Married at First Sight Australia: Elizabeth Sobinoff’s Weight Loss; Did The Reality Star Have Surgery to Lose Weight After Season 6 of the Show?


Married at First Sight Australia: Elizabeth Sobinoff's Weight Loss; Did The Reality Star Have Surgery to Lose Weight After Season 6 of the Show?

Elizabeth Sobinoff of Married at First Sight Australia fame underwent a weight loss of 10 kgs after Season 6 of the show ended. The reality star was driven to have weight loss after her husband Sam Ball and the public body-shamed her for being too big. Many thought that she had surgery to lose weight. Elizabeth Sobinoff revealed that she was at her heaviest while filming Season 6 of Married at First Sight Australia because of her chronic health conditions. 

Elizabeth Sobinoff came to fame when she first participated in a social experiment of getting paired with a partner by experts which was a reality series Married at First Sight. She appeared in the show in 2019 which was Season 6 and returned for another season as well because her first marriage at the show with Sam Ball did not work out.

Not only did Sam Ball fat-shamed the reality star but she also cheated on her with another bride on the show. Plus, the public also made crude remarks about her weight which hurt her self-esteem and haunted her. This drove her to go on a weight loss journey. But even after Elizabeth Sobinoff lost weight, she was not left at peace and people began commenting that she looked too thin. Some of them think that she had weight loss surgery to lose weight.

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Elizabeth Sobinoff’s Weight Loss: Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 Contestant Lost 10 Kgs; The Reality Star’s Diets and Workout Routines Explained!

Elizabeth Sobinoff (@lizalizzieelizabeth) from Married at First Sight Australia underwent a weight loss of 10 kgs after Season 6 ended.

Elizabeth Sobinoff who rose to fame through the dating show in 2019 in Season 6 has probably one of the most unfortunate stories in the franchise as she was extremely unlucky in love. Her run at the show is said to be an ill-fated appearance because of who she got married to. It was a waste of her time and waste of her energy and self-esteem and all over that guy. That guy who made her think about weight loss after he called her ‘big’ on their wedding day. There’s a time and place for that. It’s never and nowhere.

Elizabeth Sobinoff was just thoughtlessly and horrendously body-shamed by her Married at First Sight Australia co-star and her husband Sam because of her weight. He said that he had ‘never dated a girl as big’ as her and he had the audacity to tell her to consider running. And Lizzie, falling for that, got focused on having a weight loss even though she was not really heavy in the first place.

The Married at First Sight Australia star was not driven to go on a weight loss journey solely by her husband’s comments but she was equally affected, if not more, by the comments from the public who didn’t think twice before partaking in the body-shaming experience. She revealed that she used to be ‘haunted every day’ and still is, which is what led her to start shedding the pounds.

Ever since Elizabeth Sobinoff decided that she would have weight loss, she has had an impressive transformation after losing over one and a half stone. The secret to that dramatic body transformation, as she revealed, is the popular 5:2 diet which improves one’s metabolism and results in weight loss. This diet involves eating 25% of the recommended calorie intake on two scheduled fasting days and eating normally for the other five days that week. She also revealed that she worked out several times a week.

That is how Elizabeth Sobinoff had the weight loss after Season 6 of Married at First Sight Australia after which she gained appreciation from the fans for her transformation. But she got too apprehensive about the fans’ take on her physical change and told them to not glorify her being ‘thin.’

Despite the fact that the reality star underwent a weight loss, she said that she was still very much herself even though she looked completely different and people should not always focus on the outer shell. She never thought of herself as being better after losing weight.

Addressing her fans who were praising her weight loss, Elizabeth Sobinoff said that she was never going to talk about her supposed ‘glamorous weight loss secrets’ but she was going to put herself out there to help defeat the belief that says people should be defined as a whole based entirely on her dress size.

Elizabeth Sobinoff is not very fond of that belief because she fluctuates in her weight often because of her two chronic health conditions: porphyria, which is a blood disorder, and autoimmune disease, which is a mild form of Lupus, so whenever her weight fluctuates, that would be because she is unwell. This is also why she was at her ‘heaviest’ while filming Season 6 of Married at First Sight Australia in which she got married to Sam Ball who said that he ‘didn’t usually date girls her size.’

Elizabeth Sobinoff also said that she struggles on a daily basis while doing the best she can which is why she looks so sick sometimes. Weight loss with her pre-existing conditions is way too hard so she does not care for the trolls who have branded her ‘too thin’ after she lost weight and sends her messages of concern quizzing her about her diet.

She also gets a lot of DMs asking her for a ‘weight loss secret’ and in response to those, she said that there are no secrets. She just lives a healthy lifestyle and she goes to bed early and works out every morning and has a high fiber diet with lots and lots of veggies, fruit, eggs, and tuna. She also doesn’t drink alcohol or do drugs and has lots of green tea and tries to drink a huge amount of water.

Elizabeth Sobinoff most certainly did not have weight loss surgery as most of the fans seem to think so. Her transformation entirely is natural and she never underwent surgery for that.

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