Hunter Hayes’ Weight Gain: Everything You Need to Know!


Hunter Hayes' Weight Gain: Everything You Need to Know!

Hunter Hayes, the American singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has been in the limelight since he was just two, and today, his sudden weight gain has brought controversial talk.

Hunter Hayes is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Skillful in playing over 30 instruments, Hunter Hayes has been making appearances on television since he was two years old. Just at the age of seven, Hayes was called to perform for President Bill Clinton for the White House Lawn Party. Hayes has been nominated for Grammy several times, and although his luck didn’t favor him in winning them, there is a high chance that someday in the future, he will be owning one.

From having a successful career since he was small, Hunter Hayes has always been successful in keeping up his career to the highest point, and even today, he is filled with immense fame and money. However, his recent weight gain has created a hot controversy among his fans, and people are concerned about his sudden weight gain. So, let’s get to know the reason behind Hunter Hayes’ weight gain.

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Hunter Hayes’ Weight Gain Journey

The perfectionist in playing more than 30 instruments, Hunter Hayes is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. In 2011, Hunter Hayes received immense fame when his self-titled debut album was released and reached number seven on Billboard 200. The debut album sold around 1.1 million copies, and Hayes’ entry into the music industry bloomed in no span of time.

Hunter Hayes was born on 9th September 1991 in Laurinburg Hospital In Louisiana. Hayes started his journey in the music industry when he was just aged two. Yes, it might be shocking to many of us but just at the age of two, Hunter Hayes started making his appearance on local and National television channels. Hayes had even mentioned that he got his first-ever guitar at the age of six from Robert Duvall. His career went uphill when just at the age of seven, he was called to perform for President Bill Clinton. Thus, Hunter Hayes achieved a lot in his career when he was just young.

From being nominated for Grammy Awards to winning awards like BMI Awards, Music Choice Awards, and many more, Hunter Hayes (@hunterhayes) is definitely going to the top of his career. While Hunter has always been famous for his career, as of now, his sudden weight gain has brought everyone to attention. Fans are concerned and are wanting to know the reason behind his weight gain. They are invested if the weight gain is healthy or is just a symptom of some serious condition. So, do you want to know Hunter Hayes’ weight gain journey?

Hunter Hayes had serious mental health issues which even compelled him to taking off from his career. He said that the fame that circled on him caused a lot of stress and pressure on him which resulted in degrading his mental health. Hunter even proceeded in saying that people have misconceptions about his life and they randomly assume how happy he might have been, however, he elucidates that just because someone has a perfect career doesn’t mean that they are happy.

Therefore, it appears that with all of the stress and anxiety, Hunter Hayes might have adapted to binge eating and therefore, has a sudden weight gain. However, he doesn’t look that different, and there are chances that he might have gained weight in a healthy way as well. Hunter has never made any claims on his weight gain journey and therefore, all information related to his weight gain is just speculation.

Hunter Hayes’ Relationship with His Girlfriend Libby

Sharing an abundance of love and trust since 2014, Hunter Hayes and Libby Barnes had been together for many years. Both Hunter and Barnes were open about their relationship and would frequently post photos on their social media platforms. Hunter first made his relationship public when he brought her together with him at the 2014 CMA Awards.

Hayes even wrote and produced a romantic song, Amen, fully dedicating every word and every verse to his girlfriend, Libby. While Libby and Hunter were so in love, and almost everyone assumed them to be the end game, they called quits on their relationship, and are no more together. As of now, neither Hunter nor his ex-girlfriend, Barnes has divulged the cause for the fall of their relationship.

As of today, it appears that Hunter Hayes isn’t dating anyone because he hasn’t posted anything related to his relationship status. However, we cannot confirm his relationship status as there are chances that Hunter Hayes might have been keeping his relationship away from his fan and might be dating in private.

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