Is Sara Murray CNN Pregnant? Is She Having a Baby?


Sara Murray from CNN is rumored to be pregnant because of her recent weight gain.

Is Sara Murray from CNN pregnant? That’s what people are wondering after they noticed that the CNN political correspondent has put on some extra pounds. She has gained weight and looks chubbier than before which has led to people making speculations that she might be expecting a  baby. But Sara Murray has neither announced that she is pregnant nor denied the rumors that she is.

Sara Murray has worked as a political correspondent for CNN since 2015. Based in Washington DC, the American journalist principally reports on the Washington investigation while working alongside CNN’s Justice Department team. Prior to that, she worked for The Wall Street Journal. During her tenure at The Wall Street Journal, she served as an anchor for their digital network in New York.

Before she joined the video team, she spent years following the 2008 financial crisis and the economic fallout that ensued. Then, she covered Mitt Romney‘s 2012 presidential bid and broke news on the candidate’s private comments to high-dollar donors as she shed light on the inner workings of the campaign’s high command. She also reported on Congress’ unsuccessful attempt to overhaul U.S. immigration in 2013.

Two years later, in 2015, she joined CNN, accepting a position as a political correspondent to cover the expansive Republican field. She reported on the Republican candidates in the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns. She most recently served as a White House correspondent for the network. She graduated from the University of Maryland. That’s it about her professional life and career.

As for her personal life, there’s nothing that she shares. She’s very low-key and private but lately, there are rumors going on that she is pregnant. Gossipmongers are basing that solely on the fact that she appears to have undergone a bit of weight gain more recently. She used to look a lot slimmer unlike now when she seems to have gone to the chubbier side. And that’s what makes people ask, “Is Sara Murray CNN pregnant? Is she having a baby?” Well, let’s find out!

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Is Sara Murray From CNN Pregnant?

Is the CNN political correspondent Sara Murray (@SaraMurray) really pregnant? Is she actually going to have a baby? This is what has been occupying people’s minds after her latest report on Trump aide Walt Nauta‘s indictment in the classified documents case. Of course, they took the time to process all the information about the indictment and all, and only then after, they began to think about whether or not Sara might be expecting a baby.

Sara Murray from CNN is rumored to be pregnant.
Sara Murray from CNN is rumored to be pregnant.
Image Source: CNN

These rumors that Sara Murray is pregnant are not new. Ever since she started to gain weight, people have been making speculations about her pregnancy. Oh yeah, all the talks about how the journalist might be having a baby soon are all rooted in her weight gain. That’s what people are basing her pregnancy on. It might sound ridiculous that anyone is arriving at the conclusion that she is pregnant based on the sole fact that she looks bigger than before but it’s true.

So, Sara Murray, as we first came to know, was a very slim and petite woman with a very small frame. In the last few years, she seems to have changed physically. She has gained weight and she looks much bigger now. She appears to be very chubby as we can see on CNN. And ever since that bit of transformation happened, the speculations that she might be pregnant arose.

Sara Murray From CNN Has Not Announced That She’s Pregnant!

But is Sara Murray from CNN really pregnant? Can anyone really tell that she is, just because she gained a few extra pounds? Can there be no other reason for weight gain than pregnancy? The reasoning is so circumstantial and not to mention that it’s a bit inappropriate to speculate that someone might be having a baby just because they gained weight? Sure, she’s a public figure and people are always curious to know more about her but those baseless speculations are not it.

We can’t tell if Sara Murray is pregnant just from her size until she herself confirms it. And so far, she hasn’t. The CNN reporter has always been lowkey and notoriously private. She does not even have an Instagram page. I don’t think she would announce it if she was actually going to be a mother. So, don’t really expect confirmation from her or denial because she does not have a history of acknowledging any rumors about herself. But don’t take her silence to mean that was a confirmation either. Like I said, the reasoning’s circumstantial.

And, besides, Sara Murray is single, most likely. Not that anyone would know if she was in a relationship. But, it’s possible that she is not pregnant at all.