IVE: Liz’s Weight Gain; Did She Gain Weight; How Much Does She Weigh Now? The Singer Before and After!

Derick Scholz

IVE: Liz's Weight Gain; Did She Gain Weight; How Much Does She Weigh Now? The Singer Before and After!

IVE’s Liz has created headlines because of her weight gain again. In a recent photo taken of her in a concert in Japan, the IVE singer looked very chubby when she smiled with the double chin thing she had going on, which drew a lot of criticism from people for not maintaining herself as other members. Liz, however, remains unbothered by all the negative comments and she even reassured her fans that she is unfazed by remarks about her weight gain.

Liz is a South Korean singer who has signed with and is managed by Starship Entertainment. The K-pop member is a member of the girl group IVE. She was revealed to be the fourth member of IVE on November 6, 2021. She debuted with the group on December 1 with their first single album Eleven.

Ever since then, she has been the target of incessant discussions about weight gain. The K-pop star has not been very stable when it comes to her weight which is why she has been getting much unnecessary flak about her body from thousands of people on the internet. Continue reading to find out more about IVE’s Liz’s weight gain!

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IVE: Liz’s Weight Gain; The Singer is Criticized For Not Maintaining Herself!

Liz gained extreme popularity when she debuted as a member of the IVE (@ivestarship) and garnered a lot of fan following, all thanks to her exceptional visuals that were on par with Jang Won Young and Ahn Yu Jin. The fact that her vocals were just extraordinary also helped. However, the fans who loved her for her visuals are now scattered because of the fluctuations in her weight. They don’t know how to feel about her because of the constant weight gain.

IVE’s Liz has been putting on weight steadily over the years since she debuted and not everyone has been supportive of her weight gain. They observed her start to get bigger during Love Dive promotions and noticed that she looked heavier during After Like. They had expected the singer would make a comeback with a slim figure after going on a diet during the off-season.

Imagine how surprised and disappointed many of them were when Liz came back without losing weight. In fact, she looked like she had gotten bigger. IVE recently did a concert The Prom Queens in Yokohama, Japan. Several photos of Liz taken at the concert which were just images of unedited fan-taken footage of the screens at the venue were uploaded on social media and then, there was such a hullabaloo about her weight gain all over the internet.

The K-pop idol looked noticeably rounder in the face, seemed to have much chubbier cheeks and she also had that double chin thing going on which did not make for the kind of visuals the fans are used to. So, she started getting dragged for gaining weight. Many people accused her of neglecting self-management and described her weight gain as alarming.

For every fan who supported Liz through that and claimed that the photos were deliberately taken from bad angles and then edited with malicious intent to show her in the worse possible light and that she looked just fine, there were two others who criticized her for being irresponsible with her body. Even those fans who insist that she doesn’t look as heavy as she did in the photos seem to be making excuses for her and might go to the other side if they realize that she does look bigger now.

They might join the people who are making some unnecessary and too-presumptive remarks about her weight gain and are questioning why she is not really managing her body as if it’s their business. They are of the belief that if Liz continues to gain weight, she will be causing inconvenience and damage to IVE and think that she is being irresponsible as an idol because if she didn’t like being one, she could have just worked as a commoner. People don’t want her to ‘get fat every time they see her.’

Amidst all these criticisms for her weight gain, there are some fans who are showing their unwavering support for IVE’s Liz. During a recent live stream, when she was asked how she was doing amidst the controversy over her weight gain, she said that she was doing fine and she was always happy because of the love she receives from DIVE (IVE’s fandom). She even said that the criticism doesn’t bother her anymore.

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