Is Sam Smith Religious? Is The British Pop Star Satanic? What is Their Religion?

Derick Scholz

Is Sam Smith Religious? Is The British Pop Star Satanic? What is Their Religion?

Is Sam Smith religious? Are they satanic? Many conservatives and devoutly religious Christians could not help thinking they were the latter and getting outraged by it after the singer’s performance of Unholy at the 2023 Annual Grammy Awards. Sam Smith’s performance seemed demonic to many which made people wonder what their religion was. From their songs, it can be understood that they were Catholics before they turned their back on religion. So, no, Sam Smith is not religious.

Sam Smith sure knows how to perform, they know how to draw attention, and they know how to get to live in everyone’s minds rent-free. Aren’t they the devil? I mean, the singer seemed so in their Grammy Awards performance. With their satanic-themed performance, they have certainly raised a few eyebrows and caused outrage among religious people, conservatives, and Satanists as well. Apparently, not many can stomach such demonic performances. This caused many to wonder what their religion was.

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Is Sam Smith Religious? What Religion Do They Follow?

Sam Smith (@samsmith) performed the racy version of his hit single Unholy alongside German singer Kim Petras that looked like it could be a horror movie what with Petras writhing in a cage in what seemed to be a bondage video. First of all, Unholy, really? Did they intend to trigger the religious bunch with the title of the song? If they did intend that, then they succeeded but it was more about the performance than the song being named Unholy.

The British pop singer looked like a devil in that blazing red latex outfit and a red top hat with devil’s horns they wore. Kim donned matching red latex as she writhed in the cage. And the backing dancers performed a  routine in front of the fire, whips in their hands. The visuals were clearly mimicry of Satan which made the conservatives and religious people lose their minds over it. While there were people who were awed by and appreciated Sam Smith’s deliberately “transgressive” schtick, there were more people who were furious that they dared appear on the stage as the devil at the biggest music awards show on Earth.

Sam Smith left the devout religious Christians and conservatives clutching their pearls with that performance. Many of them even viewed the performance as a literal Satanic ritual and some even connected that performance to the earthquakes that destroyed Turkey. He may not have been so serious about his performance in which he dressed in a discount devil costume but people sure were.

The fact that Unholy won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Group and that Kim Petras made history when she became the first transgender woman to receive the award were overshadowed by how by the controversy and backlash they got for their performance. Religious people described the performance as a tribute to Satan and criticized Sam Smith.

Sam had drawn criticism a few weeks back with their risque music video for I’m Not Here to Make Friends due to its adult-themed content. If they thought they had it bad then! The outrage their Grammys performance caused went through the roof and spread all over. These antics of the Too Good at Goodbyes hitmaker sure have pissed off the conservatives and Satanists as well, but it has also raised the question of what religion the singer followed. What are their beliefs? Are they religious?

Well, from the looks of some of their lyrics, it seems like Sam Smith does not prescribe to any one religion and he may have abandoned their religion as well. Back in 2017, they did sing on Pray, “I block out the news/ turn my back on religion.” They doubled down on this point with the lyrics that said, “I have never believed in you, no” and added “You won’t find me in church (no) reading the Bible (no),” and “I’m not a saint, I’m more of a sinner.” Yeah, they don’t seem the religious kind. But before they turned their back on religion, they were Catholic.

As per Wikipedia, Sam Smith went to St Mary’s Catholic School in Bishop’s Stortford, England, when he was a child. They were also a member of the Bishop’s Stortford Junior Operatics, which is now named the Bishop’s Stortford Musical Theatre Society. Besides, they were a member of the Cantate Youth Choir as well and they and their family attended the Anglican St Mary the Virgin Church in Saffron Walden, England.

However, going to church is a distant thing for Sam Smith now that he’s said through songs that they would not be found in church reading the Bible. They have implied time and again that they have ditched their faith and are no longer religious. However, they might not be paying tribute to Satan with their performance to mark that they don’t believe in Christianity.

If Sam Smith were doing a Satanic ritual then, Satanists were not impressed. An organization familiar with the subject matter found his performance a bit boring in that regard. Magister of the Church of Satan David Harris said in an interview that Smith and Petras’ performance was just “all right” and “nothing particularly special.”

While Sam Smith has not addressed the backlash, Petras has spoken a bit more about it arguing that the ones who were outraged by the performance, the religious and the conservatives, were the ones who inspired it.

It’s a take on not being able to choose religion, and not being able to live the way that people might want you to live. I think a lot of people have labeled what I stand for and what Sam stands for as ‘religiously not cool.’ I personally grew up wondering about religion and wanting to be a part of it, but then slowly realizing it doesn’t want me to be a part of it.

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