Has Erik King Had a Nose Job?


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Erik King has obviously had his nose done. houseandwhips.com

houseandwhips.com – Erik King seems to have gone under the knife for a nose job. He used to have a much larger and wider nose which was not that defined before whereas now, his nose looks much narrower and sharper as if his nose bridge has been pinched. Erik King has never admitted to getting his nose done but a look at his before and after pictures gives it away. 

Erik King is most recognized for his portrayal of ‘Sergeant James Doakes’ on Showtime’s television series ‘Dexter’ which was his breakthrough. Prior to that, he had been in ‘Matlock’, ‘NYPD Blue’, and ‘JAG’. He had also starred in the short-lived ABC police drama ‘Sunset Beat’ and played the role of ‘Moses Deyell’ in HBO’s television series ‘Oz’. He had recurring roles in ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, ‘Charmed’, and ‘CSI: Miami’, and he appeared in several feature films such as the adventure film ‘National Treasure’ and the thriller ‘Desperate Measures’ as well.

Erik King did lots of stuff but he never truly ‘made it in Hollywood’ until he got the role of a police detective in Dexter which is one of the greatest and most-watched shows. Given the popularity of the show, he kind of became a household name after doing it. He starred in only 24 episodes but it took his career to great heights. He received a nomination for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor on Television in 2008 for his performance as the main antagonist of the show. Anyway, let’s segue and talk about whether or not he has had his nose done!

Erik King’s Nose Is Much Slimmer and Straighter Than Before!

Erik King has most certainly undergone a nose job procedure. The difference in his nose then and now is too discernible for it to go ignored.

The difference in Erik King's nose is very obvious. houseandwhips.comThe difference in Erik King’s nose is very obvious. 
Image Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

The ‘Dexter’ actor might not look like someone who has gone under the knife but take a look at his before and after pictures and you will see that he has definitely had his face touched. Well, to be more specific, his nose. The change in it just stands out in the comparison pictures. I mean, at first glance, it becomes a little hard to even tell that it’s the same person because the difference is just that drastic. He has definitely had his nose done and it’s not exactly subtle.

Erik King used to have a very big and bulbous nose before in the beginning stage of her career whereas now, he has a much slimmer and straighter nose. He must not have liked it when his nose was wider and undefined with a round tip. I mean, for someone with a career in Hollywood which has set the standard of beauty to be in thinner, sharper, and petite noses, he may have been made to feel ugly for his big nose. The industry is very toxic and he may have felt pressured to change himself. Maybe that’s what led him to get his nose altered to make it slimmer.

Erik King Has Never Admitted To Having Slimmed Down His Nose!

Erik King has never confirmed getting his nose done. houseandwhips.comErik King has never confirmed getting his nose done.
Image Source: Reddit

Whatever the reason why the actor chose to have a rhinoplasty is, it doesn’t matter now because he’s already altered his nose. After the procedure, he now has a notably thinner nose bridge which kind of looks pinched. It looks sharper and more defined as a result. He used to have a rounder tip whereas it’s slimmer now. It has given the appearance of a pointed nose. It’s very visible so, there should be no question of whether or not Erik King had his nose done because he has certainly had the procedure. Some people have even mocked the procedure.

However, King himself has never admitted to the fact that he has undergone plastic surgery to alter his nose which has made people wonder if there’s a chance that he has not gone under the knife and the difference in her nose is just due to lighting, camera angles, and such. Even though it’s possible that lighting and camera angles can affect how someone looks, it might not be the case with Erik King because he has had a smaller and more refined nose for a long time. He may not confirm it but he has had that cosmetic procedure to change his nose.

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