Is Chris from MrBeast Gay? Or Is He Bi? The Content Creator’s Sexuality Revealed!


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Is Chris from MrBeast Gay? Or Is He Bi? The Content Creator's Sexuality Revealed!

Chris from MrBeast is not gay but he is bi. In 2021, the content creator responded to Lil Nas X’s tweet in which he wrote how he hated himself in his teenage years because he believed it when people said being gay was a sin, with a tweet of his own. Chris Tyson seemingly confirmed that he is gay when he wrote that he hated himself when he heard that homosexuality was an abomination in the sermon. But he’s married to Katie Tyson. So, many people have taken the tweet to be a revelation about the bisexuality of Chris from MrBeast and not a confirmation of his being gay. He’s bi.

You all know Chris the Meme God? If you have watched MrBeast‘s videos on Youtube, then you know who I’m talking about. Christopher Tyson is the guy who’s sometimes in MrBeast’s videos and all the time in the viral ones. He started as a cohost for the Youtube channel which was run by his friend Jimmy Donaldson. Though he was known for his association with him, now he’s a social media influencer and content creator of his own.

He has built his own personal brand on Instagram and Twitter to further his career on social media, cashing in on the popularity he gained from his MrBeast days. Now, he’s a self-employed businessman and does occasional work with Jimmy Donaldson. Nevertheless, he’s known for being Chris from MrBeast.

And lately, he’s more known for possibly being gay. People on the internet are now finding his sexual preference rather interesting and that’s the latest thing right now. Is Chris from MrBeast gay? Or is he bi? He could be bisexual as well. Who does he prefer sexually? That kind of thing. How did he go from being the Meme God to being the subject of speculations about sexuality? Let’s find out!

Is Chris from MrBeast Gay? Or Is He Bisexual?

Maybe it was his relationship with his friend Jimmy Donaldson with whom he made many MrBeast videos or maybe because the fans randomly thought about his sexuality, the speculations about Chris Tyson (@chris_thememegod) being gay are going strong on the internet. There are also rumors that he’s bi. He has gained a lot of popularity and recognition in all these years, and every single fan and follower he has garnered is currently flooding the internet with a single question, ‘Is Chris from MrBeast gay?’

People might have suspected that Chris from MrBeast is gay or bisexual in his MrBeast days because of how close he was to the channel creator Jimmy who was his friend. There might have been some rumors about it. But those only spread like fire after his brief interaction with Lil Nas X on Twitter in 2021. Lil Nas X is gay and is given a lot of sh*t for it. So, he often makes posts about his sexuality and the struggles that come with it, like the cruel way society treats him, and sometimes dehumanizes him, by reasoning that being gay is a sin.

In one such post he made on Twitter, Lil Nas X wrote how his teenage years had been spent hating himself because he believed it when people said being gay is a sin.

i spent my entire teenage years hating myself because of the shit y’all preached would happen to me because i was gay. so i hope u are mad, stay mad, feel the same anger you teach us to have towards ourselves.

Chris from MrBeast decided to respond to him and his response tweet trying to comfort the rapper very much seemed to be him relating his own experience of being gay and struggling with it. He had never before written or said something in such a manner that shed much light on his sexuality. I mean, people always suspected he was gay but that tweet made them go crazy about it.

I remember sitting in sermons hearing homosexuality is an abomination and hating myself for so many years silently because of it. Being who you were born to be isn’t a sin, and if that makes you mad remember: “Only He without sin can cast the first stone” so pls be quiet 😊

Chris from MrBeast did write that he started hating himself after hearing and then believing it when they preached that homosexuality was a sin. That’s confirmation that he is gay for sure. But then, he’s married to a woman. And he was married to her for almost three years when he made that tweet. He tied the knot with Katie Tyson in 2018 and in 2020, their child Tucker Stephen Tyson was born.

So, that tweet in which he seemingly confirmed he’s gay confused his fans even more. But, now many people have taken those to mean as a revelation that he’s bi, not a confirmation that he’s gay. So, to answer the fans’ question who are still confused about the whole thing, no, Chris from MrBeast is not gay. He is bisexual as he announced or really just indirectly confirmed on his second protected Twitter account (@chris).

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