Gus Gould’s Weight Loss: How Did The Former Rugby Player Lose More Than 10 Kg? What Are His Diet Plan and Workout Routine?


Gus Gould's Weight Loss: How Did The Former Rugby Player Lose More Than 10 Kg? What Are His Diet Plan and Workout Routine?

Gus Gould showed up with an incredible weight loss and massive transformation at Channel Nine’s launch of the 2023 NRL season. He reportedly lost more than 10 kg since he arrived at the Bulldogs Canterbury. Fans couldn’t help but notice and admire how slim and trim Phil Gould had gotten and they wanted to know what his diet plans and exercise routine were. However, Gus Gould chose to remain tight-lipped about his weight loss and did not share his diet plan and workout schedule.

Phil ‘Gus’ Gould AM is an Australian rugby league broadcaster, journalist, administrator, and formerly a player and coach who currently works as the General Manager of Football for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in the NRL. He serves as an expert for Channel 9 and Triple M radio during rugby league telecasts including NRL, State of Origin, and international football contests.

Besides, he is also the host of a weekly podcast called Six Tackles with Gus alongside Mathew Thompson. Phil Gould also writes for Sydney Money Herald and he is often considered within rugby league fan circles for his blunt opinions about playing and administration of the game. In 2014, on Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday Honors List, he was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his “significant service to rugby league football as an administrator, commentator, coach, and player, and to the community.”

He has recently been at the center of weight loss speculations after he made an appearance in the official NRL season launch held by Channel Nine in Brisbane. People were used to seeing him look bigger in size and they did not expect him to look that lighter anytime soon because he had never made any mention that he was going to lose weight. Let’s learn more about Gus Gould’s weight loss!

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Gus Gould’s Weight Loss: He Reportedly Lost 10 Kg; Fans Want to Know His Diet Plan and Workout Routine!

Gus Gould is reported to have undergone a weight loss of more than 10 kg since he arrived at Canterbury and left Warriors in 2021.

The official NRL season launch in Sydney might have been axed because the collective bargaining agreement negotiations failed to reach an agreement but Channel Nine did organize an event for the season launch in Brisbane and say it was a success because it saw some of the biggest names in the game in attendance. There was Darren Lockyer, there was Billy Slater, and even the recently retired Channel Nine personality and rugby league icon Wally Lewis attended in order to promote the 2023 rugby season.

However, it was not those big names that drew attention, it was Phil ‘Gus’ Gould. He was among the ones who showed up at the event of Channel Nine’s NRL season launch. But he showed up without half of his weight which got people talking. He had undergone a significant weight loss and the NRL fans just couldn’t take their eyes off him and his new appearance to focus properly on what he said when he took to the stage to file questions from host James Bracey about the upcoming season.

The Canterbury Bulldogs football manager looked extremely slim and trim and it looked like, if his new physique is any indication, he was going to have plenty of energy in the commentary box for Channel Nine this year. Gus Gould really stole the show when he showed off his incredible weight loss. And the crowd was in hysterics when he arrived at the mic along with Paul ‘Fatty’ Vautin to speak about the State of Origin.

Even Vautin couldn’t resist commenting on the new Gus Gould and referenced his weight loss asking, “Who is this? Slim Gould?” However, Gus was not keen on talking about his transformation and said nothing. He chose to remain tight-lipped. It did nothing to calm down the curious fans who had been doing double takes every time they looked at him in recent months since he arrived at Canterbury.

Though Gus Gould has not talked much about his weight loss, The Sunday Telegraph has specified in its reports that he has lost a little bit more than 10 kg since he arrived at Bulldogs and left the Warriors in 2021. And supposedly, the ‘insiders’ have come forward to tell that the secret of his weight loss is watching his diet and exercising more. That’s not much but maybe that’s all the insider knew. Fans who want to know what his diet plans and workout routine are, are going to have to wait for Phil Gould himself to talk.

Until he does, they can just take to social media to admire the new and slim looks of Gus Gould. A lot of people had been doing that since Channel Nine announced its new commentary team for the 2023 NRL season and noticed that he had a weight loss. He is in the best shape he has been in for years that fans can’t help but praise him. Some of them suggested that he must have been training with the players during the off-season. One fan commented about Gus Gould’s weight loss,

Geez Gus Gould has lost a lot of weight and looking good – good to see.

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