Hilary Rosen’s Weight Loss: How Many Pounds Did She Lose? Did She Have Surgery? Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!


Hilary Rosen's Weight Loss: How Many Pounds Did She Lose? Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!

Hilary Rosen supposedly had a weight loss of 20 pounds in order to look like Hillary Clinton according to reports by reputable sites. Many believed that she had surgery to lose weight. That rumor has been debunked by herself. Now the rumor is that Hilary Rosen’s weight loss is due to illness and health issues. 

Hilary Rosen is a Democratic strategist and CNN pundit though she is actually more known for being a lobbyist.  She started out as the head of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). She worked for the RIAA for 16 years, including the time when she served as the CEO from 1998 to 2003.

She also worked as a columnist for The Washington Post and went on to become the first Washington editor-at-large. She also served for The Huffington Post as the political director. She has provided political commentary for CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC.

Besides that, since 2010, Hilary Rosen has been a partner and managing director at the public relations firm SKDKnickerbocker. She has been a registered lobbyist during her career, both at the RIAA and for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). She has been an advocate for LGBT rights since the early 1980s.

She has also been the subject of unfounded weight loss rumors. Many people knew that it was a rumor but didn’t know what the rumor said. So, people are interested to know more about Hilary Rosen’s weight loss.

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Hilary Rosen’s Weight Loss: She Lost 20 Pounds To Look Like Hillary Clinton!

Hilary Rosen (@hilarybrosen) supposedly underwent a weight loss of 20 pounds to have a makeover to look like Hillary Clinton.

The rumors of Hilary Rosen’s weight loss are not new and have been going around for quite a long time and every time her name comes up, it comes up inevitably too, even if it’s a minor reference. But the exact details about that, nobody knows. They have just been latching onto a rumor that surfaced such a long time ago that all the contents of the rumors are lost.

Nobody knows any details about Hilary Rosen’s weight loss like when it happened and how many pounds she lost and if she had surgery to lose weight. People did make something up about her illness and that being the reason why she lost weight. But what is the illness and does she really have health issues and if yes, what kind of issues? The ones who cooked up the illness story did not bother to go extra with the details so, who knows?

But let me tell you the origin of Hilary Rosen’s weight loss rumors. In 2016, Page Six reported that Hilary, who was a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, had become her doppelganger. Allegedly, she had gotten so obsessed with Clinton that she decided to have a makeover to look like her hero. And the part of the makeover largely consisted of her weight loss.

Hilary Rosen, if the reports are to be believed, had been trying to look like Hillary Clinton for years and in that attempt to imitate her idol, she underwent a weight loss. Apparently, that was supposed to be a huge part of her transformation to look like Clinton. She deliberately chose to lose that weight for her makeover which meant that there were no illnesses or health issues involved.

Hilary Rosen seemed to come through in what she attempted to do. She had that weight loss that helped her in looking more like Hillary. She allegedly lost 20 pounds. But that’s not all she did. She also dyed her color the same shade as Clinton and also cut it off to look just like Clinton’s. A source said,

She lost weight, dyed her hair blond and had it cut to look just like Hillary’s. She has completely transformed her appearance. It’s an obsession. It’s ‘Single White Female.’ 

And all this weight loss and overall transformation were extremely noticeable if you compared the photos of her in her early 2000s to then (it was 2016 when this report was published). In the early 2000s, she was working as a lobbyist for the Recording Industry Association of America and was in her early forties. She had brown, curly hair and was 20 pounds heavier than she was around the time this report was published.

Apparently, Hilary Rosen herself told that looking like Clinton was her goal. She said,

Yes, that was my goal. I knew she’d be president, so I’ve been planning my career as a look-alike. I think I can be Elvis-like successful!

The story of Hilary Rosen’s weight loss, however, was debunked. Another article called this report a semi-serious post which, if it had really seriously intended to fool people into thinking that the whole thing about transformation to look like another woman, had dug its own grave. And the giveaway was its exaggerated claims of Rosen’s obsessiveness with Clinton and comparison with Single White Female. Such a reputed and reliable publication surely did not write that unironically.

Also, Hilary Rosen herself acknowledged the rumors and denied it (kind of). When she was asked about that, she told Mirror,

I thought it was silly.  Who cares though? There are worse people to be compared to than Hillary Clinton.

She was so unbothered that she didn’t even respond strongly and condemned it. She just said the whole thing about her makeover and weight loss of 20 pounds to look like somebody else was silly and moved on. Did not waste any energy on it.

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