Is Dustin Miller Transgender?


Is Dustin Miller Transgender? – According to DailyMail, Dustin Miller is a transgender who has been married to Anthony Thorne for nine years. The couple was previously viral on social media for accusing airline staff after their flight was delayed.

Previously, the video of a Florida couple having a nervous breakdown at Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina was going viral. At the time, the couple, identified as Anthony Thorne, 40, and Dustin Miller, 42, were caught crying about not being able to return home to their pet dogs Dolly and Shelby — referred to as their “girls” in the video.

The clip, which was originally shared on TikTok by @izzzjson, was later reposted on X and had over 15.5 million views. The pair said that the outburst was sparked by a delayed flight that kept them apart from their dogs. They blamed the delay on the airline staff at Charlotte Douglas Airport.

However, Since the clips went viral, viewers have been curious to more about Dustin Miller’s personal life, especially his actual sexuality. Many viewers wonder if he is trans. Well, here’s what we’ve discovered.

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Yes, Dustin Miller Is Transgender!

According to Dustin Miller‘s LinkedIn profile, he is a transgender who is employed as an accountant at Sykes & Company. He has been married to Anthony Thorne for nine years, and the couple lives in Wilton Manors, Florida. Likely, his partner works as an executive senior associate at the healthcare consulting business Rudish Health in Fort Lauderdale.

Dustin Miller is reportedly a trans man. houseandwhips.comDustin Miller is reportedly a trans man.
Image Source: TikTok

If you’re not aware, a transgender, commonly known as a trans, is someone whose gender identity differs from the gender given to them at birth. Some transgender people who want medical help to transition from one sex to another identify as transsexual. Trans is an umbrella word that includes people whose gender identity is the polar opposite of their assigned sex (trans men and trans women), as well as those who are non-binary or genderqueer.

Other meanings of transgender include people who are of a third gender or who perceive transgender people to be of a third gender. In some cases, the phrase may also refer to cross-dressers, drag kings, and drag queens. There is no commonly acknowledged definition of transgender, even among researchers.

Furthermore, according to the DailyMail, Dustin Miller and his wife, Anthony Thorne recently celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary. However, there is only a little bit of information about their personal life. It seems like, the couple likes to keep their personal life private and stay away from media attention.

A Florida Couple, Dustin Miller and Anthony Thorne, Goes Viral After Accusing American Airlines Staff of Separating Them From Their Dogs After Their Flight Was Delayed!

According to the DailyMail, Dustin Miller, and Anthony Thorne, of Florida, were recently filmed during a public outburst at Charlotte Douglas Airport where Miller could be heard saying “American Airlines f***ed us over!” in the now-deleted video, which was first published on TikTok.

Dustin Miller and his wife, Anthony Thorne. houseandwhips.comDustin Miller and his wife, Anthony Thorne.
Image Source: Daily Mail

The video began with Miller yelling aggressively at American Airlines employees while his husband, holding a Louis Vuitton bag, begged Miller to “remember your girls” – subsequently discovered to be their pet canines, Shelby and Dolly. Later, evidently trying to calm Miller down, Thorne repeated, “You don’t care about the girls, you don’t care about the girls.”

However, the Fort Lauderdale-based accountant announced to fellow passengers at the gate: “Hello, everybody! American Airlines f***ed us over!” His husband then repeated the names of their pet dogs, saying, “Shelby and Dolly. Shelby and Dolly. Shelby and Dolly, remember them. I’m just trying to get home to the girls.”

Likely, Dustin Miller could be seen hurling expletives at a woman in a wheelchair who was also waiting to catch the flight to Fort Lauderdale near the end of the footage. When the woman appeared to advise the couple to “go away,” To which he responded saying, “F*** off, bitch.”

According to FlightAware, American Airlines flight AA321 from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was delayed and then canceled on December 27. A further flight departed from Charlotte later that day at 11.08 pm ET and landed in Fort Lauderdale at 1.03 am ET the next morning. Furthermore, the deleted TikTok was published on X, formerly known as Twitter, where one user tweeted,

Flight AA321 from CLT to FLL was first delayed and ultimately cancelled last night so they did not make it home to the girls.