Gogglebox’s Ellie Warner’s Weight Gain: Has She Gained Weight? How Much Has She Put on? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!


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Gogglebox: Ellie Warner's Weight Gain; Has She Gained Weight? How Much Has She Put on? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Ellie Warner from Gogglebox recently displayed her baby bump flaunting her curves and showed off her pregnancy weight gain at her sister’s baby shower. This is quite a transformation she had from back in 2019 when she had been much slimmer. Ellie Warner had been on a weight loss journey that year after she found out the year before that she had undergone a significant weight gain of four stones since she joined Gogglebox in 2015.

If you watch Gogglebox, then you must know Ellie Warner. She’s currently everyone’s favorite these days with her fabulous hair and her great sense of humor and her wittiness. She’s been on the reality show since 2015. It’s been almost eight years since people watched her observations and reactions (which are mostly hilarious quips) on television. And she has shined. She was meant to be on television. The producers of Gogglebox really struck gold when the crew found Ellie Warner.

And also, besides the fact that she’s on television, it’s not surprising that she’s a hairdresser out of Gogglebox because well, look at her hair, it’s perfect and shiny, and beautiful always. She lives in Leeds and does other’s hair for living when she’s not filming.

Now, her life, as we see it, is more than filming for the reality show Gogglebox and working her normal job as a hairdresser. She’s going to have a little addition to her family. She’s expecting a baby with her boyfriend. And it looks like she’s already five months in. She’s just glowing with her pregnancy weight gain. Maybe this time, she won’t mind being fat. Unlike all the other times when she had weight fluctuations and it was more worrisome from the health point of view. Let’s learn more about Gogglebox’s Ellie Warner’s weight gain!

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Ellie Warner’s Weight Gain: The Gogglebox Star is Pregnant!

Gogglebox star Ellie Warner (@ellie_warner) recently attended her cousin Katie’s baby shower where she showed off her adorable baby bump. She has been looking radiant lately ever since she got pregnant. Also, with the pregnancy weight gain she’s flaunting, putting her curves on display, she’s truly glowing. After some tough times, something great is finally happening in her life.

Gogglebox is going to get more interesting because pregnant Ellie Warner seems much more fun than regular Ellie. Not because the fat one tends to be the funny one. And besides, she was always funny even when she was slim though she has had a lot of weight fluctuations since she joined the reality show. Like she undergoes weight gain, and then loses a little and goes back to gaining.

Remember how, in 2018, fans were shocked to find out that Ellie Warner had put on four stones since the time she joined Gogglebox, which was just three years? Four stones is a significant weight gain and can be a lot to deal with. But Ellie handled it with ease. She even found humor in that drastic transformation it’s crazy because gaining that much weight can be so daunting.

But not for her. She actually collapsed into a fit of giggles after she weighed herself off-camera while filming for Gogglebox and came back on camera to tell her sister Izzi Warner the figures that showed on the scale. Ellie Warner is really one of a kind that can see the funny side in four stone-weight gain. She was too shocked when she found that out but still, she saw it as something funny too.

She went ‘Oh my god’ in that episode of Gogglebox somewhere off-camera and her sister Izzi who was sat on the sofa asked her if it was worse than she thought. Ellie Warner, quite not ready to believe the figures on the scale, asked Izzi if the scales weighed heavier. As Izzie said, you could take 2 pounds off. But even that would make Ellie 13 stones because she was 13 stones and three-quarters of a pound. The weight gain didn’t shock anyone.

Izzi and the viewers were shocked by the weight gain only when Ellie Warner revealed that she was 9 stones when she joined Gogglebox which meant that she had gained four stones. Izzi could not believe it but Ellie came to terms with and was like, ‘I’ve got to put that on Snapchat.’ Though she took it in her stride, fans were unable to do so as they were so confused as to how she had piled on so much weight.

On not getting much from Ellie herself, the Gogglebox viewers theorized that the weight gain was due to her eating habits. They have been watching her and her sister have something of a ritual of having takeaways on Friday and relaxing in front of the television. They thought those Friday takeaways have finally caught up to her. In 2019, she embarked on a weight loss journey and got slimmer.

But right now, Ellie from Gogglebox is back to being fat because of the pregnancy weight gain.

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