Duncan James Plastic Surgery: How Much Botox Has He Had?


Duncan James does not shy away from revealing that he had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com

Duncan James has technically not had plastic surgery because all he has had are Botox and fillers which are non-invasive cosmetic procedures. But invasive or non-invasive, those procedures have given a whole new look to the singer who now looks completely unrecognizable compared to before. Duncan James has been very forthcoming about his plastic surgery. 

The last time Duncan James was truly relevant in pop culture was probably when he was at his peak in 2001. He came to the spotlight as a part of the popular noughties boyband Blue and he really seemed to be on top of the world in 2001 when the band hit the big time with hits such as All Rise, Too Close, and One Love. After that, not much has come of his singing career because they went on hiatus but he has managed to stay relevant somehow. He even tried his hand at acting. He’s Ryan Knight in the British soap opera Hollyoaks.

Anyway, the point is he’s still relevant and his relevancy comes from him being very much open about his life. As someone who’s like an open book, he has been very forthcoming about his plastic surgery and he occasionally makes headlines with new revelations of the cosmetic procedures he tries. Here’s everything Duncan James has said about plastic surgery!

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Duncan James Before Plastic Surgery: He Looks Completely Unrecognizable Now!

Duncan James (@mrduncanjames) has been refreshingly candid and honest about his plastic surgery which includes only non-invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers. Though he has not technically gone under the knife, he looks completely unrecognizable compared to before because he looks so yassified now. He has had a drastic transformation that nobody can miss.

Duncan James has been very open about having plastic surgery.
houseandwhips.comDuncan James has been very open about having plastic surgery.
Image Source: Irish Mirror

Remember how he made headlines in August 2021 with his appearance on Celebrity MasterChef? He looked nothing like himself and fans had to Google to know who the guest in that episode was. After they figured out that it was him, they began to troll him like he had thought they would. Apparently, he had undergone plastic surgery (Botox) and he feared that he would get mocked about it and how right he was about that one.

Just a few days ago before all the trolling and mocking, Duncan James had admitted to having Botox and had expressed how he felt about the online abuse.

It’s terrible actually. Probably after MasterChef I’m gonna get a load of abuse because I had a bit more weight on there, and had a bit of Botox before I went in…

He also said that people should be verified to get on social media so nobody can’t truly get away with trolling people for their plastic surgery or for other reasons. He added while pinching between his eyebrows,

So I have got a bit of the old eyebrow thing going on because it hadn’t settled. So one thing I’ve learned is, never go on national television with fresh Botox! Online trolling is disgusting. Personally I believe that verification is needed [to have a social media account].

Duncan James Has Technically Not Had Plastic Surgery!

That was not the only time Duncan James had been so open about his plastic surgery. Just a few months before that, in April 2021, he had essentially volunteered the information that he had filler injected into his jaw ahead of Blue’s 20th-anniversary reunion. He had the non-invasive procedures at a London clinic and he had his surgeon, Dr. James Olding, a specialist in facial aesthetics, document that in a video which he shared on Instagram.

Duncan James has had Botox and fillers only which are not technically plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comDuncan James has had Botox and fillers only which are not technically plastic surgery.
Image Source: BBC

The before and after video picture he posted showed how he got a longer, more pronounced jawline, and a more square chin after his jawline was injected. The difference after he got plastic surgery was very visible and he did a good job of flexing his new jawline as he smiled and showed the dramatic change. The fillers completely changed his look.

Duncan James had given the fillers a try before in 2019 but it had not changed him much then. Probably because he had had not enough of it, the results were not very drastic and it could just have been a show of support because the plastic surgery expert he chose was the celebrity Harley Street doctor Vincent Wong who was part of the first LGBT campaign in Medical Aesthetics to help empower the community and he had just come out as a gay person.

The former Blue singer did not just have a cosmetic injectable makeover with fillers on the cheek and jawline but he also had mesotherapy to smooth his skin. Besides having Allergan UK filler injections on his cheeks and jawline to fight the early signs of aging and strengthen the facial structure, he also had a treatment of mesotherapy injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin.

Duncan James has always been very candid about having plastic surgery. Well, technically, Botox and fillers don’t really qualify as plastic surgery but they still count because they are cosmetic procedures that have changed his appearance dramatically.