Domino Kirke’s Kids: Does Penn Badgley’s Wife Have a Child From Previous Relationship? Learn More About Her Son!


Domino Kirke's Kids: Does Penn Badgley's Wife Have a Child From Previous Relationship? Learn More About Her Son!

Domino Kirke, the wife to You star Penn Badgley, has two kids. The actress has two sons named Cassius Riley and James Badgley. She had her first child in 2009 with her ex-partner and musician Morgan O’Kane. Domino Kirke had another child with Penn in 2020. She had her second son after two miscarriages. Now, she’s a mother to two kids. 

So, are you fantasizing about Joe Goldberg knowing that you should not be because he is one of the toxic ones and also a creepy killer who should not be romanticized at all? He’s a walking red flag. A married red flag obsessed with another woman. Even if it’s the actor you like and not the character he plays, the actor is married as well. Penn Badgley has been married to Domino Kirke since 2017.

She is a British-American singer and actress. She’s a doula as well. As a musician, you might remember her from when she collaborated with Mark Ronson on a song titled Beyond Waves which came out in 2017. She had formed the band DOMINO with Jordan Galland and recorded an EP with Ronson. She toured for three years with the likes of Gang of Four and Lily Allen. Her band was featured in Lena Dunham‘s indie movie Tiny Furniture.

Besides being a musician, she has co-founded Carriage House Birth to provide services for pregnant women. She has two kids herself. She had her first child from a previous relationship while she had her second son with Penn Badgley. Would you like to know more about Domino Kirke’s kids?

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Domino Kirke’s Kids: Penn Badgley’s Wife Has Two Sons; She Shares a Child with Her Ex-Partner!

Domino Kirke (@domino_kirke_badgley), Penn Badgley‘s (@pennbadgley) wife, has two kids, both sons. She had her first child Cassius Riley in 2009 with her ex-partner Morgan O’Kane. She gave birth to her other son James Badgley in 2020.

If you are daydreaming about Joe Goldberg from You, there’s some bad news. He’s a character in a Netflix show, a creepy stalker but you are the one who has a problem. And if you just like the actor playing Joe – Penn Badgley – well, he’s already married and happily at that. His wife is Domino Kirke and he shares a son with her. So, it’s him and the wife and the kids. Oh, by the way, it’s Domino Kirke who has two kids. She had her first child from a previous relationship.

Penn Badgley is a step-father to his wife’s 14-year-old son she had with her ex-partner Morgan O’Kane. She had her first child who is named Cassius Riley with the musician in 2009. She was already a mother when she met Penn.

The couple met in 2014 and started dating shortly after. After dating for about three years, Penn Badgley tied the knot with Domino Kirke in a New York courthouse in February 2017. And three years after that, the pair had a baby together. In October 2020, James Badgley was born and she has two kids now.

She announced that she was going to have a kid with Badgley in February and she also revealed that she had had ‘two miscarriages in a row’ before that. The couple had given up hope of having a baby after what they went through. The miscarriages were said to have left the duo feeling ‘ready to call it.’ Domino Kirke said that she stopped trusting her body and started to accept the fact that she was done. But then James Badgley came along.

Having kids is hard for someone who assists in birth. It was the same for Penn Badgley’s wife. Domino Kirke said that she had seen and heard it all as a birth attendant. She shared how it took everything she had to detach lovingly from the losses that she had been present for as a doula and to be in her own experience of being pregnant. When she had her first child, she knew nothing about it so, she dove in blissfully unaware of birth and its mysteries.

But about 14 years later, after having helped birth hundreds of kids as a birth attendant, it was not the same. Domino Kirke had 10 years’ worth of experience to pull from. And while she had been there for some miscarriages she found hard to detach from, there were some great takeaways as well. And she did treasure her birth community and the knowledge she had.

Domino Kirke also didn’t forget her unborn kids. Addressing them, she wrote,

You’re already teaching us how to stay in the day in a way we’ve never had to, little one. Thank you.

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