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Hamida Sozahdah’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does She Look Unnatural?

Jun 18, 2023 @ 11:39 GMT+0000
Hamida Sozahdah’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does She Look Unnatural?

Hamida Sozahdah from Hulu's Secrets and Sisterhood has been accused of receiving many plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, breast implants, and lip filler. However, she has neither accepted nor denied any of the allegations.

Hulu is back with its new reality show and the show castmate has already been in the news. The show, Secrets & Sisterhood, involves Ten Muslim American sisters living in LA. The show traces the highs and lows of the sisters as they balance their lives in terms of their faith, families, careers, and relationships.

After the series was released, the reality stars, Shaista, Halimah, Khadija, Rabya, Shakur, Muzlefa, Jamila, Siddiqa, Nooreya, and Hamida Sozahdah have been in the spotlight. The show seems to be liked by many people as it has an 83% rating in rotten tomatoes. All their secrets and day-to-day life activities have been shown in the show.

On the other hand, there have been rumors circulating on the internet that Hamida Sozahdah has received plastic surgery to enhance her beauty. Well, let's find out what the truth is.

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Many People Claim That Hamida Sozahdah Had Received Plastic Surgery to Enhance Her Beauty!

Many people are wondering if Hamida Sozahdah (@hamida.sozahdah), the cast member of Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs, has had any plastic surgery or not. She is accused to have received Botox, breast implants, and lip filler. However, she has neither accepted nor denied the rumors.

Hamida Soahdah has not responded to any plastic surgery allegations. houseandwhips.comHamida Soahdah has not responded to any plastic surgery allegations.
Image Source: Instagram

People are curious to know about Hamida's secrets. Some allege that the younger sister of the Sozahdahs has gone through plastic surgery to maintain her beauty, and some say that she spends millions of dollars on her beauty products. Well, we can't deny that she has some parts that look artificial to us.

Hamida Sozahdah has been in the rumors since she has been cast on the Hulu show. When people suspected her to have had many changes in her life, from her name to having plastic surgery, they pointed out that she was fake.

Did Hamida Sozahdah Receive Breast Implants?

Being the youngest is defined as having every benefit. After watching the show, many people claimed Hamida Sozahdah has received Boob Job, as her breast volume looked unnatural and fake. Book jobs, aka breast implants, are artificial devices surgically inserted into your breasts. They refer to a series of procedures that make your breasts larger.

People also claimed that Hamida not only had breast implants but also performed plastic surgery on her face. Speaking about her other allegation of having lips filled, we think that the news might be true, as in the whole show, her lips were seen very juicy and in full volume all the time. Even without makeup, she got the perfect lips one could ever wish for. Her lips and the combination of her daily lip shades made many of her fans drool over her.

Viewers claim Hamida Soahdah's boob looks artificial. houseandwhips.comViewers claim Hamida Soahdah's boob looks artificial.
Image Source: Instagram

It looks like people are never satisfied with their gossip. Although she has not confirmed any of the rumors, she is also involved in other plastic surgery aside from breast implants and lip fillers. Do you think the 25-year-old girl needs any procedure like Botox to look wrinkle-free? Well, for us, we don't think she might have done any minor cosmetic procedure like Botox, but many people are not convinced us.

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