Has Felicity Kendal Had Plastic Surgery? Why Does The Good Life Star Look So Young For Her Age?


Has Felicity Kendal Had Plastic Surgery? Why Does The Good Life Star Look So Young For Her Age?

Has Felicity Kendal had plastic surgery? That face at her age, she has definitely had it. The Good Life actress has even admitted to having Botox and fillers though fans suspect she has had more. She has always denied having a facelift in particular but Felicity Kendal’s plastic surgery, as per experts, includes a facelift and an eyelid lift as well.

Felicity Kendal CBE is an English actress who became a household name when she gained everyone’s attention when she starred in the 1975 television series The Good Life in the role of Barbara Good. She has worked principally in both theaters and television. She has had a long career having appeared in numerous stage and screen roles over a span of 70 years. And the going is still good.

For someone who has been around that long -more than seven decades- people have observed that she has never really aged and that she looks too young for someone who’s nearly 80 years old. It’s normal for people to wonder if she has had plastic surgery. Here are all the details about Felicity Kendal’s plastic surgery!

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Has Felicity Kendal Had Plastic Surgery? People Suspect She Has Had Botox, Fillers, and a Facelift as Well!

Felicity Kendal has come clean about having Botox and fillers. But there are claims that those are not the only plastic surgery procedures she has had. She allegedly has had a facelift and an eyelid lift as well.

Felicity Kendal has always mesmerized people with her extraordinary youthfulness. She’s that one person who, whenever she makes an appearance, leaves people wondering just how young she looks and why for someone who seems to have been around forever. Well, if you have been wondering, then plastic surgery surely is one of your theories and the only one because there’s nothing that can explain the young look she has at her age.

Surely, with her youthful looks and fresh face that is way too younger for her 76 years, plastic surgery is not very surprising and she, by her own admission, has had it. Yes, the actress has admitted to having Botox and fillers, more like confessed her love for the procedures. She had to, at some point, because you cannot look that young at her age and then just expect people to not question her. There were always going to be speculations and questions.

Felicity Kendal didn’t try to avoid that and opened up about the plastic surgery she had. She didn’t just admit that she took the aid of Botox and fillers to maintain her youth but revealed that she was a fan of those procedures. Why would she not be? People just admire her beauty. But most people don’t go that far even if they come clean about it. She said,

I do it every six months, then you don’t get the terrible little frown line.

The Good Life star did admit to having some plastic surgery procedures, but she also denied having a facelift. And though she claimed to be a fan of Botox, she later renounced it saying that she had come to a point where continuing with Botox and fillers would make her look silly. In an interview, she claimed that she stopped getting Botox sometime in 2010. She said,

I haven’t done fillers or Botox for ages. There comes a point where you have to match bits of you with the other bits, otherwise you get a terribly random situation.

At that time, Felicity Kendal seemed to be over it all, so many efforts to keep looking pretty and young that she seemed tired of plastic surgery and started preferring to look her age. She explained,

Then there was a time when you’d think, I’m over 60, I can’t possibly wear a short skirt again because of my crinkly knees. ‘Then you come out the other end and say, f*** it, I’ve got good legs, I’m going to put on tights and a short skirt.

Felicity Kendal said that she had taken to yoga, pilates, and weightlifting to maintain her looks. But that time or should I say, phase seems to have passed. Maybe that didn’t work as Botox did, or maybe that was too much effort. Whatever the reason (it seems like the former one from what she later said in interviews), she got back to getting plastic surgery. When she decided to start having Botox again, she explained her decision saying,

I might have it again soon. It’s nice not to have lines when you frown, especially on TV. I don’t know why people make such a fuss about it. No one is interested if a woman has her teeth capped or her hair dyed.

Felicity Kendal also advised to not have fillers when your cheekbones are high because it’s chipmunk time and said that the only thing to do eventually is the full thing (a facelift) but only when you’re 40.

So she says when she has always denied having a facelift when it’s not really possible for her to look as young as she does for her age with just Botox and fillers, the only plastic surgery procedures she claims to have done. Many people suspect she has had it. That might not be much but surely, the opinions of cosmetic surgery experts do. According to experts, she has had more than just a facelift. They believe that she has had an eyelid lift as well.

As per plastic surgeon Alex Karidis, Felicity Kendal has a nice taut jawline and her neck is pretty good which could be because she got some skin taken away there when she got her face lifted. He also observed how she looks like she had her eyes done as well because though she has a few lines and wrinkles, there are no signs of any bags underneath her eyes or any hoods over the eyes. She definitely had more plastic surgery, at least a facelift and an eyelid lift other than Botox and fillers.

Karidis also said that her forehead looked quite smooth for a lady of her age and that she seemed to have had some fillers around the mouth from how her nose-to-mouth seemed quite swallow. But we already know that because she has already admitted to having used Botox and fillers. The only plastic surgery Felicity Kendal has had, from what she claims.

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