Heather McDonald’s Plastic Surgery: What Has The Comedian Said About Getting Cosmetic Surgery? Look at the Before and After Pictures!


Heather McDonald's Plastic Surgery: What Has The Comedian Said About Getting Cosmetic Surgery? Look at the Before and After Pictures!

Heather McDonald is believed to have undergone plastic surgery including Botox, fillers, a facelift, and a neck lift. The comedian has not confirmed any of these speculations. However, Heather McDonald once said that she had not ruled out having plastic surgery and now it looks like she got some work done. 

Heather McDonald is an American stand-up comedian, actress, and author who is most known for her appearances on the E! series Chelsea Lately. Not only did she star in the late-night comedy talk show, but she was also one of the eight writers on the show. She often participated in sketches and segments in the show.

She was also involved in the spin-off of that show which was called After Lately. She wrote and appeared on the show. Besides these comedy shows, she also has a podcast about pop culture called Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald to host.

Lately, the comedian’s been targeted by plastic surgery rumors. Since she revealed that she was going to have a new tour, people have been scrutinizing her looks more than ever. Let’s learn more about Heather McDonald’s plastic surgery!

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Heather McDonald’s Plastic Surgery: The Actress Has Had a Non-Invasive CoolSculpting and Possibly More!

Heather McDonald (@heathermcdonald) is suspected by her fans of having undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures including Botox, fillers, a facelift, and a neck lift.

Heather McDonald is a very successful and loved comedian who has always been adored by her legions of fans. Those fans who always cared about her material and what she had to say and what she had to offer as a comedian in her stand-ups are now having a shift in interest. That time when people celebrated her for the laughs she got seems to be changing. And now people are more focused on her changing looks and whether it’s natural or plastic surgery.

As Heather McDonald has hit her forties and has begun to age slowly, fans have been uncharacteristically yet predictably preoccupied with her appearance now. She does not look young anymore because she isn’t young anymore because, with each passing second, people grow older and older, and aging happens. And it happened to Heather as well. But as someone from Hollywood, her aging was never going to happen without speculations of plastic surgery.

The way Heather McDonald looks has changed. No surprise there, who stays the same forever? But what’s different in the changes in Heather is that she definitely does not look young, but she does not look old either. I mean, she does not have wrinkles or lines on her face like people her age who age naturally do. Even if they are living a super healthy lifestyle, there are bound to be lines and wrinkles. She does not look old but she does not look like what she should be looking like if she had aged naturally. Yes, people suspect she has had plastic surgery!

Nobody can tell what anyone’s supposed to look like but when you are a public figure, everyone has an opinion. And their opinion or rather their thoughts about Heather McDonald is that she has undergone plastic surgery which is very obvious. Looking at some of her pictures, she does not look natural. She has been speculated of having Botox and fillers especially.

Heather McDonald has that very shiny skin and too smooth texture that are the tell-tale signs that a person has had Botox injected. Lack of even a few wrinkles and lines on the face and crow’s eyes around the eyes would also suggest anti-wrinkle injections. The waxy look she has now gives it all away, I think.

And as for fillers, her cheeks look way too plumped up. Her cheeks weren’t like that even when she was young. And now when it’s supposed to be slowly losing fat and sagging, it looks fuller than it ever looked. So, people are going to think she had plastic surgery and assume she had fillers.

Heather McDonald is also believed to have had a facelift because not only are her cheeks super plumped up but they also look very tight and stretched out. Fans think the taut skin is due to a facelift. Also, in 2020, she posted on Twitter a prediction she made about facelift plastic surgery. She wrote that facelifts will make a huge comeback because everyone’s fillers will dissolve and then they will just pull the saggy skin behind their ears like our grandmothers did and then wear a fashionable face mask until it’s healed.

Now that could have been a joke but that stuck with the fans who now believe that she had a facelift and a neck lift as well. Also, there was this time when she filmed herself getting CoolSculpting, a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, and she shared that she was open to getting invasive plastic surgery as well. She said that she thought that God created plastic surgeons for a reason and that reason is to make people feel better when they look in the mirror and enjoy their time on earth looking as cute as possible.

Heather McDonald also talked about how being in the public eye puts pressure to look young but speaking for herself, she said that even if she wasn’t in Hollywood, she would want to stay looking her best for as long as possible, which explains why she didn’t rule out plastic surgery. However, she has already ruled out butt implants.

I draw the line at butt implants – no thank you!

Now Heather McDonald might have opened up about how she hadn’t ruled out plastic surgery, she has not confirmed the cosmetic surgery people think she has had.

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