Jake Collier’s Weight Gain: What Does Reddit Say About It?


Jake Collier's Weight Gain: What Does Reddit Say About It?

Jake Collier’s weight gain in 2020 shocked his fans because it was like one day, he was a ripped athlete fighting middleweight and on his return after an injury, he had become an obese heavyweight. Though many fans argued that it was a career move to go into the heavyweight division, it didn’t make sense that he had gotten more bulky and fat and not muscular. Jake Collier’s weight gain seemed to have happened because of something wrong going on with him because in every fight he had after he got big, he looked depressed and underconfident.

Jake Collier currently competes in the Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and it’s impressive how far he has come for someone with no background in sports. To get into MMA, the American mixed martial artist started Brazilian jiu-jitsu to lose weight at the age of 20 because he was very big in his late teens. He eventually started competing in the sport.

The athlete made his professional debut in November 2010 after compiling an amateur record of 12-2. He primarily fought for regional organizations around his native state of Missouri and amassed a record of 7-1 before he signed with the UFC. He has come a long way since then but for the past few years, he does not seem to be doing very well right now.

He took a break for about two years and when he returned, he had undergone a weight gain and everything seemed to be wrong with him. He got fat like he let himself go. He always looked depressed and like he would be anywhere but at the fight. Him gaining weight didn’t seem to be a career move at all. Let’s discuss Jake Collier’s weight gain!

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What’s Up With Jake Collier’s Sudden Weight Gain in 2020? Reddit Thinks He’s Not Fine!

It’s not a good time to be Jake Collier because he just got beaten by Martin Buday with a unanimous decision to close out the preliminary card at the UFC Fight Night 223 in Las Vegas. And that loss is not even where it begins. In fact, it began several years ago. His weight gain seemed to be one of the signs that not everything was going well with him and that he was not really in a good place.

Jake Collier underwent weight gain in 2020.
Jake Collier underwent weight gain in 2020.
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The change in Jake Collier was first noted in 2020. He had returned to the octagon after two years and he had returned with extra weight on him. Many thought he underwent weight gain to start fighting heavyweight but he already weighed in at 265 pounds in the previous years and after a point, it just began looking like he had spiraled out of control.

Jake Collier had once said in an interview that he was really big in his late teens and started training for MMA just t get in shape so, him having that weight gain seemed to undo everything that he had done to avoid being bulky and unfit. Fans wondered if he had an eating disorder because from the outside, the optics didn’t look good and people just saw that he used to be ripped and in shape while he was fighting middleweight, and then, on his comeback, he had become an obese heavyweight. He was trolled for it.


Fans noticed that it was not normal or healthy weight gain because Jake Collier had not just gotten thick, he had become fully obese. They clearly felt that it was an indication that something was going wrong with him that he suddenly went from being a ripped athlete to straight-up obese in a time frame of a year or two. Some argued that he had surgery because of his injury which meant that he was on medication and that could have caused him to gain weight.

But really, if that was the case then, why did Jake Collier never really bounce back? As someone commented, he looked like he just put on 80 pounds of pure fat. That is not a good look on an athlete. If his weight gain was unintended and happened because he was on medication, he had to work on himself to get fitter again. But he didn’t. So, some fans thought that it could be a career move for him to get into heavyweight.

Reddit thinks that Jake Collier had weight gain because he was in a tough place and still is.
Reddit thinks that Jake Collier had weight gain because he was in a tough place and still is.
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However, not everyone bought that because even if Jake Collier wanted to skip to the heavyweight division, he needed to be over 205 pounds and not at the maximum of 265 and he knew that. Besides, his weight gain was not him getting more bulky and muscular. It was mostly him getting fat which didn’t seem like a good career move because as a Redditor wrote, it surely got him fights at a division that was more shallow but he just kept on losing.

Jake Collier’s weight gain didn’t seem planned with his career. In fact, it looked as though it was the effect of something going on with him or his life. Because when he made his debut as a heavyweight, many fans noted that he looked like a walking ad against taking anti-depressants because he just looked sad and bloated. He gained weight around the time of lockdown, so it tracks that he might have gotten depressed or something.

Every fight he had after his weight gain, he looked so underconfident even at the weigh-ins and his whole demeanor was off compared to the old times. He looked as though he was in a tough place and he was unable to get out of it.