Erica Roberts Weight Gain: The MAFS Star’s Recent Appearance Examined!

Derick Scholz

Erica Roberts Weight Gain: The MAFS Star’s Recent Appearance Examined!

Erica Roberts from Married At First Sight (MAFS) has undergone a significant weight gain in recent days. She seems heavy compared to her before pictures. However, she has yet to disclose the real reason behind her transformation.

Married At First Sight (MAFS) on Lifetime is a guilty pleasure dating reality show because of its out-of-the-box concept, which makes it all the more interesting. Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle of season 17 are some of the most perplexing couples among the many who married at first sight on the altar. The ones who were always having problems but were also capable of resolving them.

With the release of the new season, viewers have been amazed by Erica Roberts’s current appearance. Many people believe she appears heavier than before. As a result, many people are curious to know what actually led the TV star to undergo weight gain. Well, here’s what we’ve discovered.

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MAFS: Erica Roberts’ Recent Weight Gain Has Left Many of Her Fans Curious!

Erica Roberts (@ericarobertss_), one of the cast members of Married At First Sight (MAFS), is currently making news on social media due to her weight gain appearance. According to viewers, her recent overweight has made a huge difference in her physical appearance.

Erica Roberts after weight gain. houseandwhips.comErica Roberts after weight gain.
Image Source: Instagram

Despite the fact that she appears to be happy with her present body shape and physical appearance, she has been targeted and called out on every social media platform. However, she has not yet spoken openly about the reason behind her appearance, so we’re forced to speculate the possible reasons.

Weight gain is more common in persons who do not exercise as part of their daily routine. As a result, less activity is most likely to blame for Erica Roberts’s weight gain. Furthermore, as a side effect, several medications may increase weight gain. She could be taking medication. However, there have been no reports or evidence indicating that she is ill.

As said above, Erica Roberts has not made her weight gain or its cause publically acknowledged or discussed. She has not even looked to corroborate or dispute the reports. Nobody expected her to start talking immediately away, but given all that has happened since her recent appearance, she doesn’t need to.

However, it’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different, and we should avoid condemning or humiliating someone based on their weight or body composition. Instead, by encouraging body positivity, we can encourage people to prioritize their physical and emotional health. Furthermore, we guarantee to contact you as soon as we learn anything regarding her transformation.

Erica Came to Instagram to Share a Photo of Herself in a Stunning Outfit Before the Married at First Fight Reunion!

Married at First Sight‘s reunion final vows saw Scottish bride, Erica Roberts and her husband, Jordan Gayle, decide to continue their love outside of the experiment in episodes that aired on Tuesday night, but the reunion episode implies that trouble is on the way.

Erica Roberts' outfit for the reunion of Married at First Sight. houseandwhips.comErica Roberts’ outfit for the reunion of Married at First Sight.
Image Source: Instagram

The reunion, which was taped a few months after the show ended, featured a clip of Jordan being accused of cheating on the Edinburgh-born bride as the group responded to the news that he kissed someone while on a night out.

The 25-year-old took to social media ahead of the 16 Nov shows, posting a photo of herself glammed up for the dinner party event in a bright turquoise sequined dress with her hair in a fashionable. She grinned brightly before the camera in a photo to her Instagram, writing, “Tomorrows reunion looks messssyyyyy. Dreading this one”.

Jordan’s infidelity to the Scottish celebrity was initially rumored when fellow groom Luke made the remark during an Instagram live session where she was discussing her experience on the show with comedian, Kane Brown. Luke said: “Are you forgetting Jordan cheated on you in a night club???” Despite Jordan’s denials that he cheated on her, she brushed the suggestion away.

Furthermore, the managing director, Jay Howard, along with his on-screen wife was fired from the show after he got into a physical argument with Jordan in his shared flat with Erica, which they both said brought up horrific memories of violence from their pasts.