Has Lulu Had Plastic Surgery? Or Is The Secret of Her Youthful Looks Just Her Skincare Like She Says? She Once Admitted to Having Botox!


Has Lulu Had Plastic Surgery? Or Is The Secret of Her Youthful Looks Just Her Skincare Like She Says? She Once Admitted to Having Botox!

Has Lulu had plastic surgery? Well, the Scottish singer hasn’t admitted that she has gotten anything but people suspect that she has. Fans speculate that she has had a facelift, lip fillers, and cheek implants besides Botox. Lulu has only ever admitted to having Botox before she began to credit her youthful looks all to skincare and said that she stopped getting the anti-wrinkle injection because it made her face immovable. She has been denying plastic surgery like that but people don’t believe her.

Lulu Kennedy-Cairns CBE is a Scottish singer, actress, and television personality who is noted for her powerful singing voice. She began her career in the UK and later went on to be known internationally. She first rose to global fame when she had a major chart hit with To Sir with Love from the 1967 film of the same name, which topped the Billboard Hot 100.

Her fame only grew when she had another hit with the title song to the 1974 James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. In European countries, Lulu is also widely recognized for the Eurovision Song Contest 1969 winning entry Boom Bang-a-Bang, and for her 1964 hit Shout, which she performed at the closing ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

She has had an incredible career so far and she is still going on. People now only wonder, when they look at her, what’s the secret of her youthful looks? And how did she manage to keep the aging process at bay? And if plastic surgery is involved? Of course, it does not look like she has had anything done on television. But is it possible to stay the same age throughout one’s life without cosmetic surgery? Let’s learn more about Lulu’s plastic surgery!

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Has Lulu Had Plastic Surgery? People Suspect that The Singer Has had a Facelift, Cheek Implant, and Lip Fillers!

Lulu (@lulukc) most likely has had plastic surgery, people suspect. They speculate that she has had a facelift, lip fillers, and cheek implant besides Botox, which she has admitted to.

Whenever anyone brings up the topic of plastic surgery with Lulu and everyone does because nobody can help but bring it up because she just looks so young for her age that you can’t help but wonder about the secret behind her never-aging looks, she admits to Botox, then immediately goes to shout out her own skin-care line and talks about pampering her face. She’s always like ‘you have to try a little harder and be a little clever and it is all about accentuating some of our best features.’

Maybe that would have worked if Lulu had maintained that she still gets Botox. But after the Scottish singer revealed that she had stopped getting Botox, people don’t believe her when she credits just her skincare to her fresh looks. They speculate now that she has always had tonnes of plastic surgery, other than Botox. She had once admitted that her seemingly everlasting youthful looks are just due to Botox but people don’t buy that anymore.

Lulu said that she stopped getting the wrinkle-smoothing injections because too much of it made her face ‘immovable.’ She opened up about how she stopped getting Botox because even though she thought it was fantastic at first when she started having it but realized later on that it quickly fades and too much of it makes your face immovable and doesn’t actually help you look young. And because she was a singer, she needed to move her face so she couldn’t keep on getting Botox. She never made any mention of having any other plastic surgery procedures.

I stopped having Botox because too much doesn’t look good. It didn’t make me look any younger and I have to move my face – I’m a singer.

Lulu once even said that she would consider getting plastic surgery in the future, but, as with everything, she was going to be the best person and have it done in moderation. But that time doesn’t seem to have arrived for her given how she has always denied having plastic surgery, except for admitting to Botox. But people are not gullible so, they suspect that she has had cosmetic procedures.

When Lulu said she stopped getting Botox and credited her young looks to skincare, people stopped listening to her because they thought she was not coming clean about plastic surgery. As one of the fans said, nobody can defy the aging process to that extent without serious cosmetic help and anybody who says that they have are just lying. So, yeah, they think that Lulu is lying and so, they have tried to determine what procedures she has had that make her look like that.

So far, people have made speculations that she has had a full facelift, cheek implants, and lip fillers. One comment made by one fan on a forum dedicated to discussing her plastic surgery said that her lips looked wonky and from some angles, it looked like a mini ‘trout pout’ which may have been because of collagen injection in her lips. Another speculated that she had had cheek implants which were what gave her face a fuller shape.

There are others who speculate that Lulu has undergone plastic surgery to tighten her skin. They write that she’s had a full facelift which has made her face look so taut and shiny. One commenter wrote that when they once saw the To Sir With Love hitmaker at an airport, they could tell that she had had surgery as the whole of her hairline was covered in scars, inline with a full facelift staple.

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