Gervonta Davis’ Weight Loss: How Much Does He Weigh Now?


Gervonta Davis’ Weight Loss: How Much Does He Weigh Now?

Gervonta Davis has been an inspiration for people who want to make their weight loss successful. As of now, he reportedly weighs around 60 kg. There is no exact number for how much weight he has lost, but he is believed to have lost more than 10 kg since the beginning of his career. 

Gervonta Davis is an American professional boxer who is ranked as the second-best active lightweight by BoxRec, third by ESPN, and fifth by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board and The Ring magazine.

Jermell Charlo has recently claimed that he sees Gervonta as the new face of boxing. He said that he truly believes that right now the face of boxing has to be Davis, and if you think about who conquered the new world, selling out every fight, he is performing well.

Recently, many people think Davis has lost a little weight. Well, follow the article to know more about how he shed weight and his workout routine.

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Gervonta Davis Has Inspired Many of His Fans With Weight Loss!

Many people are curious to know more about Gervonta Davis‘ (@gervontaa) recent weight loss journey. Well, he seems to have a very strict diet and has also admitted to being crazy while working out. He also revealed that he was very heavy at the beginning of his career, which took him a very long time to maintain his shape.

Being in the spotlight is never an easy job, especially when your looks and physical appearance matter the most. Similarly, in the boxing field, Gervonta has faced many criticisms and threats regarding his weight. Recently, many people have been questioning him about his weight loss journey.

Gervonta Davis is crazy when it comes to his workout. houseandwhips.comGervonta Davis is crazy when it comes to his workout.
Image Source: Instagram

Davis, who has always been open about his daily life activities, loves working out and is crazy about it. Recently, when Davis posted a series of pictures when he was in the gym, many people commented to show the results he has been gaining through exercise. Some of them even call him an inspiration and wanted o know more about his weight loss journey. In the picture, he captioned,

I probably touched a thousand souls, little ole me..I done put the whole city on my shoulders..literally! It’s time to make history!!!!! #TheONE

How Much Does Gervonta Davis weigh now?

Gervonta Davis now weighs around 60 kg, which is not a vast difference from his initial weight, but the perfect amount of workout helps him to be in a more fitted shape than before, which makes a difference in his game. Comparing before and after pictures, his tummy and legs seem to be more perfect than ever.

In February 2019, when Davis confessed that he gained much too much weight between his last fight about ten months ago and his return to training late last year, people were concerned and wanted to know about his weight loss. He later claimed that his weight loss journey was a success by eating chicken tenders, fries, and slushies as part of his old diet. He said;

I got high [in weight], I don’t even wanna say [how high]. I got very high. I was bigger than [welterweight] Adrien [Broner] at one point – probably not in weight, but my back and everything was bigger. I couldn’t even fit in any of my pants. I was wearing shorts the whole summer.

Some People Claim Gervonta Davis Was Heavy Earlier!

Before Gervonta Davis started his career in boxing, he claimed to be very heavy, which led him to take a couple of days off to lose some weight by just changing his eating habits. He found the situation very miserable and hard. When people found that he took a very long time to accept a diet for his daily routine, they started calling him a careless person.

Some people claim Gervonta Davis was heavy before his boxing career. houseandwhips.comSome people claim Gervonta Davis was heavy before his boxing career.
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Davis has never been seen as a heavyweight person, and some non-boxer fans claim that he has never been overweight nor he has lost pounds. Well, it looks like the gym freak boxer doesn’t care about people’s comments but loves to maintain his weight and be in perfect shape, although it takes time to maintain it.