Gates McFadden’s Plastic Surgery: Is She Natural or Has She Had Work Done?


Gates McFadden has sparked plastic surgery speculations with her youthful appearance.

Gates McFadden looks stunning even at 74 which has led people to speculate that she has had plastic surgery. While some people highly suspect that she has had Botox, lip fillers, cheek implants, and a facelift because she looks uncanny, others think that she’s all-natural and she has maintained herself very well with her skincare regime and such. Gates McFadden has never responded to the plastic surgery speculations.

Gates McFadden is most recognized for her portrayal of Dr. Beverly Crusher in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, its four subsequent films, and the sequel series Star Trek: Picard. Just being a part of Star Trek has made her an iconic figure. Her history with the franchise goes back to 1987 when she was first cast to play the part of Crusher. It has been more than three decades since then. And since Picard just came out and you probably have already seen it, it goes without saying that she looks stunning as ever.

This always leads to people making speculations about plastic surgery because of course, it does. She has practically been timeless. She has aged very little in these 35 years and she does not look much different than how she looked back then. Save for a wrinkle here and there. This is just not natural because everybody is supposed to age. But she hasn’t and it can only be due to cosmetic surgery. Let’s discuss Gates McFadden’s plastic surgery!

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Has Gates McFadden Had Plastic Surgery?

Gates McFadden is suspected of having plastic surgery because of how youthful she looks even now at 74. Gates McFadden is suspected of having plastic surgery because of how youthful she looks even now at 74.
Image Source: Deadline

Gates McFadden (@gates_mcfadden) – while some people are sure that she has taken the aid of plastic surgery such as Botox, lip fillers, cheek implants, and a facelift that have gone wrong because she has apparently veered into the uncanny valley territory, there are others who think that she has not indulged in cosmetic surgery and is all-natural because, in their opinion, she looks natural and not at all artificially enhanced.

Gates McFadden used to be noted for her stunning and striking facial features and beautiful complexion in her prime when she starred as Dr. Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Even after 35 years have gone since then, she does not look much different. We could see the changes or lack thereof during the promotion of the new season of Picard and the show itself. Such kind of agelessness is bound to spark speculations about plastic surgery.

The actress looks magical and she glows. She exudes such radiance and grace that mesmerizes everyone around her. She’s charming and stunning and appears the same as ever which is great for her. But it’s really unnatural how little she has changed in more than three decades. She’s 74 now. She is supposed to have aged. Any regular normal person would have. But she hasn’t, which leads people to question if she has bought her youth with plastic surgery. This is not so uncommon these days.

Gates McFadden is believed to have had Botox, lip fillers, cheek implants, and a facelift. Gates McFadden is believed to have had Botox, lip fillers, cheek implants, and a facelift.
Image Source: The Wrap

It’s not possible for anyone, not even Gates McFadden to possess the kind of everlasting beauty that she possesses. She is in her mid-seventies now but not a single feature on her face or body shows her age. Her skin remains equally radiant and glowing as it was when she was young and her facial features look perfect like ever with only minimal changes. She had to have plastic surgery to keep her youthful appearance intact.

People believe that she has had the right amount of Botox because while her face looks smooth, she also has a few wrinkles and creases here and there to give the appearance that she has not really stayed the same and “aged a bit.” She also looks like she had her cheeks plumped with implants and her lips with filler. Many have noticed that she looks more fuller in the cheeks and lips than when she was young. Plus, she is suspected of having a facelift because of how tight her face looks. If you notice closely, it does not seem like there’s a single feature on her face she has not altered with plastic surgery.

Some even think that Gates McFadden has had too much plastic surgery that she has veered into the uncanny valley territory. But very few people believe so. Most think that she looks too natural and if she had anything done, it is super subtle and she did a really good job choosing her surgeon.

Some Believe Gates McFadden Has Had Plastic Surgery, A Lot Think That She’s All-Natural!

Some people believe Gates McFadden has maintained her looks naturally. Some people believe Gates McFadden has maintained her looks naturally.
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The way Gates McFadden looks at her age, timeless and flawless and ageless, makes it seem like she has had plastic surgery because how can anyone remain youthful forever? It’s not possible that nature has made an exception for her. But is it possible because if you compare her older and more recent images, she looks the same, save for a few wrinkles and lines, and not at all as if she had artificial enhancements? Is there a chance that she could be all-natural?

The actress had to have one h*ll of a skincare regime to be looking that young at her age. She had to have followed a proper healthy diet. She had to have a strict workout regimen as well, and she had to have stayed away from cigarettes and alcohol and all. Is it possible that she did all of this? She has never spoken about her diet and she has not ever mentioned if she had a strict workout regimen. She hasn’t talked about her skincare regimen publicly. Can it really be that because she hasn’t spoken about plastic surgery either?

Gates McFadden, despite being hounded with questions about her secret to remaining that youthful at her age, has stayed tight-lipped about how she did it. Plastic surgery or skincare regimen, we don’t know because she has never acknowledged those questions.