Erica Herman’s Plastic Surgery: Did Tiger Woods’ Ex-Girlfriend Have a Nose Job and a Facelift?

Derick Scholz

Erica Herman's Plastic Surgery: Did Tiger Woods' Ex-Girlfriend Have a Nose Job and a Facelift?

Erica Herman, Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend, has been the subject of plastic surgery speculations after she made headlines after she filed a lawsuit against her former flame. Some people think that she has had a nose job and a facelift. Erica Herman herself has not acknowledged those plastic surgery speculations and is yet to confirm or deny it. 

Tiger Woods is now a permanent fixture in the lists of the best golfers of all time and that’s one of the greatest achievements he has had as an athlete. Because of how iconic he is and his golf career, he has garnered a lot of fan-following who are very interested in him and his private life. They want to know how he is when he is not on the golf course and mostly, they are interested in his love life.

If you are searching for the deets on his love life right now, you didn’t catch him at the best time. Because right now, he is dealing with the lawsuit his now ex-girlfriend Erica Herman filed against him. This has brought the former flame into the spotlight as well, which is why there have been speculations about her plastic surgery. Let’s learn more about Erica Herman’s plastic surgery!

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Erica Herman’s Plastic Surgery: Tiger Woods’ Former Flame is Suspected of Having a Nose Job and a Facelift!

Erica Herman is believed to have undergone plastic surgery including a nose job and a facelift.

After the news that Erica Herman and Tiger Woods split up and she has filed a lawsuit against Woods, she is everywhere on the news. She has become a celebrity of sorts and people want to know everything about her. And mostly, the most common question people have about celebs these days – whether or not they had plastic surgery. So, people started wondering if Herman had any cosmetic procedures.

However, it’s a little bit hard to tell. Erica Herman is not active on any social media. Because of the lack of her presence on social media, there are no recent pictures of her that could be used to determine if she had plastic surgery. Plus, there is no basis for comparison to see how she has changed over the years. We just have photos of her with Tiger Woods clicked over the years for reference which is not very clear.

Examining her pictures clicked with Tiger Woods over the years since she started dating him in 2017, some people have come to the conclusion that Erica Herman has undergone plastic surgery. They perceive some changes in her that they believe she has achieved with the help of cosmetic procedures.

She is believed to have had a nose job and a facelift. In some of the pictures taken earlier, she looked very natural and stunning. She does look beautiful even now but her nose appears to have gotten a bit slimmer than before. It’s not just her nose, it’s also her face. Her face looks much tighter than before. So, there are speculations that she underwent plastic surgery to make her nose thinner and lift her face.

However, some of her followers counter those plastic surgery claims saying that Erica Herman could have just contoured her nose to make it appear slimmer rather than going the cosmetic surgery route. They also say that her face appears a bit tighter than before, not because of a facelift but because she lost weight.

Erica Herman herself has made no comments on her plastic surgery speculations. She is currently too busy with her lawsuit against Tiger Woods. So, don’t be expecting to see her confirm or deny if she underwent those cosmetic procedures.

Who is Erica Herman? What Does She Do For a Living?

Erica Herman came into public consciousness first when Tiger Woods was spotted cozying up to her on the golf course and sparked rumors that he had gotten himself yet another girlfriend. From then on, she would be a constant in her life for the next five years. As they both watched the US win the Presidents Cup in New Jersey in October 2017, people noticed that she was wearing a ‘player spouse’ badge usually reserved for wives and girlfriends. The confirmation that they were dating came a month later when Woods made the relationship official.

Now, who is Erica Herman and what does she do for a living? We don’t know much about her because she was never on the public horizon before she began dating Tiger Woods. However, she is not completely untraceable and we know that she lived in the Sunshine State during her childhood. She was raised in Palm Beach County. She attended Santaluces High School in the early 2000s, where she was a member of the school’s cheerleading team. She went to Palm Beach State College and the University of Central Florida for higher studies.

She completed her graduation from UFC in May 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in legal studies. But for a living, she didn’t do anything related to her study. The majority of her career was in the restaurant industry. While she attended UCF in Orlando, she began working as a bartender and later on, she was named VIP manager at the bar which was called Blue Martini lounge.

Some court records show that Erica Herman had ambitions to open a string of nightclubs in Florida with two business partners and a local investor. However, none of her attempts came to fruition. After she got into a relationship with Tiger Woods, she became the general manager of his flagship restaurant The Woods Jupiter, which opened at Florida’s Harbourside Place in August 2015.

Now that Tiger Woods has split up from her, Erica Herman might not be managing the place anytime soon. They have not been seen together since August 2022. Now, it seems like Herman and Woods both will be busy fighting a legal battle against each other.

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