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Heather Rae Young's Weight Loss: How Much Does She Weigh Now?

Jun 2, 2023 @ 1:41 GMT+0000
Heather Rae Young has undergone a significant weight loss since 2019 when she joined Selling Sunset.

Heather Rae Young has had a significant weight loss ever since she joined Selling Sunset in 2019. The reality star looks a lot thinner than she did back then. Fans are concerned for her health as they think that she might be sick going by how rapidly she's losing weight. Some followers, however, think that there's nothing to be worried about as Heather Rae Young is very conscious about fitness and her vegan lifestyle which can be credited to her weight loss. 

Heather Rae Young rose to prominence when she was named Playboy's Playmate of the Month in February 2010. She continued her modeling career and broke into acting as well until she got her big break in 2019 when she was cast in the reality real-estate show Selling Sunset. Ever since she landed the reality show, her popularity as a star has been overridden by her weight loss discussions. Everything about her is her weight now.

Here's everything to know about Heather Rae Young's weight loss!

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Has Heather Rae Young Had a Weight Loss?

It can't even be a question whether or not Heather Rae Young (@theheatherraeelmoussa) has undergone weight loss because it's the most obvious thing ever. It's not possible to simply miss that the reality star has lost a ton of weight because she looks significantly different from how she looked when she first joined Selling Sunset in 2019. It's only been about four years and she looks considerably skinnier than she did then.

Heather Rae Young has undergone significant weight loss since she joined Selling Sunset in 2019. Heather Rae Young has undergone significant weight loss since she joined Selling Sunset in 2019.
Image Source: Yahoo Finance

It's a little jarring to see Heather these days because of how stick-thin she looks. And to think that she just recently gave birth to her baby boy! Even when she was pregnant, it didn't look like she gained weight overall because it was all just the baby bump. The rest of her didn't change at all. As her fans said, her face was "gaunt-looking" and her shoulders looked "frail." That weight loss turned out to be more effective than pregnancy.

It was very surprising (and a bit worrying) because it is not normal for people to look thin (save for the baby bump) during pregnancy. Also, Heather Rae Young's fans, as they watched her transition from an average thin woman to a stick-thin woman, got concerned about her drastic weight loss as it looked very unhealthy. I mean, sure she is obsessed with fitness and all but she was already fit before. She didn't need to lose even a pound and yet she lost a lot.

And now, every time people look at Heather, they go, "Oh, she looks so thin. How much does she weigh?" Well, we don't have the exact figures but we can tell she has lost a lot. She has lost so much that a good portion of the Selling Sunset viewers is invested in just the discourse about her weight loss. In a Reddit thread about the discussion of her weight, many users expressed their concern for her health.

One of them wrote that Heather Rae Young looked much older because of the weight loss which didn't seem to look healthy.

When your face starts looking gaunt, you have lost too much weight for your frame! She used to have a cute face with dimples, now she appears much older.

Heather Rae Young's fans are concerned about her health because she looks sickly thin. Heather Rae Young's fans are concerned about her health because she looks sickly thin.
Image Source: Women's Health

As a matter of fact, there is no other way to describe her than by saying she looks gaunt. Her face looks sunk in and her shoulders, as already mentioned, look very frail. Not to mention that you can see her sternum poking out at her chest. That's not being fit. That's being too skinny. Fans are not wrong to be worried about Heather Rae Young's weight loss. As a fan wrote,

I’m not body shaming. Ever. But that’s really worrisome. I hope she’s okay and if she does happen to need help she gets it.

Is Heather Rae Young's Vegan Lifestyle to Be Credited For Her Weight Loss?

As the Selling Sunset viewers notice Heather Rae Young's weight loss, they also wonder what might have caused her to lose so much weight like that. Many of them believe her obsession with fitness and vegan lifestyle is the reason behind her massive transformation.

The reality star does have a strict workout regime and diet plan but several fans think that there's something else to her weight loss than her fitness routine. Because if you take her vegan lifestyle to explain her weight fluctuation, it does not really make sense because she has been a vegan for quite some time now. In a 2022 Instagram post, she revealed that she had been vegan for more than ten years.

Heather Rae Young's fans wonder if her vegan lifestyle and fitness regime have caused her to lose so much weight. Heather Rae Young's fans wonder if her vegan lifestyle and fitness regime have caused her to lose so much weight.
Image Source: Harper's Bazaar

How is it possible that Heather Rae Young has been having a vegan diet for more than a decade but only in the last few years is she losing weight rapidly? Besides, she also said that eating a plant-based diet makes her feel so much healthier and her weight loss looks anything but healthy. So, it can't be that, right?

Now, is it her workout routine? It could be because Heather loves her exercise time so much and she could have worked out more than she needed to. Heather Rae Young said that her everyday fitness regime makes her very happy and she never looks at it like "ugh...I have to work out today." It's always fun for her to work out. She said,

I get excited to do it. Right now I do a strength training HIIT classes 3-4 times a week. And on the days in between I run 3-4 miles. 

Maybe too much fun (exercising) is, after all, to be credited for Heather Rae Young's weight loss.

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