Is Jenna Ortega Married to Gwendoline Christie? Does The Wednesday Cast Even Have a Wife? Or Is She in a Relationship Dating Somebody in 2022?


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Is Jenna Ortega Married to Gwendoline Christie? Does The Wednesday Cast Even Have a Wife? Or Is She in a Relationship Dating Somebody in 2022?

Is Jenna Ortega married to Gwendoline Christie? Is she really her wife? She did say so in a promotional event for Wednesday after all, some fans are thinking. But clearly, she just jokingly said it. Jenna Ortega is not married to Gwendoline Christie. In fact, she is not even in a relationship right now, as of 2022. She does not even have a boyfriend she’s dating, much less a wife. For someone as young as her, relationships and dating must not be on the priority list when she’s doing so well in her career. 

Jenna Ortega has kind of stolen the limelight and the internet these days ever since the release of Wednesday in which she plays the titular character. Not just because the actress plays the morbid girl perfectly but because of something she said during the press tour about Gwendoline Christie being her wife which sparked rumors that they are married.

Not all believe those rumors. Those who don’t are interested to know things like whether she had plastic surgery and especially, the relationship status of the lead actress, whether she’s single or in a relationship, and if she’s in one, who’s she dating. Continue reading to find out if Jenna Ortega’s single or dating someone.

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Is Jenna Ortega Married to Gwendoline Christie? Who is Her Wife? Or Is She in a Relationship? Who is She Dating in 2022?

Well, Wednesday might not be comfortable with emotional displays of affection but Jenna Ortega (@jennaortega) sure is and she has made it known to everyone at the press tour of the series. So, what happened as she was going around in the promotional events of the series is that in one of them, she called Gwendoline Christie (@gwendolineuniverse) her wife. She really implied that she was married and that too to the Brienne of Tarth.

So, Jenna Ortega and Gwendoline Christie, who plays the role of Principal Weems of Nevermore Academy, the school Wednesday goes to, have great chemistry as we can see in their scenes together. And as the business demands, the women have been doing interviews together. During those times, we can see how easy their relationship is. But that does not necessarily mean they are married and that she found a wife in Christie.

Fans have really let their imaginations run too wild because now, everyone’s looking at her and Christie like they have ten heads because of a small harmless wife comment she made that got everyone thinking they are married. People with a sense of humor are a rarity these days. It was that one interview at Comic-Con for the promotion of the series where she expressed her fondness for Gwendoline Christie.

The 20-year-old, talking of her co-star, just said,

My woman, I love you. Sorry, that might be disrespectful but that is my nickname for her because she’s my wife. Sorry, I look at you… and my heart… anyway.

Well, that was interesting (not so much because Jenna Ortega was clearly just joking) but fans picked up on it and picked up on it so intensely that they failed to consider that bizarre declaration that Gwendoline Christie is her wife might just be her being comfortable with her costar which she expressed a bit weirdly and not confirmation of the fact that she actually got married.

So, to those who think Jenna Ortega is indeed married to Gwendoline Christie and is her wife, I say that the duo is not actually married. Sure, they have a fondness for each other because they became close while filming Wednesday. They have also shared behind-the-scenes snaps of themselves on and off-set but that doesn’t mean they have a romantic relationship. They are not even dating. Just look at the age gap.

Talking about her relationship with Jenna Ortega and her on-screen dynamic with her, Gwendoline Christie said,

To take on [Morticia’s] daughter and develop a whole other kind of relationship and its many different weird aspects. Is it maternal, is it parently, is it like a sibling relationship, is it other? And I think throughout the series that does change and alter.

That must be not just how her character feels about Ortega’s character but also how Gwendoline Christie feels about her. A bit maternal and sometimes like a sibling but there are no romantic feelings in the mix. So, no, she’s not the wife of Jenna Ortega and they are so not married. Nobody should have to say that their relationship is completely platonic.

Is Jenna Ortega Single? Or Is She Dating Anyone in 2022? What’s Her Relationship Status?

So, now that it’s clear that Jenna Ortega is not married to Gwendoline Christie and he is not her wife, fans must be interested to know their relationship status. Christie is in a long-term partnership but what about Ortega?

She’s just 20 and even the thought of marriage must be way out of her thoughts for now. But she might be in a relationship. Is she dating someone currently as of 2022? Well, that’s a bit hard to find out because she tends to keep her personal life private. Going by her Instagram page, it’s possible that she might not be dating at all because her posts are never about her love life, they are mostly about her current acting roles.

So, Jenna Ortega is most likely single now. Hopefully, happily, and making her career. She has plenty of time to settle into a relationship later on. She is not dating right now but she might sometime in the future.

There have been too many rumors about her relationship in the past which claimed that she has dated several guys but Jenna Ortega shut them down in February 2019 on a podcast episode of Just Between Us. When she was asked what the craziest thing that she’s read about herself was, she said that everything she heard about her love life was crazy.

Probably relationships. According to the internet, I dated like six guys, [but I] dated none of them.

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