look, and she remains an iconic figure in the entertainment world.

Overall, Dolly Parton continues to use the phrase less is more in her decision to have breast augmentation. She has never been shy about discussing the procedure openly, and she attributes much of her success over the years to her confidence and willingness to embrace changes that will best enhance her overall appearance.