Gabimfmoura’s Plastic Surgery: Or Is It Workout Routine of The Social Media Influencer?


Gabimfmoura's Plastic Surgery: Or Is It Workout Routine of The Social Media Influencer?

Gabimfmoura, the Brazilian TikTok star and social media influencer whose real name is Gabriela Moura has lately sparked curiosity among her millions of followers about whether she has had plastic surgery or not. She is believed to have undergone a boob job and butt lift. But those are just speculations because there has been radio silence about Gabimfmoura’s plastic surgery from herself.

Gabriela Moura is a social media influencer from Brazil who shot to internet fame when her TikTok videos started getting viral. She began posting dance and lip-sync videos in March of 2020 which blew her up all of a sudden. She was especially talented and skilled at the belly dance style of choreography. One of her first dances is set to music by Blueface. Ever since then, she has been a proper TikTok star. In just two years since she debuted on the platform, she has managed to garner more than eight million followers.

Because the internet sensation rose to fame through the social media on which her username is gabimfmoura, she is less referred to by her real name Gabriela Moura and is more known around with her username gabimfmoura.

After she started gaining traction on the internet with her videos, Gabimfmoura went big and went on the path of being a social media influencer. She started with those cute dances and lip-sync videos and quickly moved into making modeling photos and videos.

With her meteoric rise on TikTok and Instagram on the internet in the world of influencing, Gabimfmoura has begun to spark curiosity about her appearance. Especially, people are interested in finding out if the Brazilian social media influencer has or has not undergone plastic surgery.

Read the article to find out more about Gabimfmoura’s plastic surgery.

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Gabimfmoura’s Plastic Surgery: The TikTok Sensation Suspected of Boob Job and Butt Lift!

Gabriela Moura or rather let’s go by the name with which she is known all over the internet- her social media username @gabimfmoura, has truly made it and is an example of a success story now that people have taken an interest in knowing whether she has had plastic surgery. If that’s not the mark of a celebrity, I don’t know what is.

But has this celebrity responded to all those queries and speculations about whether she has had cosmetic surgery? So far, no. So, for now, all we can do is make conjectures about it.

First, let’s recap her journey from the beginning when she was just a regular girl like everybody and went on to become a sensation on TikTok and gained millions of followers in a very short span of time. She had started posting on the social media platform in 2020 with the kind of videos that most users would post; dance and lip-sync videos.

As luck would have it, Gabimfmoura went viral on the internet with those videos even though it was not very different from the other videos. She happened to catch everyone’s eyes and thus, her followers count kept on increasing which catapulted her to fame.

From then onward, she made the decision to go the route of social media influencer. She slowly built a fanbase and garnered more followers on Instagram as well. She started posting selfies and modeling photos. With the change in the content she creates, followers began to take more notice of her physical appearance.

Gabimfmoura did a total reinvention of herself as she sought to be an influencer on social media from being a content creator on TikTok. And she just happened to have the Instagram aesthetics that are on-trend right now. She was seen in her photos with the same voluptuous body on a very slim frame or an hourglass-shaped body.

Her having the kind of body which is unofficially trademarked by Insta influencers led people to suspect her of having plastic surgery. People especially started to speculate that she might have possibly had a boob job and butt lift to get that hourglass-shaped body.

Whether Gabimfmoura’s actually had it or not is something we cannot say for sure, though because she has neither admitted nor admitted to having taken the aid of plastic surgery. For all we know, she could be completely natural and she might have gotten that body by exercising and workouts. She seems to be a fitness freak by the way. Apparently, she goes to the gym regularly and has workout sessions every day, which could be how she got that body.

Because plastic surgery speculations about her can be a bit extreme because she just turned 18 yesterday. She was born on 18 June 2004 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where she still lives. So, isn’t she too young to have any kind of plastic surgery anyway?

Of course, if there are no age restrictions to have cosmetic surgery done, she could have gone under the knife if it’s not her workout routine as a fitness enthusiast. However, her followers shall never know unless she comes forward herself to speak on it.

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