Elizabeth Berkley’s Weight Gain: Has The Saved By The Bell Star Gained Weight? The Actress Now and Then!


Elizabeth Berkley's Weight Gain: Has The Saved By The Bell Star Gained Weight? The Actress Now and Then!

Elizabeth Berkley allegedly had a weight gain of about 11 to 22 pounds according to unverified sources. The Saved By The Bell actress, however, has not mentioned her weight gain. Elizabeth Berkley did look bigger when she was recently spotted while on a casual outing.

Elizabeth Berkley is an American actress and former model who is mostly known for playing the role of Jessie Spano in the television series Saved by the Bell. She is also recognized for starring in the 1995 Paul Verhoeven film Showgirls as Nomi Malone/Polly Ann Costello.

Besides those roles, she has also voiced the title role of the anime film Armitage III: Poly-Matrix and had supporting roles in the films The First Wives Club and Roger Dodger. She has also done theater and has received critical acclaim for her performance in Hurlyburly.

The actress is currently being targeted with rumors about her weight gain. Many people are googling her ‘fat’ pictures. They want to know how the actress looks now compared to then. They wonder whether the gossip going around that she looked bigger because she is pregnant is true or not. Fans are interested in knowing more about Elizabeth Berkley’s weight gain.

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Elizabeth Berkley’s Weight Gain: Fans Think The Actress Looks ‘Fat’; What Does She Look Like Today?

Elizabeth Berkley (@elizberkley) allegedly had a weight gain of about somewhere between 11 and 22 pounds in 2020 according to some unverified rumors.

If you scroll through Elizabeth Berkley’s Instagram page, you will be surprised to see the rumors about her weight gain floating around on the internet because she doesn’t look ‘fat’ from any angle as fans have been speculating for a few days. But then, she does not post regularly and so her latest post which was not a close-up of her face was almost a year ago. So, her Insta page might not be reliable to see if she gained weight.

However, Elizabeth Berkley was recently spotted while she was out for a very casual outing in Los Angeles, California, and in those snaps, she looked like she had a weight gain. The Showgirls star looked unrecognizable as she was dressed down and we are just used to seeing her in glam appearances. With her signature blonde hair pulled back, she teamed up a simple black tank top with a matching pair of trousers and was wearing a mask. She didn’t look like the Elizabeth Berkley we are used to seeing but that could be because of the weight gain as well.

She very much appeared bigger which is how the speculations about her weight gain must have started in the first place. But if fans want to know how much weight she has exactly gained, then well, there is no proper information about that.

I mean, some of the sites have claimed that Elizabeth Berkley has been speculated to have gained somewhere between 11 to 22 pounds but then that’s too big a range and too specific numbers. Plus, those are the same sites that have also written that the actress had that weight gain in 2020 when she was pregnant. As if!

2020 was the time when Elizabeth Berkley reprised the role of Jessie Spano in the Saved by the Bell reboot series. And in the series, she did appear to have a slight weight gain but it had nothing to do with her being pregnant as she was not pregnant at all. She was really not! There would have been news about it if it had been true.

Besides, Berkley has only one kid – a son Sky Cole Lauren – who she gave birth to in 2012 which was a decade ago. If she had gained weight because she was pregnant and she did (she was pregnant, how could she not), it was then, not in 2020. The slight yet noticeable weight gain that she underwent in 2020 was reasons other than pregnancy.

What, we don’t know because the actress never spoke about it which makes sense because why would she address routine or the smallest changes in her body? But her not speaking about it does not keep the fans from speculating. Just like she had not talked about the weight gain two years ago, she has not talked about it now. She has not acknowledged the fans’ observations of her gaining weight and then spoke about how she happened to gain that weight.

But Elizabeth Berkley’s recent weight gain might have something to do with her aging. She has turned 48 this year. A lot of women gain weight as they age. Most of them find it difficult to maintain their weight as they get older. Maybe Elizabeth found maintaining her weight difficult too or maybe she just chose not to focus on her weight. This could be why she had weight gain.

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