Elle Macpherson’s Plastic Surgery: She Looks As Young As Ever!

Derick Scholz

Elle Macpherson's Plastic Surgery: She Looks As Young As Ever!

Elle Macpherson has always maintained that she has left her face alone and has not had any plastic surgery procedures to help with her aging. The model has long been an advocate of natural beauty, crediting her vegetable-based diet and active lifestyle to her youthful appearance. Elle Macpherson has admitted to playing around with fillers, Botox, and collagen injections in the past but she said that they didn’t work for her and since then, she ditched plastic surgery from her game plan.

Elle Macpherson was the definition of glam and beauty in the 1980s when she skyrocketed to fame as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. She is widely known for her record five cover appearances for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. There was no one suited for that more than her. Her body was fantastic which led to her being nicknamed ‘The Body’, which is a term coined by Time in 1989.

She was the subject of envy back then, and decades later, she still is. She has done a fabulous job of maintaining herself. She has aged like the finest wine. People want to follow her blueprint of aging like that. They wonder what plastic surgery she might have had to age like that. If they are, they might be thinking in the wrong direction because she has always maintained that she has not had any cosmetic procedures. Here’s everything to know about Elle Macpherson’s plastic surgery or lack thereof!

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Has Elle Macpherson Had Plastic Surgery? How Does She Look Now?

Elle Macpherson (@ellemacpherson), in the opinion of an expert, has had plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, lip fillers, and a nose job to maintain her beauty and look young. While she did admit to playing with cosmetic procedures to fight wrinkles sometime in the past, now she says that she has adopted a more natural approach to maintaining herself because the fillers didn’t work for her.

Elle Macpherson still looks as young as ever which has led people to suspect she has had plastic surgery. houseandwhips.com
Elle Macpherson still looks as young as ever which has led people to suspect she has had plastic surgery.
Image Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Talking about her looks and her approach to maintaining herself and aging, in a 2018 interview on This Morning, Elle Macpherson said that she was all-natural which was the way she liked. Saying that she has been maintaining herself with a healthy lifestyle and a vegetable-based diet and yoga, she stated that she has not had any cosmetic surgery.

I haven’t done any plastic surgery, not that I have any judgement – it just hasn’t been my choice. I like a natural looking face.

However, this all-natural was not the way Elle Macpherson went about before. The model did admit to playing around with plastic surgery (non-invasive procedures) to fight wrinkles in a 2016 interview with People magazine. She said then that she did care about the lines she had on her face and she had tried really hard to get rid of them with fillers but it simply didn’t work for her, and she had to leave her face alone. She said that she tried Botox and collagen injections as well but they turned out to not work like fillers. They make her look worse.

That must be why Elle Macpherson ditched all kinds of plastic surgery from her game plan because as she said in an interview with the UK’s Telegraph, she did not have any perspective on it for anybody else, only for herself and she would worry because she knew things can go wrong really easily. She said that even if you might feel that you look younger after getting some procedures, it doesn’t look quite right so, she kept it really natural. She can’t even do laser on her skin because she spent so much time in the sun and it gets hyperpigmentation.

Elle Macpherson said that cosmetic procedures don't work for her and make her look worse. houseandwhips.com
Elle Macpherson said that cosmetic procedures don’t work for her and make her look worse.
Image Source: Fox News

Mentioning that she preferred having a no-nonsense diet over anything else, Elle Macpherson said that she was a bit of a scaredy-cat when it came to plastic surgery and she didn’t want to mess with what there is. So, she thought it best to leave what she had alone. And besides, she learned that a good smile, good teeth, good hair, good skin, and a good mood are worth a thousand injectables and Botox and facials, and masks. Also, she does vitamin injections, and infusions, and she works on her nutrition which helps.

Elle Macpherson has been an advocate of natural beauty for a long time. She has been crediting an active lifestyle and a plant-based diet as the secrets of her youthful appearance for years. However, not everyone buys what she has been saying for years. In the opinion of a leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth, the model may have had a few plastic surgery procedures to maintain her effortless beauty over the years.

In an exclusive with Daily Mail Australia, Dr. Haworth said that Elle Macpherson, like everyone, is not immune to aging and her secret to making her beauty appear timeless and effortless is maintenance. By maintenance, he meant plastic surgery. He claimed that Elle may have had a subtle rhinoplasty in her thirties, resulting in ‘a squared nasal tip flanked by vertical grooves extending down to her nostril rims.’ He also said that she may have had lip fillers because as he observed, her lips are fuller in a subtle way which might be because she plumped them with an off-the-shelf filler such as Juvederm.

Elle Macpherson has denied plastic surgery, saying she loves a natural-looking face. houseandwhips.com
Elle Macpherson has denied plastic surgery, saying she loves a natural-looking face.
Image Source: Shape

Dr. Haworth also said that Elle Macpherson may have used Botox to raise her outer lateral eyebrow as well as to smooth her forehead free of vertical and horizontal wrinkles. Plastic surgery (technically, they are not surgery because they are non-invasive except for that nose job) might be at play after all, according to the opinions of the expert who, by the way, has not treated her. These subtle tweaks don’t seem as much but they might have helped Elle radiate her natural beauty in a casual yet confident manner.

If they have, Elle Macpherson has never admitted to it. Except for the time when she shared that she had tried fillers, Botox, and collagen injections, she has always denied having plastic surgery. She’s been very vocal about believing in the natural way and there was one instance when someone left a comment on her Instagram page, saying that she was ruining her face and to stop whatever she had been doing to her face because that was not a good look on her.

In response, denying plastic surgery, Elle Macpherson wrote back,

The only thing I’m doing is ageing gracefully without interference. Sorry if it doesn’t work for your vision of what you think I should look like. I’m me. Healthy happy and nearly 60. Go figure.