Is The God Committee Based on a True Story? The Movie’s Truth Explained!


Is The God Committee Based on a True Story? The Movie's Truth Explained!

The God Committee is not based on a true story. The movie is purely fictional. Real-life surgeries are not that easy as shown in the Netflix medical thriller.

The God Committee, directed by Austin Stark, is a medical drama that deals with morality as well as mortality. However, the book ultimately builds its case on the inherently broken character of human civilization.

When one patient’s imminent death opens the door for three others, the physicians on the titular committee get to play God and decide the destiny of the patients. The God Committee was released on Netflix on July 2, 2021.

Dr. Boxer plays an important part in the decision, and his start-up is already researching cross-species transplants six years later. But, when the past and present collide, Dr. Boxer finds himself at a crossroads.

Kelsey Grammer and Julia Stiles play crucial roles in the drama. The plot hides a feeling of foreboding, and the cautionary tale includes an allegory. You may have pondered, though, whether the narrative is grounded in truth. In such a case, let us look at the situation.

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Is The God Committee Based on a True Story? Let’s Break It Down!

The God Committee is not based on a true story. The film also makes no claim to be based on fact. However, the black-and-white images at the opening and conclusion of the film give the fictional storyline a more genuine feel, as they appear to record the evolution of medical research. The screenplay was written by Austin Stark and was based on Mark St. Germain‘s eponymous 2006 play.

The film’s presentation of the original material, along with the director’s excellent knowledge of hospital operations, makes it believable. The film hides a pertinent yet simple topic under its convoluted narrative.

The plot revolves around a clean and uncorrupted heart whose placement is determined by the physicians who get to play god. Transplants, as the film implies, are never simple.

If you need a transplant in real life, you must satisfy a few requirements such as family, social support, financial situation, drug use, age, and many more. Even so, there is still a chance that your body would reject the organ.

As a result, as injustice and discrimination flare across the world, alongside surges of repopulation in underdeveloped nations, obtaining an organ becomes increasingly difficult. At this point, The God Committee sounds like a rallying cry for action.

Who Receives Heart at the End of The God Committee? Did They Make It Through the Operation?

Following Serena Vasquez‘s untimely death on The God Committee, the physicians search for another appropriate patient while the clock continues to tick. Walter Curtis, Status 1-B, who has DCM, is the other patient being considered for the transplant.

Jordan’s patient Walter has strong morals and appears to be the ward’s cheerleader. His menial employment as a doorman has paid for his kids’ higher education. However, Walter attempted suicide nine years ago by swallowing a bottle of Percocet and may still be mentally unstable.

Trip Granger, the son of Emmett Granger, whose Granger Venture Partners effectively runs the hospital, is the second match. Emmett Granger, on the other hand, has secured $25 million funding for the hospital “independent of Trip’s prognosis.”

In other words, he pays the physicians into making a judgment in Trip’s favor on The God Committee. On the flip side, Trip isn’t exactly a saint — he overdosed on cocaine a year ago, and UNOS prohibits them from performing a transplant on a drug-addicted patient.

Janet Pike is the third heart contender. She has a good general knowledge score and is, strangely, healthier than her two younger competitors, but she is not without defects. She has no support system because she lives alone, and the head nurse reminds the committee that she is nasty to hospital employees.

Meanwhile, Trip’s cocaine test results are positive, but Gilroy thinks that the ampicillin in his blood caused the false positive. During the coffee break, Dr. Taylor pays a visit to Holly Matson, Trip Granger’s girlfriend. Holly Matson is expecting a child, and Trip is the father.

Taylor interrogates Holly on The God Committee when Emmett visits her regarding Trip’s return to cocaine use. Holly requests a lawyer, but when Taylor tells Holly about her pregnancy, Holly reveals a heartbreaking reality that weighs heavily on Taylor’s choice.

Trip and Holly were on their way to the hospital because Trip was experiencing chest trouble. When Holly revealed that Taylor would be a father, he attempted to toss her out of the car. However, Holly’s jacket caught the vehicle door and the accident happened.

In other words, Trip was the source of his own dissatisfaction. Dr. Val Gilroy also hides some ampicillin pills in Trip’s pocket to make the case appear credible. Dr. Boxer is aware that Trip is allergic to ampicillin, but Boxer is biased because Trip’s father is a key investor in his start-up.

Despite Allan’s vote, Trip receives the heart, and Dr. Boxer completes the procedure successfully. Six months later, Trip dies of an overdose, rendering the procedure pointless and the judgment incorrect.

The God Committee is currently streaming on Netflix.

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