Grace Hollyoaks Weight Gain: Is Tamara Wall Pregnant in Real Life?


Grace Hollyoaks Weight Gain: Is Tamara Wall Pregnant in Real Life?

Grace Hollyoaks’ weight gain began trending on the internet after the latest season of the Channel 4 soap opera premiered. Tamara Wall – the actress portraying the character – was not very fond of how the viewers focused on her size and began questioning if Grace Black from Hollyoaks was pregnant in real life. Tamara Wall slammed the speculations and also let everyone know that she has been the same weight for quite a few years and had not undergone any weight gain recently.

Grace Black from Hollyoaks is one of the most iconic and ruthless characters and Tamara Wall did a h*ll of a job portraying her. Even if she played the role of Martina Quinn in the BBC soap opera EastEnders before she landed the role of Grace in the Channel 4 soap opera, she will always be known and referred to as Grace Black from Hollyoaks. And nothing will change that.

She recently sparked weight gain speculations after the latest season. Some people think she has gotten noticeably bigger than the last time they saw her and they even speculated that she is pregnant in real life whereas the rest just don’t see it. Let’s get into details about Tamara Wall’s (Grace Hollyoaks) weight gain!

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Grace Black from Hollyoaks Weight Gain: The Actress is Not Pregnant in Real Life!

So, Grace Black from Hollyoaks does not look the same as she did when she first appeared on the show in 2013. Tamara Wall (@tamarawall13) looks a lot bulkier and bigger than before which has sparked weight gain speculations about her.

If you watch closely or even if you don’t, you can notice that Grace Black appears a bit larger than you remember her as she was in the last season of Hollyoaks. Well, she has definitely changed. However, the change is not very drastic nor is it very dramatic. The build she has now, Tamara Wall has just grown into it over the years. So, if you don’t really see the weight gain that everybody’s talking about, it’s because she has been gradually growing into her body.

And if you do think that Grace from Hollyoaks has undergone a weight gain in the latest season, you are not very far off because if you compare her pictures taken when the character was first introduced in the show in 2013 to the pictures of her in the recent seasons, she does look a lot larger than before. However, that kind of comparison is really unfair because how can you expect anyone to freeze at the same weight forever?

Grace Hollyoaks sparked weight gain rumors after the latest season of the Channel 4 show.

Grace Hollyoaks sparked weight gain rumors after the latest season of the Channel 4 show.
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I mean, there is a gap of almost a decade between those comparison pictures. Of course, she is going to change. Both Grace Black from Hollyoaks and the person portraying her, Tamara Wall. Also, did you forget that women tend to gain weight as they age? Its very natural and there is no need to make a fuss about it. So, Tamara should be allowed to grow into her body as she ages in peace. Her weight gain should not be a topic of discussion because it ends with aging and changing.

If Tamara Wall had never imagined that her ‘weight gain’ would be a topic of discussion among Hollyoaks viewers, then she must be disappointed because that’s what exactly happened. People kind of crossed the line when they began questioning if Grace Black was pregnant in real life. The actress didn’t like how her fans thought it was okay to ask if she was pregnant just because they perceived she had gotten a bit larger than before.

So, Tamara Wall slammed those baseless and invasive pregnancy speculations just like Grace from Hollyoaks would have done. It was about nine months before when she took to Instagram to rubbish those rumors. She posted a screenshot of a headline that read, “Is Tamara Wall pregnant? Grace Hollyoaks’ Weight Gain!” and responded with “Answer…No!

Tamara Wall (Grace Black from Hollyoaks) didn't like the discussions about her weight gain and pregnancy speculations about her.

Tamara Wall (Grace Black from Hollyoaks) didn’t like the discussions about her weight gain and pregnancy speculations about her.
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Grace Hollyoaks was pissed off and she made sure that everyone knew that. She let it be known that her weight gain and pregnancy rumors infuriated her because as she wrote, why is the size or shape of someone’s body an interesting or appropriate subject to discuss? She also said that she was comfortable in her own skin as she had a fiance who adored her and made her feel sexy no matter what size she was.

Tamara Wall also didn’t like the weight gain discussions the same way anyone who was once very obsessed with weight wouldn’t. Grace Hollyoaks further wrote,

I spent years as a dancer constantly obsessing over staying thin so later in life. I’m enjoying not caring and just being happy. I hope that answers everyone who wants to know, and just so you know I’ve been this weight for a few years so that would be the longest pregnancy in history!

So, did you get it? Weight gain discussion’s pointless and boring and also, Tamara Wall has been looking like that for several years. So, don’t talk about it as there’s nothing to talk about.