Dove Cameron’s Plastic Surgery: Reddit Discussions About The Actress’ Cosmetic Surgery!


Dove Cameron's Plastic Surgery: Reddit Discussions About The Actress' Cosmetic Surgery!

Dove Cameron’s plastic surgery was extensively discussed following her recent appearance at the VMAs, especially on Reddit. The actress has had several nose jobs, lip fillers, cheek implants, chin implants, buccal fat removal, and a foxy eye lift procedure according to Reddit users. Dove Cameron herself has never admitted that she had plastic surgery.

Dove Cameron is an American actress and singer who first gained prominence when she played the dual role of the eponymous characters in the Disney Channel comedy series Liv and Maddie. For her portrayal of Liv and Maddie, she won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in Children’s Programming. With Disney, she also did the Descendants film series in which she played the role of Mal.

In 2016, the actress starred in the NBC live television musical Hairspray Live!, which got her a nomination for Best Musical Moment at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, for her performance of You Can’t Stop the Beat. She did theatre in the following years from 2018 to 2019.

Besides acting, Dove Cameron also does singing. She made her debut in the music industry with the soundtrack album to Liv and Maddie in 2015. She also released If Only, her debut single for Descendants in the same year. In 2019, she released her first EP Bloodshot/Waste. In 2022, she released the single Boyfriend, which went on to become her first solo song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. It peaked in the top 20.

The actress recently attended the Video Music Awards 2022 (she won a VMA for Best New Artist) where she was said by the fans to be looking very different. They were like, “Cool it with all the plastic surgery.” This recent appearance and her ever-changing face have got people more interested in Dove Cameron’s plastic surgery!

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Did Dove Cameron Have Plastic Surgery? Reddit Discusses Cosmetic Surgery The Actress Has Had!

According to Reddit users’ speculations, Dove Cameron (@dovecameron) has undergone tons of plastic surgery including several nose jobs, lip fillers, cheek implants, chin implants, buccal fat removal, and a foxy eye lift procedure.

Dove Cameron’s major transformation and extensive plastic surgery is a topic that always comes up when talking about her because people simply cannot not talk about it. There are various forums, especially on Reddit where discourse about why the actress felt the need to have that much cosmetic surgery and what led her to go down that path goes on and on.

In a Reddit thread posted to discuss Dove Cameron’s plastic surgery, there were a group of people who traced her plastic surgery (habits?) to her time in Hollywood as a young starlet. They thought that she was trying to uphold the doll-like features many people said she had when she was starting out with a few tweaks that went on to be a lot. She was just trying to be what others believed she was and she couldn’t stop herself afterward.

Reddit users did make the observation about how Dove Cameron was following the trend look and matching her appearance to whatever was in trend by getting plastic surgery. She started out with a rhinoplasty – got her nose fixed into ski-jump one – and had an eyebrow lift, got dimples and bigger lips during the Disney era. And later, she got into photoshop, started making her eyes angular and longer like K-pop idols, and tried to edit her hips bigger like Kim Kardashian’s.

Not the entirety of Reddit was just analyzing how and why Dove Cameron got into plastic surgery. Lots of people were also very sympathetic towards her and felt bad for her and how she felt the need to completely transform her body when she already looked beautiful. They think she has body dysmorphia and they hate to watch her deteriorate her natural looks because of that. They hope that she gets the help and support she needs and there will come a day when she will stop crazy photoshopping even the pap photos even when there’s nothing wrong with them.

The majority of the people commenting on that Reddit thread found Dove Cameron getting plastic surgery at such a young age very concerning and regretted it for her because it was so stupid (and insecure) to get all the work done before she could grow into it. She got a whole new face just when she was around 15-16 when your face changes so much even till the twenties.

And even though all the commenters on Reddit were not a fan of how Dove Cameron always denied plastic surgery despite it being ‘the most obvious thing’ ever (Sorry honey, your nose isn’t going to change shape when you grow up.) and setting an actual impossible standard for young girls impressionable girls who look up to her, they also recognized the system that makes plastic surgery so accessible even to minors and her guardian at fault.

A Redditor wrote that Dove Cameron’s mom is partly at fault for focusing more on her career than her well-being. Apparently, she is a total stage mom who has written a book and everything about how to get your kid noticed in Hollywood. She even used Dove to promote it and she goes around mentioning Disney kids a lot. (Cameron’s father was dead when she was young, so all the blame went to her mom.)

Another person on the same Reddit thread backed it up with their observations about how Dove Cameron seemed to have a love-hate relationship with her mom because of it. They theorized that the way she changed her nose to look more like her father than her mother (Her face used to previously resemble her mother more), adapted her father’s nickname as her stage name and legally changed her name to it, and the way she only acknowledges her father’s side of the family like saying her family came from France when it was just her father’s side that came from France was all her distancing herself from her mother.

It should be noted that Dove Cameron has never talked publicly about the plastic surgery procedures people on Reddit say she has.

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