Jaclyn Hill’s Weight Gain: What is the Reason Behind Her Swollen Face? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!


Jaclyn Hill's Weight Gain: What is the Reason Behind Her Swollen Face? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Jaclyn Hill started having weight gain as a result of the anxiety and stress she faced after her faulty cosmetics line failed. The Youtube star had a very swollen face after she gained about 30 pounds shortly after the launch of her cosmetics brand, which made many people think she had had fillers and Botox. Jaclyn Hill had gotten very insecure since the weight gain which ultimately made her speak out about it. Check out her before and after pictures!

Jaclyn Hill is an American internet personality and entrepreneur who gained popularity via her YouTube channel. She started her Youtube channel in 2011 posting celebrity makeup tutorials which became very popular very quickly. In July 2017, she got the reality mogul Kim Kardashian West to appear in a video she titled Get Ready with Me & Kim Kardashian. She had come a far way from formerly working as a freelance makeup artist and at a MAC Cosmetics Store.

She collaborated with Australian cosmetics brand BECCA to release a highlighter called Champagne Pop in 2015. It sold more than 25,000 units within 20 minutes of its release and broke sales records. The same year, she also created a palette containing her favorite Morphe eye shadows. She later collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics to release a limited-edition, gem-encrusted makeup brush set as well as the eye shadow palette, under the marketing name ‘Jaclyn Hill x Morphe.’

She released her vault collection with Morphe in June 2018 which, according to what she said in her vault release videos, were the shades she didn’t choose for her Morphe  X Jaclyn Hill palette. The vault consisted of 4 palettes with 10 pans. Her collaborations with BECCA and Morphe were reported to have sold $10.7 million and $12.2 million in EMVs, respectively.

In 2019, she launched her own brand called Jaclyn Cosmetics consisting of the nude So Rich Lipstick shades. However, it was not as easy as her collaborations as the lipstick line turned out to be faulty. This just led to anxiety and stress and weight gain. Her weight began fluctuating from then onward with everything that was going on. Let’s go into detail about Jaclyn Hill’s weight gain!

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Jaclyn Hill’s Weight Gain: The Youtube Star Gained More Than 30 Pounds after the Failure of Her Movies!

If you used to watch Jaclyn Hill‘s (@jaclynhill) makeup tutorial when she was starting out, then you might be a little shocked to find out that she does not remotely look the same now and she has what many call a swollen face. Her weight has really fluctuated a lot since the time she launched her cosmetics line which was a colossal failure. Her weight gain has drastically changed her appearance.

And as if that was not enough, many people started fat-shaming her and making comments about her body. In 2020, she had enough of it and she called out all those trolls. Earlier that year, she had done a Youtube video titled Get Ready with Me + Opening Up (Vulnerable) in which she addressed her weight gain. She revealed in that video that she had begun to put on weight since her lipsticks launched. In the past 8 months, she had gained 30 pounds.

I have put on quite a few pounds since my lipsticks launched — if we’re going to be totally honest, that’s when it started. I have put on God, close to 30 pounds the past eight months and there is a reason for it.

Jaclyn Hill also said that since her weight gain, she had been the target of online hate messages and accusations of plastic surgery such as fillers and Botox, which made her feel that she had to speak up about what was going in on her life because she couldn’t even post a picture or video without people commenting how fat she was or how swollen face she had. Hatred for her swollen face and weight gain became too unbearable to just let go without speaking up about it.

So, Jaclyn Hill opened up about the circumstances in which she had weight gain.

As you guys know last year when I launched my brand, it was a total flop and a total failure. I had a moment where it broke my heart. I did not make one dime on that launch. I felt like an idiot. I handled the whole thing so poorly. It was just such a messy year you guys.

In the previous year, in 2019 August also, Jaclyn Hill revealed that she had had a weight gain of 20 pounds in the last 7 weeks which has made her very insecure about her physical appearance as her face was bigger, her arms were bigger, and her entire body was bigger. It didn’t help that sweatpants were the only thing that fit her and she had to go up 2 sizes in her jeans.

The Youtube sensation posted another video a few months later addressing the comments and hate she got after the weight gain.

The constant comments about my weight, it doesn’t stop.Why is it all a sudden OK to call someone fat? Like where did this come from? I can’t gain a few pounds without the internet calling me fat. You think I look bad? Imagine how I feel with everybody saying these things to me.

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