Erin Andrews’ Nose Job: Did The Sportscaster Get Rhinoplasty to Reduce the Size of Her Nose?

Derick Scholz

Erin Andrews' Nose Job: Did The Sportscaster Get Rhinoplasty to Reduce the Size of Her Nose?

Erin Andrews seems to have undergone a nose job to get the size of her nose reduced. The sportscaster’s nose was very prominent before and it had a large bump on it. People would always mock her for her big nose and some even had the audacity to suggest she get a nose job. It looks like those comments and suggestions finally got to her and Erin Andrews had a rhinoplasty to remove the bump and reduce the size of her nose very subtly.

Erin Andrews is an American sportscaster and television personality. She joined the American cable sports channel ESPN in 2004 and began serving as a correspondent on the network. That was when she first rose to prominence. In 2010, she gained further recognition when she competed in the tenth season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and came third. She cohosted the show with Tom Bergeron from 2014 to 2019. Later on, she joined Fox Sports in 2012 and has since become the lead sideline reporter for the network’s NFL broadcasting team.

She’s very much appreciated and praised for being a trailblazer for women in sports broadcasting. She’s at the top of her game even now, after having started more than a decade ago, and she still looks the same. She does look young as she did when she was an up-and-talent coming talent at ESPN in 2004. Except for her nose. Many people suspect that she has undergone a nose job because they think her nose looks smaller and more aesthetic-y than before. Let’s find out more about Erin Andrews’ nose job!

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Erin Andrews’ Nose Job: The Bump on Her Nose is Missing and Fans Believe Her Nose Looks a Bit Smaller!

Erin Andrews (@erinandrews) is generally considered to be a beautiful woman with conventionally attractive features. Except when it comes to her nose. Never mind the fact that people thought she was a hottie because no matter how hot they thought she looked, nobody would ever skip commenting on her nose and how big it was. It’s like with their remarks about that, they were trying to get her to have a nose job.

Even when fans complimented her for the way she looked, they always went something like, ‘oh, she looked great, if only she had a smaller and prettier nose.’ Some people even compared Erin Andrews’ nose to that of Pinocchio. Her nose was always the most prominent feature of her face but it would never be considered an attractive and conventional one because it looked very big in size. There were many suggestions for her to have a nose job to ‘fix’ her nose.

Do they not know that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? Because nothing was broken. Erin Andrews’ nose was only slightly bigger than most people’s and had a prominent bump just below the bridge. It slightly protruded there and curved inwards from there. People couldn’t stop talking about it. Many of them behaved like it was blasphemy to the beauty standard that required everyone to have the slimmest, narrowest, and the most straight nose if she chose not to have a nose job. You can’t believe just how many people on the internet suggested she get plastic surgery to reduce the size of her nose.

This kind of intense scrutiny of her looks made her really insecure about her nose. Do you remember that time when Erin Andrews was asked how wild it was to walk into college venues and see giant pictures of her face in the stands? The interviewer meant to ask her how she felt about having made it. But her thoughts took a different direction at that question and she instead said that she didn’t need to see her nose that big. She came around but it was so sad. In hindsight, it seems as though she was always going to have a nose job one day.

Honestly, I don’t need to see my nose that big. I’m already very self-conscious of my nose, and to see it on a huge cut-out. …. It’s fun, though. I’m really thankful because I’ve never played and I’ve never won anything. I think it’s great that kids get so excited about it. I get it, too, because I’m still such a huge sports fan. I was like that at school.

Now, it looks like Erin Andrews underwent a nose job. Years of remarks about how big it was and how she needed to have plastic surgery to fix it finally got to her, it looks like. Because now, her nose, though still big, does not look as prominent as before. And that bump definitely seems to be missing. The change is very subtle that many would not be able to tell she had rhinoplasty if it wasn’t for the removal of the bump. But it is definitely there.

According to an insider, Erin Andrews had a nose job to reduce the size of her nose, only she didn’t opt to go for too small a nose because she didn’t want people to notice. But she got that bump removed either way. However, she has not confirmed the procedure yet. From what the sources have said, the sports broadcaster has no intention of broadcasting that she has undergone any plastic surgery procedure.

During an interview, when she was asked about plastic surgery, Erin Andrews once said that she had ‘never done it’ but she was ‘curious about all of it.’ She told that she was afraid of doing anything but she knew that there was going to be a time in her life when she would want to look into that. That time seems to have come upon her already because she has most likely had a nose job.

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