Erica Ash’s Weight Loss: What Happened to The We Have a Ghost Actress? Is She Sick? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!


Erica Ash's Weight Loss: What Happened to The We Have a Ghost Actress? Is She Sick? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Erica Ash has sparked weight loss speculations after the release of We Have a Ghost on Netflix, in which she looked a bit slimmer than before. Because it’s been a long time since she was last seen on screen, even the slightest change in her appearance seemed so much prominent that many fans couldn’t help but notice the change in her weight even though it was very minor. Several people are wondering about her diet plans and workout schedules while others are concerned for Erica Ash’s health because they think she looks sick because of the weight loss.

Erica Ash is an American actress who is most recognized from the sketch comedy programs MADtv and The Big Gay Sketch Show. She is also one of the cast members of the Starz sitcom Survivor’s Remorse. She is also a  comedian, singer, and model. She recently made an appearance in the new Netflix movie We Have a Ghost.

And it was this recent release that sparked weight loss speculations about the actress. While many fans perceive a minor change in her weight, there are several others who think she has changed too much and looks unhealthily skinny. The former wants to know her diet plans and workout schedules, and the latter wonders if she is sick and if she is, what illness she has. Let’s find out more about Erica Ash’s weight loss!

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Erica Ash’s Weight Loss: The Actress Looks Just a Bit Slimmer Than Before!

It has been a long time since the viewers watched Erica Ash (@theericaash) on screen so, her fans were delighted and eagerly waited to watch her latest release We Have a Ghost. However, her appearance in the family comedy was not noted because of her performance, rather it surprised people to see her look so different than before. She had undergone weight loss.

It was nothing significant and drastic but because she had been out of the public eye for a long time, every little change was enhanced to the viewers and lots of people were surprised like ‘she has lost so much weight’ even though her weight loss was minor. She definitely had gotten slimmer in the time she had stayed away from the public eye but it was nothing too big to warrant the kind of discussion it got.

It can be clear through the pictures how Erica Ash looked like she had undergone a slight weight loss. In the photos from the past when she was younger, the actress looked much thicker and fuller than she does in the recent photos taken of her. The photos are very clearly the before and after images of her. Her physique has changed visibly recently.

This weight loss was not taken well by a lot of fans who started worrying that something might be wrong with Erica Ash. They flooded social media with questions such as ‘Is she sick? If she is, what illness does she have?’ because they believed that Erica looked unhealthily skinny like she had some disease. Her slender figure and physique were not appreciated, rather they generated concerns about her health.

However, it looks like those people might have been overreacting to Erica Ash’s weight loss because she doesn’t really look sick or like someone who has some sort of illness. She looks normal albeit slightly thinner than before and all kind of thinning is not because of sickness. It might just be some change in diet or a new workout schedule as well. Several fans wonder what her diet plan and workout schedule are.

They are the ones who believe that her weight loss is just normal and not unhealthy. The difference in Erica Ash is more about her body tone than weight. She has gotten a lot more muscular than before which is why it does not look like she had a massive change in her size and weight. It’s probably some healthier diet and some workouts.

Is Erica Ash Ill? Is She Sick? Does She Have Some Kind of Illness?

Yeah, I don’t think so. Some people just need to calm down with all these speculations about her being sick just because she had a minor weight loss. She does not look unhealthy now that she’s just a tad slimmer than before. They are really overreacting and taking it too far with their concerns about her health.

There’s a sickly look that people with illnesses have. Erica Ash doesn’t have that look. So, they should just let it go. Besides, she has not even acknowledged these ridiculous speculations. If there was actually something serious going on, with all people speculating about it, she would have said something.

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