Dr Xand’s Weight Loss: The Televison Presenter Talked About The Effects of Ultra-Processed Food on Morning Live!

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Dr Xand's Weight Loss: The Television Presenter Talked About The Effects of Ultra-Processed Food on Morning Live!

Dr Xand has devised multiple plans and diets for weight loss to get trimmer and look fit and healthy. The television presenter created the diet and shared it in issues of How to Lose Weight Well back in 2017. Recently, Dr Xand embarked on yet another weight loss by cutting off all ultra-processed foods (UPF) from his diet. He revealed the negative effects of the UPF in a segment in Morning Live.  

Dr Xand (Jonkheer Alexander van Tulleken) is a British doctor and TV presenter. He is mostly recognized from the CBBC children’s series Operation Ouch!, which he presents along with his slightly younger identical twin brother Chris. He is also the presenter of the Channel 4 show How to Lose Weight Well and a member of the Made of Stronger puff podcast on BBC Sounds. Besides, he has presented documentaries not related to health such as an episode of Horizon discussing male suicide and a BBC program on the European migrant crisis.

As a doctor, Dr Xand experiments a lot and he has often offered his own body for scientific experimentation in the diet show How to Lose Weight Well, as well as in BBC Horizon episodes Sugar vs Fat and Is Binge Drinking Really Bad?. Currently, he makes regular appearances on the BBC1 weekday program Morning Live where he provides a variety of medical and weight loss advice.

It has always looked like he felt that he has been bested by his twin because his twin never had to struggle with his weight like he did. Because he is a lot bigger than his twin, he has devised a lot of plans and diets to lose weight and get trimmer. He has also created a diet which he shared on the issue of How To Lose Weight Well, which is essentially a weight loss book. He often shares some tips on that on Morning Live as well. Let’s learn more about Dr Xand’s weight loss!

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Dr Xand’s Weight Loss: He Cut off Ultra-Processed Foods From His Diet!

Dr Xand (@avantulleken) has been on a weight loss journey since forever because he has always struggled with his weight. It’s a chip on his shoulder that despite being a doctor and someone who is health-conscious, he has never figured out how to achieve sustainable weight loss and maintain it. He has lost weight several times in the past but he looks the same now because those losses have never lasted. He had even created his own diet and published it in the magazine How To Lose Weight Well.

Now, Dr Xand is experimenting yet again with ways to lose weight. The most recent way of weight loss, he discussed on Morning Live, he decided on was inspired by his twin brother Chris. He was having breakfast with his brother and his family when Chris announced that he had undergone a radical and complete psychological transformation after realizing that he simply could not eat “rubbish” anymore.

When saying rubbish, Dr Xand’s brother gestured to the various kinds of cereal on the table and as it turned out, he meant ultra-processed food. “Look at the ingredients!” he said, “mono and diglycerides of fatty acids! Sodium stearoyl lactylate! Annatto norbixin! Alpha tocopherol! This is all ultra-processed food. It’s bad for me and it tastes awful.” By bad, did he mean that these ingredients were responsible for unnecessary weight gain and that cutting off foods with them could result in weight loss? Dr Xand started to wonder.

He found it very odd because Chris had never been known to turn down a bowl of cinnamon frosted squares because he was obsessed with UPF which are edible products made in factories with processed ingredients you don’t find in a normal home kitchen. Then Chris told Dr Xand that he felt differently now after he had to eat a diet high in UPF for a program called What Are We Feeding Our Kids?

He had eaten vast amounts of the stuff such as chicken nuggets, crisps, chocolate, and frozen pizza and he had become obsessed with reading the labels. It was because of that obsession that he discovered that all “healthier” options from the high street were laced with emulsifiers, colorings, preservatives, flavor enhancers, and chemicals. He interviewed the scientists about the health effects of UPF and found out that it was not good. For health and weight as well. And that not having such foods could mean weight loss.

When Dr Xand asked Chris if his transformation was covered in the documentary, he said that it wasn’t relevant to the program and suggested that they make a program where Chris will put Xandie through the same process. “We’ll make you thin,” Chris said to him. Xandie didn’t like it very much because the fact that he has 20 kg heavier than his twin brother had always been a difficult topic for him. At first, he didn’t even care that he may have had the chance at sustainable weight loss.

However, Dr Xand let that annoyance go because he was interested in curing his UPF addiction, so he made the show. And he enjoyed the process because it was not Chris haranguing him about his weight loss while force-feeding him junk food. The producer Hester Cant had her father Alasdair, a professional and expert in behavior change, specializing in addiction, involved.

Over the next few months, they created A Thorough Examination: Addicted to Food, and now, Dr Xand’s diet is far healthier and his weight is plummeting, which was all thanks to Alisdair, Chris, and a group of incredible scientists from around the world. He underwent significant weight loss after cutting off UPF as he talked about it on Morning Live.

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